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Sita Air Plane Diverts to Nepal due to Bad Weather

Sita Air flight ST-605 had to divert and make an emergency landing at Phaplu Airport, Dudhakunda, Nepal, on April 23rd.

The Dornier Do-228 flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, Nepal, had to divert due to bad weather.

The plane’s wing hit a wall during the landing.

All 14 passengers and 3 crew members remained safe.

Sita Air Ferry Flight makes Safe Landing in Nepal after Engine Shut Down

Sita AirA Sita Air ferry flight make a safe emergency landing at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal, on September 16.

The Dornier DO-228 flying from Tenzing–Hillary Airport, Lukla, Nepal, was mid-air when its left side engine stopped working. The crew had to shut the engine down.

The plane landed safely.

All 3 crew members and 4 technicians aboard remained unhurt.

7 Killed as Military Plane Crashed in Nigeria

military planeA Dornier-228 military plane crashed into a house in Ribadu area Of Kaduna state, Nigeria, on August 29.

Air force officials said the plane went down when it was heading from Kaduna Military Airfield to Abuja.

All 7 people on-board the plane, including 3 passengers and 4 crew members, were killed in the crash.

The cause of crash is not clear at the moment.

Daily Air Plane Crash Lands in Taiwan After Co-Pilot Forgets to Deploy Landing Gear

Daily AirA Dornier Do 228 aircraft landed on its belly and skidded some 700 feet before coming to halt at Taitung Airport in Taiwan, on December 21.

The accident happened after the co-pilot forgot to deploy the landing gear while approaching the runway. The Daily Air pilots were simulating left-engine failure and emergency landings at the time, however, failure to lower the landing gear was not pre-planned.

The plane was carrying only the pilot and the co-pilot at the time; both of them remained unharmed.

Taiwan’s Aviation Safety Council is investigating.

UK Participating in Sita Air Accident, Nepal

What: Sita Air Dornier 228-202 en route from Kathmandu-Tribhuvan Airport to Lukla
Where: 500 Meters from airport
When: Sept 28, 2012
Who: 19 fatalities
Update: Because seven British subjects were killed aboard the Sita Air crash on September 28, the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch will be joining the accident investigation.

The British fatalities were named as:

  1. Raymond Eagle, 58, from Macclesfield, Cheshire
  2. Timothy Oakes, 57, from Winwick, near Warrington
  3. Stephen Holding, 60, from Stoke-on-Trent
  4. Vincent Kelly, 50, from Lostock, Bolton
  5. Darren Kelly (brother) 45 from Isle of Whithorn Southern Galloway
  6. Benjamin Ogden, 27, from London
  7. Christopher Davey, 51, from Northampton

Nepalese authorities have a three month report deadline.

EVEREST Plane Crash 19 Killed

EVEREST Plane Crash 19 Killed

What: Sita Air Dornier 228-202 en route from Kathmandu-Tribhuvan Airport to Lukla
Where: 500 Meters from airport
When: Sept 28, 2012
Who: 19 fatalities
Why: After takeoff, the pilot hit a vulture. The pilot attempted to return to the airport. (The vulture strike is unconfirmed.)

Villagers could not assist because of the fire. Firefighters had difficulty reaching the area on the banks of Manohara River in Thimi, just a few kilometers east of Kathmandu.

Four passenger and three crew were from Nepal. Five were Chinese, and seven were British. the remains were taken to the morgue at TU Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj in Maharajgunj.

The crew who died in the crash were pilot Bijay Tandukar, co-pilot Takesingh Thapa and air-hostess Ruja Shakya.

The passengers were identified were Kumar Marshyangdi Magar (Nepal Army), D Rai, Yangchay Tamang and LN Sherpa. One Britain was identified as Eagle Raymond.

Video below

21 Aboard in Agni Air Crash In Nepal

What: Agni Air Dornier 228 en route from Pokhara to Jomsome Airport, Nepal
Where: Jomsom Airport, Nepal
When: May 14, 2012, 9.45 a.m
Who: 21 aboard, 15 fatalities 18 passengers, 3 crew
Why: Fifteen minutes after taking off from Pokhara, the plane with 21 passengers aboard crashed by Jomsom Airport, Nepal. Reports say that a wing contacted ground 890 feet north of the airport, and the nose embedded/impacted a muddy slope. Reports are the plane was attempting to return to Pokhara.

At the time of approach, weather was fine, though clear air turbulence can occur any time. Investigations will begin regarding technical problems with the plane, including the one that made the pilots turn back to the airport. Five surviving passengers were airlifted to Pokhara, for medical care at the Manipal College of Medical Sciences. The plane impacted behind the army barracks. There were 16 Indians aboard. A Danish couple, Emilie Jorgensen, 29, and Andreas Rasch, 30, are said to have survived the crash.

The information numbers available for family members are 00-977-1-4423702 00-977-1-4410900, extn.4109, 00-977-1-4411699, extn. 4109.

The passengers had been going to visit a pilgrimage site, Muktinath.

Reports are that most of the fatalities were Indian. One source, myrepublica.com said that there were 15 fatalities and six rescued. Numbers may not be accurate.

The bodies of pilot Prabhu Sharan Pathak and co-pilot J.D. Maharjan were among those recovered.

