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Four Lost in Fatal Cessna Accident in Birchwood Alaska

After taking off from Birchwood, a privately owned Cessna 172P Skyhawk crashed and burned in a forest close to Birchwood Airport, in Birchwood Alaska. Pilot/owner George Kobelnyk, 64, co-pilot Christian Bohrer, 20, Sarah Glaves, 36, and Kyle Braun, 27 all died in the crash. A post impact fire destroyed much of the evidence in the debris field. Kobelnyk not only had his flight instructor certification, but also had worked for the NTSB and the FAA. Locals heard the plane was flying low before it crashed but the cause of the accident is unknown. The impact blaze started a forest fire that also had to be handled. The accident is under investigation by the NTSB, FAA, Cessna, and Lycoming who manufactured the engines. The first responders included the Chugiak Fire Department and police department. The NTSB expressed condolences.

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2 Injured after Small Plane Crashed near Port Townsend

planecrashboliviatwitter-676x434A small plane crashed at the Discovery Bay Golf Course near Port Townsend, Washington, on September 28.

Authorities said the plane, carrying 2 people, went down just a mile west of Jefferson County International Airport.

Both occupants of the plane were injured. Emergency responders had to extricate them from the wreckage before shifting them to Harborview Medical Center, Seattle.

The cause of crash is not clear at the moment.

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Pilot Killed after Small Plane Crashed in Florida

crashA small plane crashed into trees on FM 696 East in Lee County, Florida, at around 6:30 P.M. on September 27.

The pilot was found dead on the scene. It is believed that he was the only person aboard.

The cause of crash is being investigated.

Eleven Skydivers Die in Polish Plane Crash, Pilot Survives

On July 5, 2014 at around 1600 hours, a private skydiving school was planning a tandem jump from a height of 4000 meters with beginner jumpers harnessed to experienced instructors (opening the parachute at 1700 feet) but instead the exercise met tragedy.

The twin engine Piper PA-31P pressurized Navajo skydiving plane crashed, and was damaged beyond repair in an accident near Czestochowa, Poland. The plane was new to the skydiving school, purchased in May. Witnesses who lived in the village where it crashed said that the plane was flying very low, then listed to one side before it crashed.

Twelve people were aboard the plane. Only the forty year old pilot survived but is in serious condition in a hospital in Czestochowa. The survivor is conscious and breathing without assistance, but has multiple injuries. Firefighters, three emergency helicopters and three ground ambulances responded to the scene and a team of seven investigators from the public prosecutors office secured the area and established a base of operations at the Cz?stochowa-Rudniki Airport (Aero Club of Czestochowa) from which the plane took off and where the crew was planning to land. The cargo plane does not have passenger seating but is built to fly skydivers, and is run by a parachute school.

n11wbpiper Experts say it is unexpected for a twin engine plane to have a crash like this, as it can fly on one engine.

The ten seat twin engine Piper was full—perhaps too full—of skydivers when it crashed into a stand of trees in an uninhabited area just outside of the village of Poplar in Silesia. Some of them tried to parachute out but apparently all were burned. Those aboard included the pilot, one of the owners of the company, three instructors, three customers, and four students. The plane caught fire after impact in Topolów near Czestochowa, Poland.

Firefighters arrived at the scene at 16:20, and pulled three people from the plane before it caught fire. The remainder of the bodies were retrieved after the fire, charred beyond recognition.

Turboprop Crash in Indonesia, 2 Fatalities, 5 Injured

indonesiaOn Wednesday April 9, 2014, an Adventist Aviation Indonesia Quest Kodiak 100 took off from Doyo Baru Airstrip to Ninia Airstrip, Yahukimo, Papua, Indonesia, but on takeoff in overcast weather, the plane flew up ten meters, dropped and the wing tip struck a bridge. Two of the seven aboard died in the crash, which broke the plane into several large pieces.

The two fatalities were the American pilots, Robert Frederic (63), and Denis Kobak (26). The five others including Yames Pahabol (32), Menas Balingga Ninia (29), Dariut Sugun Ninia(26), Ali Kobak (40) and Ninia-Nike Kobak (28) who were hospitalized at Yowari Hospital and Jayapura Regency Hospital.

