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Update to “Cold Temperature Restricted Airports” list

Subject: Update to “Cold Temperature Restricted Airports” list located in Notice to Airmen Publication (NTAP) Graphic Notices. www/faa.gov/air_traffic/publications/notices.

Purpose: This publication provides operators with information related to cold temperature altitude restrictions. It contains the addition and subtraction of airports to the Cold Temperature Restricted Airports list located in the NTAP.

Background: In response to recognized safety concerns over cold weather altimetry errors, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) completed a risk analysis to determine if current Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 97 instrument approach procedures in the United States National Airspace System (NAS) are at risk during cold temperature operations. From this study the FAA published an NTAP providing pilots a list of airports, the affected segments and procedures needed to correct published altitudes at the restricted temperatures.

Discussion: Pilots may correct all altitudes from the initial approach fix (IAF) through the missed approach (MA) final holding altitude (All Segments Method). There will be a single temperature in Celsius (C) next to the snowflake ICON to indicate when this procedure will be required. Pilots wishing to use the All Segments Method and familiar with the NTAP procedure for applying a correction are not required to review the NTAP airport list for affected segments. Pilots wishing to continue correcting segment by segment must review the NTAP airports list for segment(s) affected (NTAP Segment(s) Method). The front matter in the FAA U.S Terminal Procedures Publication will also provide this information.

Added Airports

Idaho: Driggs-Reed Memorial (KDIJ) (-31C)

Maine: Greenville Muni (3B1) (-29C)

New Hampshire: Laconia Muni (KLCI) (-25C), Parlin Field (2B3) (-24C)

Pennsylvania: Washington County (KAFJ) (-27C)

South Dakota: Pine Ridge (KIEN) (-33C)

Washington: Richland (KRLD) (-19C)

Deleted Airports

Alaska: Perryville (PAPE), Togiak (PATG), Willow (PAUO), White Mountain (PAWM)

Colorado: Spanish Peaks Airfield (4V1), McElroy Airfield (20V), Walden-Jackson County (33V)

Maine: Eastern Slopes Rgnl (KIZG)

Maryland: Greater Cumberland Rgnl (KCBE)

Massachusetts: Walter J. Koladza (KGBR)

Minnesota: St Paul Downtown Holman Fld (KSTP), Tower Municipal (12D)

Montana: Cut Bank Intl (KCTB), Deer Lodge City County (38S)

Nevada: Carson (KCXP), Minden-Tahoe (KMEV)

New Hampshire: Dillant-Hopkins (KEEN)

New Mexico: Taos Rgnl (KSKX)

New York: Dansville (KDSV), Massena Intl-Richards Field (KMSS), Hamilton Muni (KVGC), Cortland County-Chase Field (N03), Randall (06N), Schenectady County (KSCH)

North Dakota: Watford City Muni (S25)

Oregon: Astoria Rgnl (KAST)

Pennsylvania: Seamans Field (9N3)

The current T-XX°C/XX°F icon will be changed to T-XX°C.

This change will be done incrementally on airport approach plates. The icon indicates a cold temperature altitude correction will be required on an approach when the reported temperature is, “at or below” the temperature specified for that airport. During this process, pilots may see temperatures on the current approach plates that are different than the temperature listed in the NTAP. The NTAP temperature is the updated temperature. Pilots may use the temperature published in the current TPP to make corrections if warmer than the NTAP listed temperature.

Pilots must understand they will be responsible for applying altitude corrections and must advise Air Traffic Control (ATC) when these corrections are to be made on any segment other than the final segment. Air Traffic Control is not responsible for making any altitude corrections and/or advising pilots that an altitude correction is required at a restricted airport.

Guatemala Plane Crash Kills 2 Americans

GuatemalaA fatal plane crash in Guatemala killed two Americans on Tuesday April 1, 2014.

The Cessna T210L Turbo Centurion #L732JY crashed into a mountain in El Carrizal village, Esquipulas Palo Gordo municipality, San Marcos department of Guatemala, located some 250 km towards west of Guatemala City.

