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Air India Flight Diverts to Kazakhstan due to Medical Emergency

An Air India flight made an emergency landing at Astana International Airport, Kazakhstan, on January 26th.

The plane heading from Delhi, India, to Chicago, Illinois, was diverted after a passenger suffered a medical emergency.

The plane landed safely. The patient was taken to a hospital.

Pegasus Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Kazakhstan

Pegasus Airlines flight TC-6773 made an emergency landing in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, on June 24th.

The Boeing 737-800 plane heading from Novosibirsk, Russia, to Antalya, Turkey, was diverted due to an engine failure.

The plane landed safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

Plane Crash in Kazakhstan Leaves 5 Dead

A small plane crashed in Ile district of the Almaty region of Kazakhstan, on October 3rd.

The An-28 plane was heading from Almaty to Shymkent, Kazakhstan, when it went down.

There were five people aboard at the time, including two doctors and three crew members; all of them were killed in the crash.

The cause of crash is being investigated.

Air Astana Flight Makes Emergency Landing due to Failure of Air Conditioning System

Air Astana flight KC-151 had to return and make an emergency landing in Astana, Kazakhstan, on June 16th.

The Embraer ERJ-190 plane took off for Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, but had to return shortly afterwards due to failure of the cabin air conditioning system.

The plane landed uneventfully. Everyone aboard remained safe.

Air Astana Flight Makes Emergency Landing due to Engine Issue

Air Astana flight KC-857 had to return and make an emergency landing in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on April 25th.

The Airbus A320-200 plane took off for Aktau, Kazakhstan, but had to return shortly afterwards due to an engine issue.

The plane landed back safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

The airline arranged a replacement plane for the passengers.

Air Astana Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Kazakhstan

Air Astana flight KC-672 made an emergency landing in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on March 7th.

The Boeing 757-200 plane was flying from Astana, Kazakhstan, when the crew needed to shut down one of the engines due to a technical problem.

The plane continued for a safe landing. All 69 passengers and 8 crew members remained unharmed.

Air Astana Flight Makes Emergency Landing due to Bleed Air Problem

Air Astana flight KC-881 had to divert and make an emergency landing in Aktobe, Kazakhstan, on March 5th.

The Airbus A320-200 plane flying from Almaty to Uralsk, Kazakhstan, was diverted after the crew reported a bleed air problem.

The plane landed safely. There were 71 passengers and 6 crew members aboard at the time; all of them remained unharmed.

Aeroflot Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Kazakhstan

Aeroflot Airlines flight SU-1955 had to return and make an emergency landing in Aktau, Kazakhstan, on February 26th.

The plane took off for Moscow, Russia, but had to return shortly afterwards after the crew received indication of an issue with air conditioning systems.

The plane landed back safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

Air India Plane Makes Precautionary Landing in Kazakhstan

airindialogoAir India flight AI191 had to divert and make a precautionary landing at Aktobe International Airport, Aktobe, Kazakhstan, on August 25th.

The aircraft en-route from Mumbai, India, to New Jersey, was mid-air when a fire alarm went off in its cargo bin, prompting it to divert.

The plane landed successfully.

All 378 people onboard remained unharmed.

The passengers were accommodated in a replacement plane.

Bek Air Plane Lands without Landing Gear in Kazakhstan

Bek AirBek Air flight Z9-2041 had to make an emergency landing at Astana International Airport, Astana, Kazakhstan, on March 27.

The Fokker 100, en-route from Kzyl-Orda to Astana, was on approach to the runway when the crew detected failure of the landing gear and went around for about 50 minutes before prompting the plane to land without the gear.

The plane received substantial damage.

All people onboard remained safe.

The incident is under investigation.

6 Killed in Kazakhstan Plane Crash; 1 Survived

An Antonov An-2 plane, belonging to Kazakhmys copper company, crashed in Zhambyl, Kazakhstan, at around 15:40 local time, on January 20.

The accident happened when the plane was en-route to Shatyrkol copper mine from Karaganda region.

There were 3 crew members and 4 company employees aboard at the time of crash. Authorities confirmed that only a woman survived.

The cause of crash is under investigation.

Kazakhstan Training Crash

A Kazakhstan Air Force Aero L-39C Albatros was on a training mission when it crashed in Akhtobe Kazakhstan.

A teacher and a student pilot were aboard. “Methodologist of the-inspector of the security service of flights of the Military Institute lieutenant colonel aviation Colonel Vissarionov Evgeny Nikolaevich and Military Institute Cadet Massalimov Arman Evgeniyuly died on impact.”

The crash was witnessed by passengers who had just arrived from Almaty.

The plane crashed into the hanger.

A criminal investigation has been opened under Article 392 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Violation of the rules of safety and training.”

Zhersu Avia Emergency Landing, Kazakhstan

On Feb 15, 2013, a Zhersu Avia LLP Bell 206L3 made an emergency landing near the village of Bakanas in Kazakhstan. The helicopter spun and landed on its side but no injuries were reported.

The two Ukrainians aboard were not hurt.

