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Crash Helicopter Crashes Killing 19 in Flames in Vietnam

A helicopter exercise in Vietnam killed 19 of 21 people aboard on July 7, 2014 at 7:50 a.m.

Vietnam People’s Army Air Force (VPAAF), Regiment 91 suffered a loss of 19 when the Mil Mi-171 helicopter engaged in a parachute training mission crashed near village 11 in Thach That district, Vietnam, managing to impact a field instead of the residences.

The helicopter was flying out of Hoa Lac military Airport with sixteen parachute recruits aboard.

Two people survived the crash, with injuries. Five people had survived the crash with burn injuries, but three of them lost their lives at the hospital.

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3 Dead in Ukrainian Military Helicopter Crash

helicopterThree people lost their lives after an on-duty Ukrainian military helicopter crashed in Kharkov Region of eastern Ukraine.

According to the Interior Ministry of the Ukraine, “On June 21, the regional Interior Ministry department unit received a report from the search and rescue emergencies center’s officer on duty stating that a Mil Mi-8T helicopter of the Ukrainian emergency situations state service with a crew of three people on board has disappeared from radar in the vicinity of the village of Vasishchevo of the Kharkov Region.”

The wreckage of the Mi-8 helicopter was later found on June 22 in a forest near the Chuguevsky district of Kharkov.

Authorities believe a violation or violations of air traffic rules to be the primary reason of the crash.

UN Chopper Down in Monrovia with Injuries


Impromptu landing in Thinkers Village in Monrovia.
An RA 22426 United Nations helicopter carrying 5 health workers and 4 crew from Spriggs Payne Airport to River Gee, Fishtown made a forced landing when the pilot detected engine problems. Only the pilot and possibly a crew member sustained injuries; apparently they had deep cuts in their heads. The pilot was taken by ambulance to be hospitalized.

The Mil Mi-8AMT was operated by UTAir.

None of the health workers reported injury.

The pilot warmed the engine from around 11: 30 to 11:50, then took off with passengers and landed twice with mechanical issues.

During the forced landing/crash, the helicopter impacted a building under construction and another structure. Both were destroyed. The chopper’s right tire broke and the chopper’s front end sustained damaged. Liberia National Police and UNMIL Security responded to the scene and an investigation is underway.

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Mil Crash in Borneo

An Indonesian Army Mil Mi-17B-5 en route to a construction site so remote it can only be reached by helicopter was flying from Tarakan to Malinau with a crew of construction workers and a 1,100 pound construction cargo when the helicopter developed engine trouble.

Eight crew and eleven civilian construction workers went down in a jungle in Borneo, thirteen of whom died on impact.

Four passengers and two crew survived. Eight of the fatalities were civilian construction workers, and five were military crew.

The helicopter burned out on the ground near Bulan. The survivors suffered burns.

Russian Helicopter Crash Kills 3

On Sept 9, a DOSAAF-operated Mil Mi-2 helicopter en route from Starorusskoye to Poronaysk Russia crashed with three aboard on Sakhalin Island. There were no survivors. The helicopter, registration HS-TEF, is a total loss.

The crew was monitoring rivers when it crashed about 30 kilometers from Dolinsk.

Emergency services responded, including the Dolinskogo fire squad, the Russian Emergency Management Services group and an Antonov An-2 aircraft out of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport. THe fire was extinguished at 1:45 pm.

The cause of the accident is under investigation and no conclusions have been drawn. Visibility and weather conditions at the time were good according to the Center for Crisis Management of the Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

DOSAAF is an acronym for the Russian Volunteer Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation, and Fleet.

Gazpromavia Mil Crash Kills 7

On July 14, 2013, a Gazpromavia Mil Mi-8 helicopter took off, made a hard landing at Igolsko-Talovoye oil field and rolled over on its side. Fourteen workers and three crew were aboard.

There were seven fatalities on the scene.

The condition of the other seven aboard has not been released.

In 2010 there was a fire in a helicopter at Igolsko-Talovoye oil field.