The spokesman for the Departmental Municipal Firefighters, Cecilio Chacaj said that the plane was flying from Tapachula, Mexico and was headed to Roatan Honduras. According to Chacaj, “the accident could have been a mechanical failure or due to the poor visibility that was in the area where the plane crashed. It is an area where there is heavy fog and rain at the time of the accident,” He identified the deceased as George St. John, 65, and Sinchuc Cole, 58. The dead bodies have still not been recovered as the there is no land access to the crash site.

The rescue personnel said that the details about the victims could not be found as they had U.S. Passports. The U.S. Embassy in Guatemala maintains that they are trying to confirm the identity of the victims.

* A subscriber to this blog has said that the victims were George and Colleen Simchuk, who lived in Dover, close to Sandpoint ID.

They were flying to Honduras and Guatemala for the purpose of conducting a volunteer pilot work assignment in making aerial surveys to assess deforestation and other environmental issues in the Central American area.

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Arclight Films Halts the Preproduction of ‘Deep Water’ After MH370 tragedy

Malaysian airlines
While the real life mystery of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappearance hit the headlines, Australian film producer Alister Grierson revealed that this real life event is eerily similar to the story line of his upcoming action horror film ‘Deep water’.

Considering the sensitivity of scenario, Arclight Films on Monday announced that they have decided to pause the work on Deep water. The film company’s managing director Gary Hamilton said ‘Out of sensitivity to the Malaysia flight situation, we’ve decided to put it on pause for now’.

The film is based on the story of plane crash survivors who have to face and fight hungry sharks.

The post is an update of “Alister Grierson Says Malaysian Plane Incident Resembles the Plot of “Deep Water

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Prime Minister Endorses Australian-based search

On March 24, Najib Razak, Malaysia’s Prime Minister, announced that new computations by Inmarsat and the AAIB, flight MH-370 ended in the South Indian Ocean west of Perth (Australia). At this point, Malaysia endorsed the new search search parameters.

The full statement:

“This evening I was briefed by representatives from the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch — or AAIB. They informed me that Inmarsat, the UK company that provided the satellite data which indicated the northern and southern corridors, has been performing further calculations on the data. Using a type of analysis never before used in an investigation of this sort, they have been able to shed more light on MH370’s flight path.

Based on their new analysis, Inmarsat and the AAIB have concluded that MH370 flew along the southern corridor, and that its last position was in the middle of the Indian Ocean, west of Perth. This is a remote location, far from any possible landing sites.

It is therefore with deep sadness and regret that I must inform you that, according to this new data, flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean.

We will be holding a press conference tomorrow with further details. In the meantime, we wanted to inform you of this new development at the earliest opportunity. We share this information out of a commitment to openness and respect for the families, two principles which have guided this investigation.

Malaysia Airlines have already spoken to the families of the passengers and crew to inform them of this development. For them, the past few weeks have been heartbreaking. I know this news must be harder still. I urge the media to respect their privacy, and to allow them the space they need at this difficult time.”

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Kazan Crash Update

The Boeing-737 flight that crashed in Kazan may have done so under the command of a
Pilot In Command (PIC) who had never performed a real go-around. The PIC had 1000 night flight hours and was properly trained, according to authorities—but if that is the case, how is it being reported that the PIC had never performed a go-around? What is verifiable is that there is a large debris field, a nose down crash. Note how windy it is while they are on the field putting out tape and spraying. Also there is a video being posted that shows a nosedive: http://lifenews.ru/#!news/122878 though whether this is actually the Tatarstan Airlines flight in question is, in fact, questionable.

The PIC had 25000 hours and the copilot had 1900 hours. Reports are that the “pilot of Kazan crash had put the plane into nosedive.” The plane hit nose first. We do not know if it was at the steep angle in the video above or in a more normal angle.

The black box has been recovered, and the preliminary report may be available soon.

Six crew members and 44 passengers died. Their bodies have not been identified yet, through the manifest has been released.

Read More

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Update on Oct 3 2013 Lagos Crash

Olusegun Mimiko, the Ondo State Governor promised to convey the remains of the victims, and support victims’ families of the Associated Airlines crash.

The deceased include protocol official Olayiwola Daji, his wife Olukemi, and other government officials. Mimiko promised the government would cover a university education for the victims’ children.