The the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Kazakhstan will be investigating.

SCAT Bombardier Crashes 5 Miles from Airport, 21 Fatalities

On Jan 29, 2013, A SCAT-owned Canadian-built Bombardier Challenger CRJ-200 # UP-CJ006 en route from Kokshetau Kazakhstan to Almaty crashed in Kyzyl Tu village five miles from the Almaty airport.

The weather conditions consisted of low cloud cover and fog.

There was neither fire nor explosion, but the plane shattered when it hit the ground which was covered in heavy snow.

None of the 16 passengers (including a child) or 5 crew survived.

SCAT is a domestic airline that was established in 1997 that has a fleet of six 50 set jets

Bad weather and poor visibility is believed to be the cause of the crash at 1.p.m.

UAAA 290730Z 02001MPS 0150 R23R/0150N R23L/0200N FZFG VV001 M01/M01 Q1018 882/0150 NOSIG RMK QBB040
UAAA 290700Z 05001MPS 0150 R23R/0150N R23L/0200N FZFG VV001 M01/M01 Q1019 882/0150 NOSIG RMK QBB040

Kazakhstan Border Guards Antonov 72 transport Plane Crashed

On December 25, 2012, a Kazakhstan Border Guards Antonov 72 transport plane crashed 12 1/2 miles from Shymkent Airport, Kazakhstan. All 20 passengers and seven crew died in the crash.

The airplane was operated by the Kazakhstan Border Guards. Among those killed was acting director of National Security Committee’s Border Guard Service, Colonel Turganbek Stambekov. Weather at Shymkent was poor with heavy snowfall and limited visibility.

Official Press Release
As previously reported, on December 25 of the current year in 18 hours and 55 minutes on the approach to Shymkent crashed military transport aircraft Border Patrol KNB.

All on board, 27 people, including seven crew members died.

Among the dead, Border Patrol Director Colonel Stambekov TM and his accompanying group of officers from the central office of the Service, as well as soldiers of the Regional Management “On ?t?st?k” on December 25 of the current year in Astana to attend the meeting of the Military Council of the Border Guard Service.

Border Patrol Leaders directed in Shymkent for the military council to the regional “On ?t?st?k” to sum ??up the past year.

Now that crashed runs interdepartmental commission to investigate aviation incidents.

In Shymkent flew the KNB N.Abykaev.

Death toll:

Crew commander – Major Nurakhmetov Marat Tursunovich

Navigator – Major Oleg Golubev

Senior mechanic – Captain Usenov Marat Erkenovich

Assistant Commander – Lieutenant Lukpanov Aslan

Senior mechanic – Ensign Vologzhanin Alexander P.

Senior mechanic – Sgt Cape Renat Kanapiyanovich

Flight attendant – Sgt Dolanbaeva Gulnur Zhunisovna

Director PS KNB colonel Stambekov Turganbek Muhametkalievich

The Acting Chief of the SS colonel Nurlashev Yergali Nurgazinovich

Acting Head of Regional Management “On ? t Y Article I to” Colonel Pavel Dotsenko

Deputy Head of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On ? t Y Article I to” Colonel Bazarbaev Kairat Kulkeshevich

Head of SS Colonel Kabdylgazezov Kanatbek Toktarbekovich

Head of the SS colonel Makhaev Erlan Meyrambekovich

Senior Consultant SS Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Dmitriev Igorevich

Chief of Staff of the Department of Border Control “Lenger” Colonel Valeriy Kusch

Commander of the engineer battalion colonel Kozhakhmetov Baurzhan Zarkumovich

Head of Border Control “Merck” Major Ibrayev Diamond Shaymuhambetovich

The commandant of the commandant Colonel SS and ensure Dosybekov Saulebay Satybaldievich

The chiefs of border troops of Uzbekistan “On ? t Y i to Art”:

Rahman Colonel Vyacheslav

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander A. Rahman

Colonel Mukhamadiev Kairat Ahmetkalievich

Colonel Shukanov Amanbek Perdeshbekovich

Colonel Aytmanbetov Aswan Bakbergenovich

Servicemen Republic “About ? t Y i to Art”:

Lt. Filipkov Anatoliy O.

Sergeant Konakbay Maksat Zhumabayuly

Sergeant Vyazikov Pavel K.

Stambekova Saul Aytmuhanbekovna

Military transport aircraft AN-72, was released in December 1990. In 2012, it went to the Resource Recovery repair plant “KB Antonov” in the Ukraine.

The aircraft crew consisted of experienced military pilots and specialists.

ICAO Assists Blacklisted Airlines

After an ICAO audit that put Kazakhstan’s airlines on the EU Blacklist, the ICAO has just signed an agreement to assist Kazakhstan’s Informational-Managerial Services

The agreement promises to:

  • Create an operational structure
  • Train qualified technical personnel
  • Detail certification
  • Monitor
  • Render technical assistance

Kazakhstan Treaty Status

Kazaeronavigatsia, the Republic of Kazakhstan’s National Air Navigation Services Provider (ANSP), intends to render safe service over Kazakhstan’s airspace, and is planning three consolidated ATC centers in Astana, Aktobe and Almaty; and 15 remote control towers which will be a part of ATC Centers, forming seamless airspace over entire Kazakhstan territory on a single hardware and software.

