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Fighter Jets Intercept Vulkan Air Flight After Loss of Communication

Vulkan Air flight VKA-143 was intercepted by Italian Air Force fighter jets on the way to Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport, Italy, on September 16th.

The incident happened after the plane flying from Tangier, Morocco, lost communication with the ATC.

The plane subsequently landed safely. The fighter jets returned to the base.

Fighter Jets Intercept American Airlines Flight Bound for Philadelphia

American Airlines flight AA-759 was intercepted by fighter jets on the way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 19th.

The Airbus A330-300 plane flying from Athens, Greece, was in Italian Airspace when it lost radio communication, prompting the authorities to dispatch two Eurofighter jets from Istrana, Italy.

The communication was later re-established, and the fighter jets returned to the base.

The flight continued to Philadelphia.

Italian Fighter Jets Intercept Air France Flight After Loss of Communication

Air France flight AF-671 was intercepted by two Italian fighter jets over Italy, on March 22nd.

The incident happened after the Boeing 777-300 plane flying from Roland Garros Airport, Reunion, to Paris Orly Airport, France, lost communication with the Italian ATC.

The plane subsequently landed safely at Paris Orly Airport.

Everyone aboard remained unharmed.

Fighter Jets Intercept Ryanair Flight Over Netherlands

Ryanair flight FR-9525 was intercepted by Belgian fighter aircraft over Netherlands, on February 10th.

The aircraft were dispatched after the Boeing 737-800 plane, heading from Lublin, Poland, to London Stansted Airport, England, lost contact with the ATC.

The communication was subsequently re-established, and the fighter jets returned to their bases.

The flight continued to London Stansted Airport.

Fighter Jets Escort Air Algerie Flight to Lyon, France

Air Algerie flight AH-1460 was intercepted by two French fighter jets on the way to Lyon, France, on January 9th.

The Mirage 2000 fighter jets were dispatched after the Boeing 737-800 plane, flying from Constantine, Algeria, lost communication with the ATC.

The plane continued for a safe landing under escort. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

Tassili Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Algeria

Tassili Airlines flight SF-2210 made an emergency landing in Oran, Algeria, on October 14th.

The plane heading from Algiers to Tlemcen, Algeria, was diverted after it lost communication with the ATC.

However, while trying to send a transponder signal for loss of communication, the crew mistakenly set the code that indicates unlawful interference.

The plane landed safely and was surrounded by security forces.

Hungarian Military Aircraft Intercept TAROM Flight After Loss of Communication

TAROM flight RO-316 was intercepted by Hungarian military aircraft on April 28th.

The Boeing 737-700 plane heading from Munich, Germany, to Sibiu, Romania, was intercepted after it lost contact with the ATC in the Hungarian airspace.

The communication was subsequently restored and the military aircraft returned to the base.

The passenger plan continued for a safe landing in Sibiu.

The incident is under investigation.

Fighter Jets Escort Air India Plane After it Loses Communication

Air India flight AI-171 was intercepted by fighter jets on March 10th.

The Boeing 787-800 plane was heading from Ahmedabad, India, to Heathrow Airport, England, when it lost communication. Czech fighter jets were dispatched to intercept the plane and were able to communicate with the captain. The captain signaled about having technical issues due to which they were unable to communicate with the ATC.

The fighter jets from Germany, Belgium, and United Kingdom subsequently took over in their respective airspaces and escorted the plane until it safely landed at Heathrow airport.

There were 231 passengers and 18 crew members aboard at the time; all of them remained safe.

Fighter Jets Intercept Jet Airways Plane After Loss of Communication

Jet Airways flight 9W-118 was intercepted by two fighter planes due to loss of communication on February 16.

The Boeing 777-300 plane was heading from Mumbai, India, to London, England, when it lost communication with the ATC.

Two fighter jets intercepted the aircraft and subsequently, the communication was restored.

The plane continued for a safe landing. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

Fighter Jet Escorts Volaris Airlines Plane after Loss of Communication

volarisVolaris Airlines flight Y4-9023 had to divert and make an emergency landing at Glasgow Prestwick Airport in Scotland, United Kingdom, on October 28th.

The Airbus A320-200 plane was heading from Toulouse, France. to Keflavik, Iceland, when it lost communication with the ATC. A fighter jet was dispatched for escort.

The passenger plane, escorted by the fighter jet, then diverted to Glasgow Prestwick Airport where it landed uneventfully.

Everyone aboard remained safe.