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More about the Helicopter Crash in Yakutia

photographer Ivandalavia

Currently, there are five reported survivors: the flight crew of three, and a woman with a child.

The flight manifest lists 28 aboard, including 9 children plus 2 infants.

A dense fog and heavy rains hampered search crews that included Mi-8 helicopters, an AN-26 plane and an An-74.

Deputy of parliament of Yakutia Alexander Morozkin and the head of Republican investment company Victor Yefimov may be aboard. The pilot’s name is Mikhail Nikolaevich. The extent of his injuries have not been released.

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Breaking news: Helicopter Crash in Yakutia

On July 2, a Polyarnye Avialinii airline Mil Mi-8 helicopter en route from Deputatsky (a village) was on a routine flight when air traffic control lost contact. The chopper was flying from the village of Deputatsky to Kazachye village.

The helicopter flew over a pass, encountered severe turbulence reported as “a powerful air stream.” Reports indicate that the helicopter’s tail grazed a hill. The official report says the helicopter was located “45 km north-west of the airport. The helicopter pilot made a hard landing. Because of the strong downdraft helicopter literally pressed to the slope of the hill.” The airport in question refers to the landing strip of origin, near Deputatsky.

The plane crashed in Yakutia 45 kilometers from takeoff. There were 25 passengers and a 3 person crew. Initial reports say fifteen died, but that count has been raised to 19. Fourteen adults and 11 children were among the passengers.

Search and rescue were deployed as well as emergency responders, including thirty rescuers from Far Eastern regional search and rescue team, and experts of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of Emergency Psychological Aid Centre, and Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Responders number more than 100 people and 11 vehicles.

The hotline for families: 8 (4112) 39-99-99

Indian Rescue Chopper Crashes During Flood Evacuation

On Jun 25, 2013, an Indian Air Force Mil Mi-17 V5 newly acquired helicopter was on a rescue/medical mission assisting victims of floods in Northern India when it crashed in bad weather (rain and fog). An Indian newspaper says there were 19 aboard, including NDRF, ITBP and IAF personnel.

The helicopter was from Barrackpore Air Force Station in West Bengal under the Eastern Air Command.

The helicopter crashed near the pilgrimage site of Gaurikund. Flash floods in the area are having dire consequences.

According to one report, eight bodies were recovered, five of whom were crew. There appear to be no survivors of the crash.

At the time of the crash, the helicopter was on it’s third run. more than 7,500 people are reported as being still stranded by the flooding in the hills of Uttarakhand. Buildings are being washed away, and roads flooded.

A court of Inquiry has been convened to investigate the cause of the helicopter crash. The flight recorder has been recovered.

A later report amends 19 to 20 aboard. Twenty bodies have been recovered. The air chief marshal offered condolences on the death of 5 IAF, 6 Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) 9 National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) personnel who died.

Air Force officials said their personnel on the chopper that crashed were: Wg Cdr Darryl Castelino, Flt Lt. K Praveen, Flt Lt Tapan Kapoor, JWO A.K. Singh and Sgt Sudhakar Yadav.

The NDRF personnel were: Commandant Nitya Nand Gupta, 48, resident of Kanpur; Inspector Bhim Singh, 49, resident of Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir; Sub Inspector Satish Kumar, 44, resident of Bhiwani in Haryana; Constable K. Vinaygan, 28, resident of Chitoor in Andhra Pradesh; Constable Bassavaraj Yaragatti, 31, resident of Gadag in Karnataka; Constable Santosh Kumar Paswan, 24, resident of Koderma in Jharkhand; Constable Sanjiva Kumar, 27, resident of Balia in Uttar Pradesh; Constable Shashi Kant Ramesh Pawar, 31, resident of Dhulia in Maharashtra; and Constable Ahir Rao Ganesh, 32, resident of Jalgaon in Maharashtra.

The six ITBP personnel were: Commandant Nand Ram, 27, Sub Inspector Jayender Prasad, 55, Constable Jomon P.G., 26, Constable Bibhuti Roy, 26, Constable Sarvesh Kumar, 31, and Constable Ajay Lal, 23.