4 Die in Russian Chopper Crash

What: Kazakhstan Mil Mi-17
Where: Astana
When: August 22, 2012, 8:00 a.m.
Who: 4 aboard, 4 fatalities
Why: The helicopter was on a training flight when it crashed. All four crew died in the accident. Kazakhstan’s Minister of defense announced that they selected a committee to investigate and “The causes of helicopter crash will be defined by the end of the commission’s work. Given the evidence, the Akmola garrison military prosecutor opened a criminal case on the grounds of an offense under article 392 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (violation of safety and training.”

Representatives of the Main Directorate of Flight Safety and state aircraft, the Ministry of Defense, and the Prosecutor’s Office are working at the scene in the military investigation of the Interior Ministry.

Wing Ripped off Crashing Tupolev Kyrgyzstan, Jet Rolls, No Fatalities

Click to view full size photo at Airliners.net
Contact photographer Valeriy Fedorov

What: Kyrgyzstan/Altyn Air Tupolev 134A-3 en route from Bishkek to Osh
Where: Osh Airport, Kyrgyzstan
When: 28 DEC 2011
Who: 6 crew, 82 passengers, 25 injured
Why: After a hard landing in dense fog, the plane skidded off the runway, collapsing the right main gear, and flipped. As it rolled over, the right wing separated, and the ensuing fire was quickly contained by rescue services standing by. Passengers inside were hanging upside down, suspended by their seatbelts, but had to find a way to evacuate quickly, before the plane had a chance to explode. A fire occurred from a fuel leak in the remaining wing, but it was controlled.

The metar at the time of the landing was:
UAFO 280700Z 02002MPS 0300 R12/0550 FG VV001 00/00 Q1023 R12/19//50 TEMPO 0300 FZFG VV002 RMK QFE691/0922 BASE050M
Wind from 020 degrees at 2 m/sec; visibility 300m; on runway 12, touchdown zone visual range is 550m in fog; vertical visibility 100 m; pressure: 1023 hPa; temperature: 0°C.

Six crew members and nineteen passengers were hospitalized, but there were no fatalities reported. Nine children were aboard. The plane was evacuated.

Because of the incident, the airport (runway) was temporarily closed, and Osh-Bishkek flights are delayed.

Of the 25 reported injured and hospitalized, these have been identified: Rustamov A. b. 1977, Ismatova A. b. 1993, Turgunaliev Charles b.1960; and two injured, Mamatov A., born 1992, and Suyunbaeva A. 2011g.r. who are in a children’s hospital in Osh. The most seriously injured is a 19 year old girl.

Kyrgyzstan Airlines is on the EU banned list.

Cathay Pacific Diverts to Karaganda

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Contact photographer Co van den Heuvel

What: Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-400 en route from Amsterdam to Hong Kong
Where: Karaganda
When: Nov 28 2010
Who: 306 passengers and 20 crew
Why: While en route, the cabin suffered a loss of pressure. Oxygen masks were released and the crew descended to a lower altitude as they diverted to Karaganda Kazakhstan. The plane landed at the nearest airport, and were served breakfast aboard the plane while “emergency visa exemptions” were secured for the passengers. Hours later, passengers were taken to hotels to await the arrival of another flight.

Cathay Pacific confirmed the air pressure problem related to outflow valve assemblies they are replacing on their fleet.

George’s Point of View

Rescue Helicopter Crash

Pictured: A Kazakhstan Government Mil Mi-8MTV-1
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Contact photographer Alan Lebeda

What: Mil Mi-8 Helicopter en route from Makanchi Kazakhstan
Where: near Urdzhar, Kazakhstan
When: Mar 11 2010
Who: 8 aboard
Why: Around 2 local time, the Mi-8 was engaged in a rescue mission in conditions of bad weather and low visibility (28 have been killed in local floods); the tower lost contact with helicopter, though its partner helicopter continued on safely. Bad weather and low visibility severely hampered the search, but a day later, the wreckage was been located near Urdzhar to the northwest, with no survivors.

Two local officials and two doctors were among the deceased.

Airbus Braking Emergency in Kazakhstan

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Contact Photographer Frank Kuehne

What: Air Astana Airbus A319-100 en route from Almaty to Pavlodar Kasakhstan
Where: Astana Kasakhstan
When: Aug 1st 2009
Who: 72 passengers and 7 crew
Why: The Air Astana Airbus declared an emergency when they discovered an (unspecified) brake problem. The flight diverted to Astana and made a safe landing.

Kazakhstan Emergency Landing

What: An-24 en route from Taraz to Almaty.
Where: Taraz airport
When: Sunday May 17
Who: 27 passengers and 4 crew members
Why: When the plane experienced engine failure, the crew was forced to have an emergency landing back at the airport of origin. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

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