On behalf of the family, the nephew of Olayiwola Daji, Niyi Daji, urged the government “never to abandon the wife and children and father Pa. Adejoro Daji left behind by Olayiwola Daji.”

Associated Jet Crash in Nigeria

Associated Jet Crash in Nigeria

Update on the Associated Jet Crash in Nigeria

On Oct 3, 2013, a twenty-three year old Associated Aviation Embraer EMB-120 was en route from Lagos to Akure to carry the deceased regional governor and family to his funeral in Akure when it crashed, killing 16. Four survivors were hospitalized.

The NCAA said the airline had coverage and the plane’s paperwork and inspections were up to date. The flight data recorder has been recovered.

The son of the late former Governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun Agagu, Feyi, was aboard the plane and survived the crash. The passengers included family members taking the body of Olusegun Agagu, a former aviation minister, to his funeral.

Read more on the Associated Aviation Embraer EMB-120 crash.

LionAir Flight Undershoots Bali Runway, 108 Aboard

On April 13, 2013, a Bandung to Denpasar Lion Air Boeing 737-800 en undershot the Denpasar Airport runway and ditched in the ocean—literally falling from a height of 55 yards. All of the 101 passengers and 7 crew got out alive, but at least twenty people were injured.

On impact, the plane broke in two. The brand new plane was delivered to Lion Air on March 28, 2013.

Passengers were evacuated into rubber boats. The injured were taken to three hospitals. No serious injuries were reported.

The pilot had 10,000 hours in the air.

In George’s Point of View

A plane drops 55 yards breaks in half and no one is seriously injured.

Something happened. The investigation will do its best to pinpoint what exactly could knock out a plane with weeks of service. But with no serious injuries in a plane that is cracked in half, I have only two things to say: two best safety devices are 1) a well built plane and 2)a well-trained crew.

We’re posting this only hours after it happened. So expect updates when more information is available. Initial reports can be prone to misinformation.

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April 8, 2013
WASHINGTON – The National Transportation Safety Board today released the final agenda including the participants’ names, affiliations, and biographies for the forum on lithium ion batteries in transportation.

The forum, scheduled for Thursday and Friday, April 11-12, starts at 9 am and will be held in the NTSB Board Room and Conference Center in Washington, DC.

Representatives from government, industry and academia will serve as panelists during the forum and will address issues related to lithium ion battery technology and how it is used across transportation modes.

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Feline Survives Plane Landing on His House

A feline survivor has been found in the crash of the Beechcraft plane that killed Steve Davis, 60, and Wes Caves, 58.

Zuul the cat emerged from the construction site where the plane impacted residences. Zuul has suffered some minor injuries, but seems to have at least eight lives left.

South Bend Hawker Crash Update Read More
South Bend Raw Video
Plane Crashes in South Bend

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FAA Initial Report of Starwood Management Learjet that Killed Jenni Rivera Entourage

What: Learjet 25 en route from Monterrey to Toluca
Where: Los Tejocotes
When: December 9 20123:30
Who: 7 aboard
Regis#: 345MC Make/Model: LJ25 Description: LEARJET 25
Date: 12/09/2012 Time: 0630

Event Type: Accident Highest Injury: Fatal Mid Air: N Missing: N
Damage: Destroyed


Total Fatal: 7
# Crew: 7 Fat: 7

NTSB Assists Government of Mexico in Aviation Accident
December 10
Washington – The NTSB is dispatching investigators to assist the government of Mexico in its investigation of the crash of a Learjet LJ25.

On December 9, 2012 at about 3:30 a.m. local time, the airplane crashed about 70 miles south of Monterrey, Mexico, due to unknown circumstances while en route to Mexico City, Mexico. All 7 persons on board were fatally injured including Latin singer Jenni Rivera.

NTSB Chairman Deborah A. P. Hersman has designated David Helson as the traveling U.S. Accredited Representative. Mr. Helson will be assisted from NTSB headquarters by investigative staff specializing in airplane airworthiness and flight crew operations as well as advisors from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Learjet.