The scene of the crash was not secured; and locals were picking up degree and scattered foodstuffs from the plane.

The Quest Kodiak 100 is a single engine turboprop. The accident at this point is presumed to be due to the plane being over capacity.

Clutha Helicopter Crash

The preliminary investigation of the Clutha helicopter crash revealed …

  • 95 liters left in the police helicopter
  • no evidence of engine failure
  • no evidence of gearbox failure
  • all significant components were present
  • all rotor grades were attached at the time of the crash
  • neither main blades nor tail blades were rotating

Other than ruling out what is not the cause, investigators may be no closer to determining the reason the helicopter fell out of the air. The report says there was “no evidence of major mechanical disruption of either engine” of the Eurocopter EC135 as it returned from a police operation in Dalkeith, Midlothian, on the night of the crash.

There were no flight recorders, but there is radar data and radio communications. The pilot had 5,500 hours, 646 in type.

The wreckage is at AAIB’s headquarters, and the investigation continues.

A fund has been opened for the victims. Donations can be made to the fund by calling 0141 287 7878 and paying by debit or credit card. Cash or cheques can be handed in to the council’s service desk at 45 John Street, Glasgow G1 1JE and bank payments can be made to Clutha Appeal Fund, sort code 83-44-00, account 10804129.

Glasgow Helicopter Crash Update

The “Bond Air Services Ltd. for Police Scotland” Eurocopter EC135 T2+ registration #G-SPAO with three aboard crashed in the Clutha Pub, Stockwell Street, Glasgow. Three of the victims were aboard, six on the ground.

Two witnesses Billy and Michael Byrne were inside the Clutha Vaults pub when the police helicopter crashed into it. The noise of the impact was indescribable, then…

There was a sort of silence.The whole ceiling at the left hand side of the bar, where it had been, had collapsed in on itself and the gantry of the bar also collapsed. There was an initial bout of screaming. There was a huge ball of dust. I went and opened the doors. Whilst I was holding the door I could see my brother…

Then, after finding each other, the two assisted where they could.

I think that person was conscious. He was moaning so he was conscious. There was a second person under him and that person, to me, didn’t look conscious — he was face-down. When we got out I spent time with a chap who was injured. He had a head injury. We put him in an ambulance and hopefully he is fine. We were fine. We were just lucky.

Others described the helicopter as tumbling at a strange angle, or that it dropped like a stone. Inside, the patrons of the bar heard a large bang before the lights went out. Others describe a whoosh, smoke, and eerie silence as the plane fell. The roof fell in, and dust floated in, choking everyone.

First responders were passers by. Some survivors walked away. The numbers of the casualties were initially 6 deceased, 32 hospitalized. The victims totaled nine, at last release. Two officers and a civilian pilot were aboard. Search and rescue dogs assisted in the search and rescue operation. Air accident investigation investigators, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, and rescue personnel were on the scene.

The helicopter involved passed a safety check last year. The helicopter does not have a flight data recorder but some of the systems may have recoverable data.

Victims Named

  • Robert Jenkins, 61
  • Mark O’Prey, 44
  • Colin Gibson, 33
  • John McGarrigle, 57
  • Samuel McGhee, 56
  • Gary Arthur, 48
  • helicopter pilot David Traill, 51
  • PC Kirsty Nelis, 36
  • PC Tony Collins, 43

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Panther Bell Crashes

A Panther Bell Helicopter crashed en route from an oil rig. The Parent company of Panther Helicopters is John Wood Group PLC, based in Aberdeen, Scotland

Three men and the pilot were en route to shore when they went down 30 miles NE of Venice, Louisiana.

The pilot died in the crash, and two passengers sustained back injuries.

The injured were taken to LSU Medical Center New Orleans. A Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans MH-65 helicopter and crew assisted in the rescue as well as supply vessel, “Ridge.”

