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Angara Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Talakan Airport

Angara Airlines flight IK-9788 had to return and make an emergency landing at Talakan Airport, Russia, on September 30th.

The plane took off for Irkutsk, Russia, but had to turn back after one of the engines started emitting flames.

The plane landed back safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

Angara Airlines Plane Returns to Russia due to Open Cargo Door Indication

AngaraAngara Airlines flight IK-755 had to return and make an emergency landing at International Airport Irkutsk, Russia, on September 1st.

The Antonov AN-14 en-route to Novosibirsk, Russia, had to return after the crew received the signal of its forward cargo hold’s open door.

The plane landed safely.

All the 60 passengers and 4 crew members remained safe.

Helicopter Goes Missing in Siberia

On May 6, 2013, 9 people aboard an Angara Airlines Mil Mi-8T were lost during a rescue operation in Siberia.

Fragments of missing Mi-8 helicopter found in Irkutsk

The helicopter was participating in a flood rescue and was carrying 1.9 tons of explosives for blasting ice dams in the river.

Missing are three crew, five officials and the emergency chief. Stanislav Omelyanchik.

The hotline number is Emergency telephone number – 8 (3952) 39 9999.

List of missing:

1. Omelyanchik Stanislav, acting chief of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Irkutsk region;
2. Stepanov Alexander, deputy head of the Baikal PSO;
3. Kashko Yuri, head of the North JI ACC Irkutsk region;
4. Pezhemsky Sergey, lifeguard-shooter Northern PSO;
5. Chekrygin Igor, chief OGKU “Center of Civil Defense”;
6. Arbatskii Sergey, instructor airborne fire service department Kirenskogo air base of the Irkutsk region of forests;
Airline crew “Angara”:
7. Igor Markov, the commander of the aircraft;
8. Zhizhel Andrey, flight instructor;
9. Kulebyakin Alexei Vasilievich, the mechanic.

Video (Russian)

Russian Flight Ditches on River Ob, 7 lost, 22 hospitalized

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Contact photographer Gleb Osokin – Russian AviaPhoto Team

What: Angara Airlines Antonov 24RV en route from Tomsk-Bogashevo Airport to Surgut Airport, Russia
Where: near Strezhevoy, Russia
When: July 11, 2011, 11:55
Who: 4 crew, 33 passengers, 6 fatalities
Why: The plane took off from Tomsk at 10:10, and developed an engine fire around 11:48. The pilot attempted to divert to divert to Nizhnevartovsk Airport and had to make an emergency landing, crashing into the Ob river. The tail and port engine detached on impact.

Twenty passengers were hospitalized, and seven passengers died in the crash.

Film of the crash

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