More on Learjet
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More News today (an overview of a few items we’re not covering right now)

For various reasons including that we have already covered these or don’t have room or time, this is more news:

  • The NTSB is probing the Manhattan Township, Illinois crash that killed Larry Allan Diffley, head of Bemidji Aviation
  • The pilot that was killed in a plane crash in Yuma on November 24 was Denise Jeanette McCracken
  • The investigation into the Greensburg crash (that killed pilot Donald Horan, Horan’s 44-year-old wife Barbara, 45-year-old Stephen Butz and his 42-year-old wife, Denise) is expected to take over six months.
  • Local police and media believed a November 30 Chicago plane crash set to be a real crash
  • NTSB report is out on the crash that killed pilot Tom Steeper on his way from Houston to Oklahoma on November 26, when the plane crashed in southern Cherokee County.
  • Preliminary reports are out for the Rochester,MN; Mekoryuk AK; and Bolivar, Mo non-fatal crashes in December; and the fatal crashes in Apollo Beach, FL; Blair, NE; Clutier, IA; Childress, TX; Scio, OR; Wells, TX; Corona, CA; San Andreas, CA; Great Guana Cay, Bahamas;
  • Bosnian and Herzegovinan authorities are re-opening the investigation of the February 26th 2004 plane crash that killed Macedonia President Boris Trajkovski.
  • Kevin Barry Jnr, who suffered extensive fractures and a brain injury in a Cessna crash on July 5 2007 is settling in Irish High Court for €1.7m against Lancton Taverns Ltd, SCD House, Waterloo Road, Dublin, and its director David Courtney.
  • The South African Defence Force confirms that six crew members and five passengers died in a plane crash.
  • Knox County Regional Airport in Owls Head is taking new safety measures after the Nov. 16 crash that killed U of Maine students and alumnus.
  • Joshua Marlow, sole survivor of the July South Dakota firefighting crash was promoted from tech sergeant to master sergeant.
  • Failure of one of a Boeing 787’s six electrical generators failed, causing the pilot of United Houston-Newark Flight 1146 to divert his 174 passengers and 10 crew safely to New Orleans.
  • United Express Regional Jet made an emergency landing at Grand Junction Regional Airport

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Brazzaville Crash Pilot Named (update)

What: Aero-Services for Trans Air Congo Ilyhushin IL-76T freighter en route from Pointe Noire to Brazzaville
Where: Brazzaville
When: Nov 30 2012
Who: 32 fatalities, 14 injured
Why: The Armenian crew fatalities of the crashed Trans Air Congo cargo jet have been named:

Varazdat Balasanyan, born in 1949 (captain of the crew)
Ara Tovmasyan,
Andranik Gevorgyan
Edgar Avetyan,
Tadeos Hovhannisyan

Two of the crew were not Armenian.

Read More

Brazzaville Cargo FLight Crash Fatalities Updated to 32

What: Aero-Services for Trans Air Congo Ilyhushin IL-76T freighter en route from Pointe Noire to Brazzaville
Where: Brazzaville
When: Nov 30 2012
Who: 30 fatalities, 14 injured *Death toll rises to 32
Why: A Trans Air Congo cargo jet landed in rainy conditions in Brazzaville, one report says the plane overran the runway, went through the airport fence, crossed a street and slammed by buildings into a ravine. It was reported that the brakes failed but the Congolese police said rainy weather was the cause. Another report says the landing failed and the pilot crashed when attempting to go-round.

The impact area is a residential area in the Mselou district of Brazzaville

The crew of the jet died in the crash as well as 19 on the ground, and fourteen injured were hospitalized at Makelekelele hospital, Center University Hospital and a military hospital.

Ownership of the plane has been reported all over the board:
1: Air Highnesses/Aero-Service leases the plane to Trans Air Congo. The plane was manned by an Armenian crew. Aero-Service is banned by the EU.
2: The Armenian company RIDGE AIRWAYS LLC, ARMENIA, RDG owns the plane, and it was flying for Aero-Service.

Video (French)

Metars reported

FCBB 301700Z 12007KT 050V170 4000 TSRA FEW010 BKN016 FEW026CB 24/22 Q1009 NOSIG
FCBB 301600Z 21013KT 6000 TS FEW010 BKN020 FEW030CB 30/23 Q1006 BECMG 06015G25KT 4000 TSRA

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Homeowner Survived Plane Crashing into Her Home

What: Superior Pallet Co. Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six
Where: Jackson, Miss
When: Nov 13, 2012, 5:00pm
Who: 3 fatalities, 1 injured
Why: Three people aboard the Piper that crashed in Jackson Mississippi died at the scene.

