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Alaska Airlines Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Spokane

wings of alaskaAlaska Airlines flight 2372 made an emergency landing at Spokane International Airport, Washington, on December 15.

The Bombardier Q400 plane was flying from Seattle, Washington, when the crew reported smoke in the cabin and declared an emergency.

The plane landed safely. All 75 passengers and 4 crew members remained unhurt.

The aircraft was taken out of service.

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Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Buffalo Niagara International Airport

emergencyA small plane had to make an emergency landing at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, New York, on December 10.

The Bombardier plane was flying from White Plains, New York, when its landing gear got stuck in the down position, prompting the pilots to declare an emergency.

The plane landed uneventfully. All five passengers and two crew members remained unhurt.

The plane was taken for inspection.

Luxair Plane Crash-Lands in Germany; No Injuries Reported

LuxairLuxair flight LG 9562 had to return and make a gear-up landing at Saarbrücken airport, Germany, on September 30.

Authorities said the pilots of the Luxembourg-bound Bombardier Q400 aircraft decided to abort take off due to a cabin fire warning. The plane then landed on its underbelly because apparently the landing gear failed to deploy.

There were 16 passengers and 4 crew members aboard at the time; none of them was hurt.

According to an airline spokesperson, the passengers were transported to Luxembourg by road.

The FAA was investigating.

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United Express Jet Skids Down Runway During Emergency Landing at LAX

United ExpressSkyWest Airlines flight 5316, operating as United Express, made an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport, California, on May 11.

Emergency was declared aboard the plane, coming from Monterey, California, after its landing gear failed to fully deploy.

The Bombardier CRJ100 jet skidded along the runway, leaving a smoke trail behind, before finally coming to stop.

None of the 43 people aboard was injured in the incident.

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Air New Zealand Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Tauranga Airport

Air New ZealandAn Air New Zealand flight had to make an emergency landing at Tauranga Airport, New Zealand, on May 3.

It is believed that emergency was declared due to a fault in a landing light.

Firefighters were called as a precaution, however, the Bombardier Q300 airplane landed safely.

The scheduled destination of flight and the number of people onboard is not known at the moment.

Porter Airlines Flight Diverted to Toronto Pearson International Airport

Porter AirlinesPorter Airlines Flight PD539 made an emergency landing at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Ontario, Canada, on the night of December 28.

The Bombardier Dash 8-400 aircraft, en-route from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport to Sudbury, was diverted after its cabin filled with smoke.

The plane landed safely and the passengers were transported to the terminal.

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American Eagle Jet in Emergency Landing at Abilene

American eagleAn American Eagle jet, en-route from Midland to Dallas-Fort Worth, had to make an unscheduled in Abilene, Texas, on October 14.

According to airline spokesperson Matt Miller, the pilots declared emergency after a warning light indicated a braking system malfunction.

The Bombardier CRJ700 aircraft, landed uneventfully at Abilene Regional Airport and none of the 52 passengers and 4 crew members was hurt.

The aircraft was taken for examination.

Smoke Detected in lavatory; US Airways Express Flight Makes Emergency Landing

US Airways expressA US Airways Express flight, on its way from Albuquerque to Phoenix, had to make an emergency landing at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona on July 29, 2014.

The decision was made after smoke was detected in the lavatory of Bombardier CRJ900 series regional jet, which was being operated by Skywest Airlines.

The plane made an uneventful landing and no one was injured.

The Phoenix Fire crews and the airport police received the aircraft at the runway. The north runway of the airport remained closed for some time.

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Indonesia: Plane Stuck in the Mud

On January 3, 2013, a Garuda Indonesia Bombardier CRJ-600-2E25 en route from Sorong Airport to Renani Airport suffered a runway excursion after landing.

The number of passengers aboard was not release.

No one was injured and the plane didn’t suffer any damage but it did get stuck.

The pilots apparently tried to turn on the runway and its nose wheel got mired.

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United Express Flight Diverted

A United Express Flight 5733, a Canadian-made Bombadier CRJ700 regional jet operated by SkyWest Airlines, diverted to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport at 4:49 p.m. (6:49 p.m. ET) on October 31, 2013.

All 42 passengers safely exited.

The flight had been en route from San Francisco to San Antonio Texas. The diversion was due to a threatening note.

A bomb squad swept the plane and the luggage.