Missing Helicopter Found, Confirmed Death of Margarita Afanaskin

On Sept 14, 2013, an Agusta Westland AW119 Koala en route from Chinggis Khaan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to Myakinino in Krasnogorsk, Moscow went missing near Tver Oblast. The last conversation between the pilot and ATC took place at 13:14 when the plane was flying over Staritskogo in heavy rain with low visibility. There are conflicting reports that the helicopter landed at a lumberjack festival with a number of people aboard, and that the commander of the aircraft was 30-year-old helicopter champion of Europe and Russia, Margarita Afanaskin was flying the helicopter to a Yakhroma airfield when the helicopter went missing. This has not been confirmed.

The search team involved more than 100 people from diverse agencies, including the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry: 25 people 5 units from the Federal Air Transport Agency; 6 people, 3 units and participating police officers, foresters, volunteers. The rescue hotline released at the time was (4822) 39-99-99.?. Four Robinson helicopters and a Mi-8 helicopter searched Saturday.

The search continued through the end of the fourteenth, and resumed the morning of the fifteenth.

At 18:11 on September 16, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that helicopters in the area of ??the village Selco Staritskogo district of Tver region, from the air sighted the possible wreckage of the vehicle. Ground forces confirmed the bodies of a man and a woman whose names were not initially released; but since then the pilot was confirmed, and the passenger of the helicopter was the head of a department of the Federal Forestry Agency, Sergei Medvedev.

Three Die in Canadian Coast Guard Helicopter Crash

Three people died in a Canadian Coast Guard crash of a *MBB Bo 105 helicopter.

The accident occurred in the McClure Strait near Banks Island in the Northwest Territories. THe helicopter was out of CCGS Amundsen, a T1200 Class Medium Arctic icebreaker and Arctic research vessel operated by the Canadian Coast Guard which performs ice breaking in winter, research in summer and is equipped for search and rescue, and pollution management.

The helicopter crew was on a reconnaissance mission to check ice conditions.

The names of the fatalities were released:

  • Daniel Dube, the pilot;
  • Marc Thibault, commanding officer of the CCGS Amundsen;
  • Klaus Hochheim, an Arctic researcher, a respected climatologist and research associate with the Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS) at the University of Manitoba.

Their bodies were recovered.

The cause of the accident has not been determined, though it is presumed the Arctic being “one of the harshest and most challenging climates in the world” may be a factor, though failure of helicopter components has not been ruled out.

* Messerschmitt

Eurocopter Ditches, with Four Fatalities

A CHC operated Eurocopter AS 332L2 Super Puma Mk2 with 18 aboard had taken off from the Borgsten Dolphin rig en route to Sumburgh Airport and suffered a “catastrophic loss of power” before it ditched 2 nm W off Sumburgh, Shetland Islands, Scotland.

Fourteen survivors were recovered. Four fatalities were reported: Duncan Munro, 46, from Bishop Auckland, Sarah Darnley, 45, from Elgin, Gary McCrossan, 59, from Inverness, and George Allison, 57, from Winchester. Three of the four bodies have been recovered.

The survivors were hospitalized at Gilbert Bain Hospital in Lerwick. Nine were detained at the hospital for exposure.

Rescue services included a ferry, a cargo ship, lifeboat crews from Lerwick and Aith, coastguard helicopters, RAF Lossiemouth and two Bond rescue helicopters.

CHC works for Total transporting rig workers.

The cause of the crash has not been determined. Pumas have been grounded due to safety concerns.

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PG&E Contractor Accident in California

On August 13, 2013, an AA Aerial Services and Frontline Energy operated Champion 7GCAA was on a survey mission over a natural gas transmission pipeline when it crashed in Hamlin Canyon, SW of Paradise, CA. The time is estimated at 11:35 a.m.

Witness Bob Smalley saw the plane circle to the right and fall out of the sky.

The plane caught fire on impact and by the time firemen got there, the plane was gone. When they arrived, they had no idea who was aboard and the plane was beyond identification. Twenty-one acres burned. The fire was contained by six engines, four water trucks, a bulldozer, four crews on the ground and aboveground, two air tankers and a spotter plane.