Helicopter Goes Missing in Siberia

On May 6, 2013, 9 people aboard an Angara Airlines Mil Mi-8T were lost during a rescue operation in Siberia.

Fragments of missing Mi-8 helicopter found in Irkutsk

The helicopter was participating in a flood rescue and was carrying 1.9 tons of explosives for blasting ice dams in the river.

Missing are three crew, five officials and the emergency chief. Stanislav Omelyanchik.

The hotline number is Emergency telephone number – 8 (3952) 39 9999.

List of missing:

1. Omelyanchik Stanislav, acting chief of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Irkutsk region;
2. Stepanov Alexander, deputy head of the Baikal PSO;
3. Kashko Yuri, head of the North JI ACC Irkutsk region;
4. Pezhemsky Sergey, lifeguard-shooter Northern PSO;
5. Chekrygin Igor, chief OGKU “Center of Civil Defense”;
6. Arbatskii Sergey, instructor airborne fire service department Kirenskogo air base of the Irkutsk region of forests;
Airline crew “Angara”:
7. Igor Markov, the commander of the aircraft;
8. Zhizhel Andrey, flight instructor;
9. Kulebyakin Alexei Vasilievich, the mechanic.

Video (Russian)

Fatal Crash in Loreto

On April 7, 2013, a Helicópteros del Pacífico (Helipac) Mil Mi-8PS with 13 aboard crashed near Perenco Oil in Peru.

There were four crew and nine passengers aboard—all Peruvian— when the flight crashed in the Napo River. Hernán Cervantes Paiva, Trider Pasmiño and Máximo Rolando Cuello have been identified.

The helicopter failed at 11:00 a.m.

Perenco Peru made a public announcement regarding the crash:

“Perenco Peru regrets to announce an accident involving a MI-8 (P 1916 OB) helicopter operated by HELIPAC. The helicopter came down with 13 passengers on board during a routine flight from Iquitos to Block 67. Those on the flight, all Peruvian nationals, comprised nine passengers and four crew members. The passengers included one Perenco employee and representatives of three contractors.

The Peruvian Army is at the scene and two additional helicopters are supporting the rescue efforts. At this stage, no survivors have been found.

The company is working closely with the relevant authorities and is providing what support it can to the families of those involved. “

Block 67 is a 630-square-mile (1,020-square-kilometer) block of more than 300 million barrels.

The Peruvian Air Force activated the System Search and Rescue (SistemaSAR), which mobilized National Search and Rescue Twin Otter aircraft to land in the water in Curaray with the rescue team.

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Russian Chopper Crew Lost in Peacekeeping Mission

UN Russian Mi-8 helicopter crashed at an altitude of 2,700 meters in the Democratic Republic of Congo killing four.

The UTair helicopter was returning to Bukavu when it crashed 35 miles from its destination.

The four crew members were Russian. The crew was en route between Shabunda and Bukavu when it hit bad weather.

The crash occurred in mountainous terrain that is inaccessible, but it has been located. Forty rescuers are en route on foot. The helicopter was part of peacemaking mission MONUSCO.

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Russian Helicopter Shot Down

December 21, 2012 a Kogalymavia Mil Mi-8AMT cargo flight for UN forces was struck by friendly fire and all 5 aboard died in the crash near Likuangole in the Sudan.

According to Ria Novosti, Russian law enforcement said the helicopter was a “Nizhnevartovskavia” Russian Mi-8 helicopter.

The BBC said this was a peacekeeping mission and a clearly marked helicopter. The incident was reported as a case of “friendly fire.”

The four crew members were Russian, and there was a non-Russian passenger. Everyone aboard perished in the crash and subsequent fire.

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Krasavia Chopper Kills 1, 10 injured

What: Krasavia Mi-8 helicopter
Where: Krasnoyarsk Russia
When: Oct 17, 2012 8:00 a.m.
Who: 1 fatality, 10 injured
Why: A Krasavia helicopter with four crew transporting eight passengers to an oil field crashed on landing at Evenkiysky at 8:00 a.m

There was one fatality and three serious injuries, eight minor injuries. The destination was identified as the Yurupchen-5 oil field.