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Bombardier CSeries Testing

The CSeries by Bombardier will be undergoing high-speed taxi tests on its new CSeries aircraft next week, after this weeks tests were foiled by dastardly weather.

After high speed taxi testing will come stabilization tests on landing gear and vibration tests.

The tests are being performed in Montreal outside on a dry runway at Bombardier’s facility in Mirabel, Que., on the first CSeries flight test vehicle.

Weather permitting, tests will be performed next week.

Financial Post Interviews Mike Arcamone, President of Bombardier Commercial Aircraft

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Delta Bombardier Stuck in Texas

On March 11, 2013, Delta Flight 4302/Pinnacle Bombardier CRJ-900 en route to Atlanta had a runway overrun at Houston-William P. Hobby Airport.

There were 76 passengers and a crew of 4 when the pilot veered off the runway instead of taking off at 6″45 a.m..

The plane’s gear became mired in soft ground. The pilot reported a communications problem but got stuck while taxiing.

Passengers disembarked and were taken to the gate on shuttle buses and rebooked on alternative flights.

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US Airways Flight Diverts to Greensville

On January 30, 2013, a U.S. Airways Bombardier CRJ 200 was en route from Tallahassee, Fla. to Charlotte, NC with 19 passengers and three crew when a strong odor was smelled in the cabin.

Pilots diverted to Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport where they made a safe landing.

A bus was provided for passengers to complete the trip.

SCAT Bombardier Crashes 5 Miles from Airport, 21 Fatalities

On Jan 29, 2013, A SCAT-owned Canadian-built Bombardier Challenger CRJ-200 # UP-CJ006 en route from Kokshetau Kazakhstan to Almaty crashed in Kyzyl Tu village five miles from the Almaty airport.

The weather conditions consisted of low cloud cover and fog.

There was neither fire nor explosion, but the plane shattered when it hit the ground which was covered in heavy snow.

None of the 16 passengers (including a child) or 5 crew survived.

SCAT is a domestic airline that was established in 1997 that has a fleet of six 50 set jets

Bad weather and poor visibility is believed to be the cause of the crash at 1.p.m.

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Japan Air Commuter Emergency landing in Fukuoka

What: Japan Air Commuter Bombardier en route from Fukuoka to Miyazaki
Where: Fukuoka Airport
When: August 15, 2012, 10:50 am
Who: 51 passengers, 4 crew
Why: When one of the engines overheated, the Japan Air Commuter pilot shut it down, and returned to the airport on one engine.

The pilot made a safe landing recorded by television cameras.

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Moranbah Ferry Flight Makes Emergency Landing

What: QANTAS Dash-8
Where: Moranbah Airport
When: Feb 9 2012, 12:30 pm
Who: 3 crew, no passengers
Why: While ferrying the plane, the crew made an emergency landing at Moranbah Airport after circling.

They reported smoke in the cockpit, but on landing, no fire was found. Queensland Fire and rescue crews stood on standby during the landing. The ATSB is investigating.

Kansas Learjet Plant Gets Cash Infusion

Bombardier’s Learjet 85 business jet program is getting an infusion of $6 million in Wichita now that the Kansas Department of Commerce has permitted the use of a 1994 bond money incentive.

The exact figure ($52.7 million) is expected to translate into 450 jobs. This is in addition to $2 million in bonds to expand the Learjet85 plant.

The expansion plan includes building a new production flight facility. Phase three, the paint facility and delivery centre will completed in 2013.

Atlantic Southwest Wing Collapse After Failed Left Landing Gear

What: Atlantic/Southwest Airlines Bombardier CRJ-200 en route from Atlanta to Baton Rouge
Where: Baton Rouge Metro Airport
When: September 1 2011, 4:35 pm
Who: 50 passengers, 3 crew
Why: Outside of Baton Rouge, the crew notified ATC of problems with the left wheel assembly, and circled over Baton Rouge. Fifteen minutes from the airport, the crew announced the emergency to passengers.

Passengers were warned to exit immediately on landing.

The pilot made an emergency landing in Baton Rouge with emergency services from metro Baton Rouge and Airport on standby.

On touchdown, the left wing collapsed. Passengers exited promptly as the plane filled up with smoke. Airport spokesman Jim Caldwell said that there were no injuries.