When the plane struck their house, everything Loretta and Roosevelt Jamison owned, including two pets, went up in flames.

Ms Jamison was in her bedroom when the plane struck; first she heard a boom, then voices of someone inside the plane before it exploded. The repercussion knocked her off her feet. As fire engulfed the house, she climbed out of a second story window and was helped down by neighbors.

See Video

Read More

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Update: Identifications made in Fire Island Inlet Accident

The two men who died in the accident were 51-year-old Cyril McLavin, of Fresh Meadows in Queens, and 72-year-old Andrew Messana, from Bayside, Queens.

The accident is under investigation.

What: Globe Swift en route from Spadaro Airport
Where: Moriches inlet, Fire Island
When: Oct 20, 2012 3 p.m.
Who: 2 aboard
Why: A Globe Swift plane that took off from Spadaro Airport had two aboard.

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American Airlines Update

The American Airlines flight where a row of seats came loose has instigated an American Airlines query into “a possible issue with a certain model of seats and how they fit into the tracking used to secure the seats,” after a second Boeing with recently replaced seats also showed up as being improperly secured. American is laying off 4,000 employees, including 2,600 mechanics, store clerks and other ground service personnel and shifting maintenance to TIMCO and ST Aerospace.

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UK Participating in Sita Air Accident, Nepal

What: Sita Air Dornier 228-202 en route from Kathmandu-Tribhuvan Airport to Lukla
Where: 500 Meters from airport
When: Sept 28, 2012
Who: 19 fatalities
Update: Because seven British subjects were killed aboard the Sita Air crash on September 28, the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch will be joining the accident investigation.

The British fatalities were named as:

  1. Raymond Eagle, 58, from Macclesfield, Cheshire
  2. Timothy Oakes, 57, from Winwick, near Warrington
  3. Stephen Holding, 60, from Stoke-on-Trent
  4. Vincent Kelly, 50, from Lostock, Bolton
  5. Darren Kelly (brother) 45 from Isle of Whithorn Southern Galloway
  6. Benjamin Ogden, 27, from London
  7. Christopher Davey, 51, from Northampton

Nepalese authorities have a three month report deadline.

EVEREST Plane Crash 19 Killed


Ok, it’s Sunday. Too much to expect for there to be no airline issues to ponder today. But since it’s the end of the week (or the beginning, depending on how you’re counting), here’s a bit of non-disaster opportunity for the air traveler:

Check out this website if you want to see how your airline stacks up against others. Or take some pictures of your airline meal and post it yourself.

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ICAO Assists Blacklisted Airlines

After an ICAO audit that put Kazakhstan’s airlines on the EU Blacklist, the ICAO has just signed an agreement to assist Kazakhstan’s Informational-Managerial Services

The agreement promises to:

  • Create an operational structure
  • Train qualified technical personnel
  • Detail certification
  • Monitor
  • Render technical assistance

Kazakhstan Treaty Status

Kazaeronavigatsia, the Republic of Kazakhstan’s National Air Navigation Services Provider (ANSP), intends to render safe service over Kazakhstan’s airspace, and is planning three consolidated ATC centers in Astana, Aktobe and Almaty; and 15 remote control towers which will be a part of ATC Centers, forming seamless airspace over entire Kazakhstan territory on a single hardware and software.

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Final Report on Helicopter Crash

What: DAVCRON PTY LTD Bell 206
Where: South Turramurra near the Canoon Rd netball courts
When: July 20121
Who: 2 fatalities
Why: The pilot had picked his passenger to take him to Sydney Adventist Hospital apparently without checking weather reports which resulted in the Bell helicopter crashing in a cliff. Inclement weather and hazardous conditions in Lane Cove National Park led to the decision to call off the recovery operation on July 22, 2012, the same inclement conditions which caused the accident. Businessman Bruce Campbell, 65, and freelance pilot Colin Greenwood died in the crash at the foot of 15m cliff in Lane Cove National Park.