REACH Aircraft Crashes in California; 4 Killed

REACH AirA REACH Air Medical Services aircraft crashed in Humboldt County, North Coast, California, on July 29th.

The Piper PA31 flying from Crescent City Airport, to Oakland International Airport, California, was mid-air when the crew declared emergency due to smoke in its cockpit, and later it lost connection with radar.

The plane debris was found the next morning.

All 4 people onboard including 3 crew members and one patient were killed.

TAP Portugal makes Hard Landing in Denmark due to Lost Communication

TAPTAP Portugal flight TP-752 made a hard landing at Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, Denmark, on July 15th.

The Airbus A320-200 flying from Lisbon, Portugal was mid-air when it lost contact with the ATC.

The plane landed safely.

No one was injured.

Pinging for Egyptair MS 804 as the Clock Runs Out

When a plane goes down in the ocean, the black boxes aboard have enough juice to ping for thirty days. The pingers on flight data recorders AKA “black boxes” last a minimum of 30 days. After 30 days, the devices are still active, but the sound on which searchers hone is expected to die out. The pinger is located by a “pinger locater,” a device that listens for the sound of the black box. It is towed within the search area but it’s listening radius is usually around 2 miles. The pinger’s sound is not very powerful, and the pinger is towed at 3 knots.

After AirFrance 447, legislation was underway to increase the battery life to 90 days. The technology exists, but because implementation of that transition has been slow, EgyptAir MS 804’s pinger battery is expected to expire at around 30 days.

Vueling Airlines Plane Intercepted by Czech Gripen Fighter Jets

VuelingVueling Airlines flight VY-8549 was intercepted by two Czech Gripen fighter jets on May 27th.

The Airbus A320-200, en-route from Helsinki, Finland, to Barcelona, Spain, was about to enter Czech Airspace, however, the crew did not establish contact with Czech Air Traffic Control. Two Gripen fighter jets were therefore dispatched that contacted the flight on emergency frequency.

The communication was restored around 15 minutes after the plane entered Czech Airspace.

Delta Airlines Flight Intercepted by Greek F-16 Fighter Jets

250px-Delta_logo.svgDelta Airlines flight DL-8957 was intercepted by two Greek F-16 fighter aircrafts on May 19th.

According to the airline, the radio contact with Greek ATC was lost for a brief period of time when the Boeing 767-400, en-route from Frankfurt, Germany, to Kuwait, was transiting through Greek Airspace.

The fighter jets returned to the airbase as the communication was restored.

The flight continued to Kuwait.

CityJet Plane Intercepted by Typhoon Fighters in England due to Communication Loss

CityJetCityJet flight AF-1558 was intercepted by two British Typhoon fighter planes upon entering in British Airspace in Yorkshire, England, on May 2nd.

The Avro RJ-85 was flying from Paris, France, when it lost radio communication with the ATC right after entering the British Airspace.

The plane accompanied by Typhoons landed safely Newcastle Airport, UK.

No one was injured.

British Airways Plane Intercepted by Hungarian Fighter Jets

British airwaysBritish Airways flight BA-108 was intercepted by fighter aircrafts after it lost communication with Hungary’s ATC on April 30th.

The Boeing 777-200, heading from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to London, England, lost contact with the ATC while it was entering Hungary’s Airspace.

The Hungarian Authorities dispatched two Saab Gripen fighter planes to intercept the plane, however, the communication was restored shortly afterwards. The fighter jets returned to the base while the flight continued to London.

The incident is being investigated.

Air Kasthamandap Plane Crash-Lands in Nepal; 2 Killed, 9 Injured

Air Kasthamandap flight 9N-AJB crash-landed in Chilkhaya, Kalikot district of Nepal, on February 26th.

The single engine PAC 750 plane took off from Nepalgunj and was heading to Jumla when it developed some technical problems and went down. Authorities said the plane lost contact with the control tower just 11 minutes after take off.

There were 11 people aboard at the time, including the pilot Dinesh Neupane, the co-pilot Santosh Rana, and nine passengers. The pilot and the co-pilot were killed in the crash while the passengers were injured.

The injured were airlifted to Nepalgunj Medical College.

The government has appointed a four-member commission to investigate the accident.

Trigana Air Flight 267 Crash: Black Box to be Sent to France after Unsuccessful Data Retrieval Attempts

Trigana AirAccording to a preliminary report released by Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC), the black box from Trigana Air jet that crashed in August will be sent to France for data retrieval.