The tail rotor of the chopper struck something or was damaged by the main rotor, and it fell on its side.

Helicopter Crashes in Indonesia with 27 aboard

What: Nyaman Air Mil Mi-8MTV
Where: Tembagapura, Mimika, Papua Indonesia
When: Oct 9, 2012
Who: 27 aboard
Why: The chopper made a hard landing near mile 66. Twenty four or five passengers (18 Indonesians and seven citizens of other countries) and three crew survived the landing, though the helicopter sustained damage.

There were no fatalities, but the number of those aboard has been reported from 27 to 29 with either 2 or 3 crew, and 24 or 25 passengers.

US PT Freeport Indonesia evacuated the passengers who were hospitalized briefly with minor injuries.

A Russian news report said that two of the pilots were Russians.

Right after takeoff, the flight lost altitude and struck a tree.

Ministry of Transportation Republic of Indonesia

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4 Die in Russian Chopper Crash

What: Kazakhstan Mil Mi-17
Where: Astana
When: August 22, 2012, 8:00 a.m.
Who: 4 aboard, 4 fatalities
Why: The helicopter was on a training flight when it crashed. All four crew died in the accident. Kazakhstan’s Minister of defense announced that they selected a committee to investigate and “The causes of helicopter crash will be defined by the end of the commission’s work. Given the evidence, the Akmola garrison military prosecutor opened a criminal case on the grounds of an offense under article 392 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (violation of safety and training.”

Representatives of the Main Directorate of Flight Safety and state aircraft, the Ministry of Defense, and the Prosecutor’s Office are working at the scene in the military investigation of the Interior Ministry.

Uganda Helicopters Down in Kenya

What: Ugandan helicopter Mil Mi-24 en route from Soroti to Garissa
What: Ugandan helicopter Mil Mi-24 en route from Soroti to Garissa
Where: Mount Kenya
When: August 12, 2012
Who: 7 aboard, 3 fatalities
Why: Three Mi-24 were heading to Somalia. A fourth helicopter did not crash.

Capt. William Letti and Lt. Patrick Nahamya were flying a peace-keeping mission when they crashed onto the side of Mount Kenya. They are calling it a “hard landing” i.e. in an “ungazetted” area. Two bodies were found on August 14. A third body was found a day later (August 15)

One choppers made it to Garissa, North Eastern Kenya. 18 people from that helicopters safely evacuated.

Two of the helicopters crashed, and were found burned.

A pilot from one of the helicopters sent a message requesting assistance for ground troops and the grounded chopper crew.

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Ukrainian Pilots die in Congo Helicopter Crash

What: Mil Mi-2
Where: Mbouambe,Brazzaville, Congo
When: July 16, 2012
Who: 2 aboard, 2 fatalities
Why: A police Mi-2 helicopter crashed in the Congo. The two pilots, both Ukranian, were killed in the crash. The bodies of the pilots have been recovered and were sent to Brazzaville morgue. The Ukrainian Defense minister reported that the pilots were n ot part of a Ukrainian peacekeeping operation, but may have been employed by a Russian or Belarusian airline or employed by the UN.

Mil Mi-17 Crash in Sudan, 7 Fatalities 2 Survive

What: Sudanese Air Force Mil Mi-17 (Mi-8T)
Where: El Fasher, Sudan
When: July 16, 2012
Who: 9 aboard, 7 fatalities
Why: The aircraft reportedly went down near El Fasher according to one source “due to a technical fault” and another “gunned down.” Seven military officers on an administrative mission died at the scene. Two survivors were taken to military hospitals.

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Venezuelan Helicopter Crashes with 5 aboard

What: Venezuelan Army Mil Mi-17V5
Where: Felipe/Sub Tenient Nestor Arias Airport, Venezuela
When: May 18, 2012
Who: 5 aboard, 4 fatalities, 1 injured
Why: During training in San Felipe, the army chopper crashed, killing pilot Col. Oscar Martinez, First Lieutenant Ramses Bolivar and Ribas Daniel flight attendants, first sergeant, and Chon Billonto Ribas, Sergeant.