This was not the first problem the passengers encountered. They had boarded this plane in Atlanta after leaving another plane that encountered mechanical problems.

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Bombardier makes Emergency Landing in Manila

What: Chartered Bombardier Challenger 300 en route from Manila to Caticlan, Aklan
Where: Manila
When: May 19 2010, 12:36 p.m.
Why: The pilot reported engine problems just after takeoff, and requested an emergency landing at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The flight landed safely, with one engine shut down. The flight landed safely with emergency teams on standby.

Mechanics began working on fixing the problem.

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US Airways Emergency Landing

What: US Airways Bombardier CRJ-300 en route from New York
Where: Philadelphia International Airport
When: April 22, 2011 7:30 pm
Who: 12 passengers and 3
Why: Citing engine failure, the pilot of a US Airways flight made a successful emergency landing in Philadelphia.

Emergency crews were on standby. No injuries were reported, and no cause for the failure.

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Aires Bombardier Flies One Engine Down

What: Aires Bombardier Dash 8 en route from Medellin to Monteria
Where: Monteria
When: Mar 20th 2011, 20 min after takeoff
Who: 32 passengers 4 crew
Why: Twenty minutes into the 55 minute flight, one of the engines was shut down due to engine trouble. The pilot wanted to land at Caucasia but there was too much fuel, so flew on to the destination at Monteria with its longer runway (6280 feet)) with one engine down.

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Flybe Takes Off without Tire

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What: Flybe Bombardier Q 400 en route from Exeter Airport to Newcastle
Where: Exeter International Airport
When: March 4, 2010
Who: 39 passengers
Why: On takeoff, passengers witnessed one of the Flybe’s wheels shooting sparks and detaching.

The pilot dumped fuel and circled for an hour and a half before returning to land safely at the airport. There were no injuries.

Family Charges Bombardier with Negligence

The National Transportation Safety Board’s decision on the Colgan Air Flight 407 crash is that the pilot responded inappropriately to the stick shaker, which led to an aerodynamic stall from which the airplane did not recover. The stick shaker only comes into play when the plane is already slow enough to stall. The plane fell 800 feet before crashing pointing northeast, away from the airport

The family of Ellyce Kausner has filed a lawsuit against Bombardier. Bombardier is the manufacturer of the plane involved in the crash. The suit charges that Bombardier was “negligent and careless” in the design of the plane by not providing more efficient internal mechanical warning systems.

Kausner was a 24 year old Jacksonville law student traveling to NY to visit family.

At least 19 other families have filed suits.

At the time of the crash, the automated “stick-pusher,” pushes the control column down in order to send the aircraft into a temporary dive so it can regain speed and recover from a stall but Capt. Renslow yanked back on the controls while adding thrust, manually overriding the stick-pusher.

Colgan Air, Clarence Center, NY, Accident Dockets

George’s Point of View

Time for Bombardier to step up to the plate. Although this has little to do with the pilot, who had flunked numerous flight tests during his career and was never adequately taught how to respond to the emergency that led to the airplane’s fatal descent. Maybe Ellyce would still be here if the warning systems on the Bombardier were simply better.

When the plane slowed down to a dangerous level, it set off the stall-prevention system, and the pilot performed the opposite of the proper procedure. So there were hiring and training issues involved too. And Captain Renslow had about 109 hours of experience, hardly enough to be pilot.

Even if procedures seem counter-intuitive, shouldn’t the pilot be aware of them?

Barring the inefficiency of an ill-prepared pilot, shouldn’t Bombardier have some kind of way to limit ineffective pilot responses?

When the hiring and training fails, and when the pilot fails, shouldn’t there be some kind of fail-safe within the plane? Even a copy of the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Not Crashing your Bombardier for pilots who flunked their last check write 16 months before and who apparently didn’t read the real manual?

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Skyquest Diverts to Regina

What: Skywest/United Airlines Bombardier Regional Jet en route from Saskatoon to Denver
Where: Regina International Airport
When: DECEMBER 22, 2010
Why: While en route over Saskatchewan, the crew noticed fumes in the cockpit.

The crew deployed oxygen masks, and then made a safe landing after diverting to Regina where passengers disembarked.

The plane was aired out; and it appears that the problem originated from deicing fluid which had been ingested into the aircraft’s auxiliary power unit.

Passengers reboarded and the flight continued on to Denver.

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