The flight TGN267 crashed after it lost contact with the ATC during a flight from Sentani airport, Jayapura, to Oksibi, Papua. There were 54 people aboard at the time; all of them were killed.

The report released on October 7 said, “The downloading process to retrieve data from the FDR was unsuccessful. For further examination, the FDR data will be downloaded at BEA facility in Paris, France.”

The report further said that the cockpit voice recorder had a 2-hour recording but it did not give any clue as to what caused the crash.

Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Dane County Field

A Cessna 172 plane made an emergency landing in a field in Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin, on October 3.

Air traffic controllers said the pilot reported engine issues before it lost communication and made an emergency landing. The plane was flying from Montevideo, Minnesota at the time.

The 30-year-old pilot, and his only passenger, remained unhurt.

The aircraft was able to take off again and safely landed at Middleton Municipal Airport.

Airbus Video on Secure Cockpit door

Security measures were taken by aviation designers after 911 to ensure a safe cockpit door in the A320,resulting in a door designed to stop intruders and protect the pilot within.

Since the Sept. 11 attacks, flight crews no longer have keys to open the cockpit door. The door remains locked during flight. When entry is requested on the outside keypad, a buzzer goes off. The pilot can toggle the switch and unlock the door.

The CVR now seems to indicate that copilot Andreas Lubitz locked out the Pilot In Command, Captain Patrick Sondenheimer. There is audio record of him attempting to get through the invincible door.

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MH370: One Ping Does Not A Discovery Make. Or Does it?

An underwater locator beacon (ULB) such as the one on the black boxes (CVR) Cockpit Voice Recorder and FDR (Flight Data Recorder) of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on 37.5 kHz for about 30 days at 4°C temperature. They run on lithium-ion batteries, and “mileage” may vary; 30 days is the minimum expectation. This is all relevant to today’s news because the Chinese patrol ship Haixun 01 which is one of the ships equipped with a pinger locator, has heard a ping in the South Indian Ocean.

The particular frequency was selected because it is not one that occurs in nature.

Although Malaysia Airlines told the public that “This battery is not replaceable,” the ULB batteries had been scheduled for battery replacement in 2012, but were not replaced by Dukane Seacom, the original equipment manufacturer of the beacons. (Dukane Seacom either replaces the entire pinger or installed new batteries.) If replacement was not performed by toe OEM or other parties, the actual ping time may be less than 30 days.

One ping in an ocean does not a discovery make. The wreckage has not been located, nor the ping confirmed. But we can still hope this is a step in the right direction.

Latest Video Coverage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Search

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AL Jazeera says Chinese ire over MH370 is hurting Malaysia ties.
Chinese protests put a face on the lost passengers. China officials feel public pressure from the grief and anger of the Chinese people.

The search for debris from #MH370 has been moved north based on alternative estimates of speed.

The zone of focus, 1100 kilometers away is outside of the “roaring forties” air zone, taking the search out of bad weather.

New computation of location is based on faster speeds, faster usage of fuel based on Kuala Lumpar data. Termed the most credible lead.

Pencarian beralih, pesawat bergerak lebih pantas

Families wish the information was coming faster and staged a walk-out after a disappointing press conference. Hopes are high in some areas that debris will be found on Saturday’s search.

Prime Minister Endorses Australian-based search

On March 24, Najib Razak, Malaysia’s Prime Minister, announced that new computations by Inmarsat and the AAIB, flight MH-370 ended in the South Indian Ocean west of Perth (Australia). At this point, Malaysia endorsed the new search search parameters.

The full statement:

“This evening I was briefed by representatives from the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch — or AAIB. They informed me that Inmarsat, the UK company that provided the satellite data which indicated the northern and southern corridors, has been performing further calculations on the data. Using a type of analysis never before used in an investigation of this sort, they have been able to shed more light on MH370’s flight path.

Based on their new analysis, Inmarsat and the AAIB have concluded that MH370 flew along the southern corridor, and that its last position was in the middle of the Indian Ocean, west of Perth. This is a remote location, far from any possible landing sites.

It is therefore with deep sadness and regret that I must inform you that, according to this new data, flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean.

We will be holding a press conference tomorrow with further details. In the meantime, we wanted to inform you of this new development at the earliest opportunity. We share this information out of a commitment to openness and respect for the families, two principles which have guided this investigation.

Malaysia Airlines have already spoken to the families of the passengers and crew to inform them of this development. For them, the past few weeks have been heartbreaking. I know this news must be harder still. I urge the media to respect their privacy, and to allow them the space they need at this difficult time.”

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