Read More

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AOPA Places Blame on Holes in System Not Flight Schools

Update to Should Illegal Aliens Attend Flight School Owned by Illegal Alien?

The AOPA believes it is a breakdown in government communication that is why foreign students in the United States were able to receive flight training and some even earn their pilot certificate though they had entered the country illegally or had overstayed their authorized period.

Flight training providers were in compliance, but government was suffering from a lack of communication, in AOPA opinion.

Only that’s an oxymoron, isn’t it? Government Communication?

The report says “As of January 2012, inspection results show that the rate of compliance with AFSP requirements increased from 89 percent in fiscal year 2005 to 96 percent in fiscal year 2011,”

Currently the TSA has limited ability to get information from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to determine whether someone is in the country legally. This is a situation which should obviously be corrected. When this vetting process is transparent, the problem will cease to exist.

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Nigerian Aviation Under Scrutiny

The numbers for the Dana Air crash may be as high as 222: 153 passengers and crew and a possible 69 ground casualties. The Voice of America puts the Nigerian death toll from 110 recorded crashes since 1943 with a total of 1500 fatalities. AllAfrica puts that number at 162 fatalities and 16 crashes.

Can we say there has been improvement when there were three crashes in 2005-2006 that killed a whopping 320 people? Regardless of the exact recorded figures, the list of Nigerian plane crashes makes a long, sad story. Carriers have a history of financing problems or corruption.

Prior to Dana Air, the last big crash was Oct. 29, 2006, when an Aviation Development Co. flight from Abuja to Sokoto crashed, killing 96 people after two minutes in the air. There was also the Bellview Airlines Crash in 2005, and Sosoliso Airlines–a plane full of children.

On Wednesday Nigeria’s Federal Executive Council established a nine-man Technical and Administrative Review Panel headed by Group Captain John Obakpolor to “determine the remote and immediate causes of the crash.” But here’s the problem–studies have already been made, and findings found. But where is the implementation of concrete reform?

Is Nigerian aviation industry in a tailspin? We can only hope that progress is being made in this country where governmental corruption has rendered airline regulation ineffective. We have seen time and again in aviation safety, when corners are cut, lives are lost.

After looking at the November 2006 ICAO audit here, we can only hope that Nigeria will redouble its efforts at aviation safety reform.

NTSB Investigation Arrives in Lagos
Questions follow Dana Air
Dana Air Semantic Wars
Husband Files Dana Air Flight 992 Lawsuit
Dana Air’s license Suspended
Witnesses of the Dana Air Crash Recount What they Saw
First Report of Dana Air Crash in Lagos

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Airbus Plans A-380 wing-rib bracket fix

Airbus launched a new recruitment initiative in Toulouse, France,and announced handling of the A380s to be coming in for their wing-rib bracket fix. The Airbus solution is to switch to a less brittle aluminum for the replacement parts. The cracks were first discovered on Singapore Airlines’ aircraft in 2011.

The Airbus retrofit plan includes ribs being replaced with all-aluminum components, inspection manholes reinforced and the feet blunted. In 2013 the parts will be available for wing modification and rib design from the end of this year. All A380s in service will require the overhaul. The fault has been blamed on components designed in Filton, Bristol.

A380 virtual tour

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No Charges for Woman for Diverting Plane

Click to view full size photo at Airliners.net
Contact photographer Giovanni Verbeeck

What: US Airways B767 from Paris to Charlotte
Where: Bangor Maine
When: May 22, 2012
Who: 179 passengers, 9 crew
Why: Around noon on May 22, two F-15 fighter jets scrambled to intercept a US Airways plane where a French woman from Cameroon had handed a note to a flight attendant claiming that she had a surgically implanted bomb. She was traveling alone and had no baggage.

Update US attorneys told the court they would not be filing a criminal complaint against Marigot 41-year-old French citizen and native of Cameroon,Lucie Zeeko Marigot, appeared in federal court in Bangor. Marigot was described by other passengers as “a full-figured, light-skinned African woman with hair “almost down to her waist.”

The note she handed to a flight attendant said in French that she was “a victim of a group of doctors” and that she had “an object in her body that is out of my control” and she also handed her a book she had written about her personal story.
Read More Passenger Claims Bomb Implant

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