The marketing director of Agni Air, Pramod Pandey, said that there were 16 indians aboard, and six survivors. Three children, two foreigners and an air hostess R. Haiju survived at least to the hospital, all in critical condition.

Jomsom airport is known for unpredictable turbulence.

External Affairs Minister S M Krishna has posted a letter of condolences.

I am deeply saddened to hear about the tragic air crash that occurred earlier this morning near Jomsong airport in Nepal. I would like to convey my deep condolences to the families of all those who have lost their lives in this accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of all those who have lost their near and dear ones.

Agni Air flight manifest


* Mr. K. Mamanya
* Mr. S.K. Arora
* Mr. M. Handa
* Mrs. M. Arora
* Ms. R. Handa
* Mr. K. Arora
* Ms. T. Sachdev
* Ms. G. Sachdev
* Mr. Sanaim Sudhar
* Mr. G. Raman
* Mr. Kidambi Tirumala
* Ms. Latha Echambade
* Mr. Sreeva Kidambi Tirumala
* Ms. Sreepada Kidambi Tirumala
* Mr. Kumar
* Mrs. Kumar

Skywork Emergency Return to Bern, No Injuries Reported

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Contact photographer Johan Knijn

What: Skywork Airlines Dornier Do-328-100 en route from Bern to Vienna
Where: Zurich
When: Mar 14th 2012
Why: While en route, the plane developed a problem with cabin pressure. The crew had perform a descent to safe levels.

Pilots returned to Bern where they made a safe landing.

Outboard Door Outward Bound

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Contact photographer Andre Wadman

What: Skyworks Dornier Do-328 from Berne Switzerland to Hamburg
Where: Hamburg
When: Nov 30th 2011
Who: not available
Why: After landing in Hamburg, maintenance ground crew found that the “left main gear outboard door” had not made the flight with the rest of the plane. The plane was ferried back to Berne.

Nepal Hard Landing

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Contact photographer Michael Fritz

What: Nepal Food Corporation/Tara Air Dornier Do228 a freight flight from Nepalgunj to Simikot
Where: Simikot
When: Jun 23rd 2011
Who: 3 crew
Why: The pilot made a hard landing at Simikot, and rolled over an embankment off the runway.

There was significant damage to the plane, including a collapsed main gear, and damaged nose and wing. No one aboard was injured.

Louisville- Vision Airlines Copes With Hydraulic Emergency

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Contact photographer Fred Seggie

What: Vision Airlines Dornier Do-328-100 en route from Atlanta to Louisville
Where: Louisville
When: May 11th 2011, 8 pm
Who: 21 aboard
Why: After takeoff from Atlanta, the pilots experienced hydraulic problems, which they attempted to amend while en route. They announced the issue to passengers who were somewhat anxious on the way, but apparently did not panic. On approach to Louisville, a flyby revealed the landing gear was down. They continued to make a safe landing, leaving skidmarks on the runway, although without nose gear steering, they veered off the runway. After the landing, one passenger was hospitalized due to a medical condition. The runway is closed pending the investigation.

Nepal: Sita Air Flight Overrun, Strikes Wall

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Contact photographer Richard Vandervord

What: Sita Air Dornier 228 en route from
Kathmandu to Lukla
Where: Lukla, Nepal
When: Oct 12 2010
Who: 11 passengers, 3 crew
Why: On landing at Lukla, the brakes failed, and the plane overran the (527 meter) short inclined runway and struck a wall at the end.

No injuries were reported, although the plane incurred nose damage.

All Lost in Agni Air Crash, Nepal

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Contact photographer Vivek Manvi

What: Agni Air Dornier 228-101 en route from Katmandu to Lukla
Where: Bastipur, ~18nm SSW of Kathmandu, Nepal
When: Aug 24, 2010
Who: 14 aboard, 14 fatalities. 11 passengers, 3 crew (At one point there was an announcement of an additional passenger whose nationality was unknown. This is unconfirmed.)
Why: Due to poor weather conditions in Katmandu, the crew diverted to Simara Airport. ATC lost contact at 7.30 am. The plane’s generator had been causing problems and it failed, then the backup generator failed. Without a generator, the pilot is flying blind, without avionics. The flight crashed at 9000 feet in a hillside near Bastipur in Shikhapur.

Other reports say the engine failed.

The casualties were Capt. Lucky Shah, co-pilot Sophia Singh, flight attendant Sahara Sherpa, and passengers R Rijal, P Humagain, P Bhote, K Rai and P Sherpa.

Six foreigners were aboard:four Americans: Irina Shekhets (30), Levzi Cordoso (49), Heather Finch (40), and Kendra Fallon (18), one Japanese: Yuki Hayashe (19) and a Brit: Jeremy Taylor (30) .
This is monsoon season, and the area is remote, and roads many roads are blocked due to landslides. Villagers report scattered plane parts and body parts, and rescue teams are en route.

Nepal: Stranded Passengers to the Rescue

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Contact photographer Vivek Manvi

What: Agni Air Dornier Do-228 en route from Pokhara to Kathmandu Nepal
Where: Pokhara
When: May 11th 2010
Who: 16 passengers and 2 crew
Why: After takeoff, the crew detected a hydraulic leak and turned around to make an immediate (less than ten minutes later) landing.

Apparently passengers disembarked and helped the crew push the plane off the runway.

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