Alberto Castillo was not aboard but was injured in the crash, and taken to Hospital Central de San Felipe.

The personnel were members of the National Bolivarian Armed Forces.

Reports are that the tail rotor failed (broke?), and the aircraft crashed to the ground from a height of ten yards.

A special commission of inquiry was ordered by Defense Minister Henry Rangel Silva.

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Peruvian Police Chopper Crashes

What: Policía Nacional del Perú Mil Mi-17 helicopter en route from Mazamari to Satipo
Where: Peru
When: May 9 2012
Who: 1 fatality, 18 injuries
Why: While attempting an emergency landing on the banks of the Tambo River after one of the helicopter blades broke off in flight, the police chopper crashed near the native community of Bethany. Satipo is in the valley of the Apurimac and Ene rivers.

Officer Rodolfo Leon was flying when it crashed. He was the sole fatality; eighteen passengers were injured on the crash.

The injured will be hospitalized in Lima.

The police had been engaged on an anti-drug trafficking mission.

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Chopper Pilot from Belarus Dies in Congo Crash

What: Mil Mi-8
Where: Badondo north of Brazzaville, Congo
When: Nov 15, 2011
Who: 4 aboard, 1 fatality
Why: The military chopper which had been chartered by a mining company crashed during bad weather when it tried to land.

The pilot, Alexandre Kossiarev, was from Belarus and died in the crash.

Three passengers were injured.

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Missing Russian Chopper Located, All 7 Alive

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Contact the photographer Michael Hohryakov

What: Russian Emergency Chopper Mil Mi-8MTV-1 #RF-31129
Where: Altan, Trans-Baikal area Russia
When: 09-OCT-2011
Who: 7 aboard
Why: The missing chopper was located and all aboard are alive. 15 units of equipment and 115 rescuers were engaged in the search. When the flight failed to check in at 12:45, it was declared missing.

Three crew members and 4 Avialesookhrana representitives were all in good condition, found in the Trans-Baikal region of Kyrinskom. An emergency chopper picked up the 7 and flew them to the First Municipal Hospital in Chita.

Russia: Mi-8 helicopter Crashes, Killing 3, Two Survivors

What: Mi-8 helicopter
Where: Billings, Chukotka region Russia
When: July 25 2011
Who: 5 passengers, 3 fatalities
Why: On a standard operational flight on the Chukotka border, the Mi-8 helicopter developed engine problems and then one engine shut down. The pilot lost control of the helicopter and it crashed in Kamchatka, and caught on fire on impact.

Doctors and paramedics were flown in to the site.

One crew member and two passengers died on the scene. There were two survivors, the crew commander and the co-pilot.

THe chopper is reported by news agencies as belonging to a local airline.

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Interim Compensation Provided to Pawan Hans Crash Victims

What: Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd. Mi-172
Where: Arunachal Pradeshnorth-east India near China border
When: April 19 2011
Who: 18 passengers, including two minors, and five crew

A committee of inquiry was on Saturday set up to investigate the circumstances that led to the recent crash of the Pawan Hans helicopter in Arunachal Pradesh. After the crash, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation said they would launch a series of measures to ensure that all helicopters are operated and maintained.

Arunachal Pradesh government requested ( on January 18, 2010, and then on August 8, 2010) to replace the old helicopter.

Interim compensation of Rs 1 lakh is being provided for the deceased and Rs 50, 000 for the injured.

Those killed were identified as Mrs Anita, A Baruah, Dr Tendon, Dr Asif, Mrs R Asif, Mrs Jahara, Ms Asif, Master Asif, Mr A Sharma, A K Saraugi, Ms N Botha, Col Sharma, Mr W Bhatia, Mr T Mustafa. The three crew members killed were a second pilot Captain Tiwari, Flight Attendant A Dixit and Assistant Maintenance Engineer S B Kulkarni.

Survivors were Captain Varun Gupta, Randiv Kumar Chaturvedi, Dorjee Wangdi, Rishi Bothra, Rajendra Pal and Mrs Karishma Saraugi.

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