Afterwards, the plane was identified as one performing surveillance contracted for PG&E. The two people aboard who lost their lives were identified only as an employee of AA Aerial Services and one with Frontline Energy Service. However, the plane was registered to Fredrick Lewis, an agricultural pilot.

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Plane crash in Argentina

On March 9, 2013, a Salvador Gortari Beechcraft F33A Bonanza en route from Resistencia Paraguay to Pehuajo with 3 aboard was en route when it crashed on the border of Chaco. Three people were aboard and there were three fatalities.

The wreckage was located crashed in a field near the town of Santa Fe Villa Guillermina.

Salvador Gortari was aboard the plane.

The alert was published the evening of March 8 when the plane went missing over Chaco Santa Fe

Chartered Flight Crashes in Paraná Brazil

What: Táxi Aéreo Hercules Piper PA-31T2 Cheyenne II XL
Where: Almirante Tamandaré, Paraná Brazil
When: Nov 6, 2012
Who: 4 aboard, 4 fatalities
Why: The Táxi Aéreo Hercules Piper left Dourados for the Bacacheri Airport, in Curitiba with the pilot, copilot and two passengers. Táxi Aéreo operates out of Bacacheri Airport. The flight was chartered for Brinks and was carrying money.

One security personnel named Wilmar survived the crash and was taken to Hospital do Trabalhador where he later died.

The plane crashed fifteen miles short of its destination.

Seripa (Serviço Regional de Investigação e Prevenção de Acidentes Aeronáuticos) is investigating. Currently no cause for the accident has been released.

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Byron California: Small Plane Crashes Killing 2

What: DSB Inc Glasair III
Where: Byron, California
When: October 23, 2012
Who: 2 fatalities
Why: Five miles from the nearest airport, the small home-built Glasair III crashed in a field near Byron, California, killing two aboard. A witness saw the plane “corkscrewing toward the ground.”

Regis#: 655DB Make/Model: EXP Description: GLASAIR
Date: 10/23/2012 Time: 2103
Event Type: Accident Highest Injury: Fatal
Damage: Substantial

LOCATION City: BYRON State: CA Country: US


INJURY DATA Total Fatal: 2

Acrobatic Plane Crashes during Indonesian Airshow

What: Indonesian Aerosport Federation FFA AS/SA 202/18A3 Bravo
Where: Husein Sastranegara Int. Airport Bandung Indonesia
When: Sept 29, 2012, 11:40 a.m.
Who: 2 aboard, 2 fatalities
Why: During the Bandung Air Show 2012 at Husein Sastranegara Int. Airport, a training aircraft crashed during a maneuver killing the pilot and co-pilot. After completing five maneuvers, the Bravo 202 aircraft was flying low when the pilots crashed, sending up a fireball.

The pilot was Air Vice Marshall (ret.) Nurman Lubis. The co-pilot was identified as Col. (ret.) Tonny Haryono. Their remains have been taken to Bandung’s Hasan Sadikin Hospital. The men were members of the Indonesian Aero Sport Federation, who owns the plane.

Lubis was an opthalmologist.

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Helicopter Crash in S. Africa injures Three

What: AST Africa Trading 348 CC Robinson R44 Raven II
Where: Germiston South Africa
When: Sept 19, 2012
Who: 3 injured, no fatalities
Why: The helicopter crashed for unknown reasons in a field near Rand Airport. The pilot was airlifted to Milpark Hospital with chest injuries. A ER24 Advanced Life Support paramedic escorted a woman with a broken leg to Union hospital in the SAPS medevac; and a man was driven by ambulance to Union hospital.

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Forestville Plane Crash

What: Floatplane
Where: North of Forestville, Quebec
When: Sept 18, 2012 1 pm
Who: 2 fatalities
Why: The floatplane carrying two men crashed in an inaccessible area near a North Shore lake, Lake Petit Argent killing one man in his twenties and one in his fifties.

After they were recovered by Canadian Forces Rescue, they were rushed to a Baie-Comeau hospital. The cause of the crash is unknown. The victims names have not been released.

Plane Crashes Kansasville Garage

What: Beech A36 Bonanza en route from Chicago Executive Airport to Minocqua
Where: Eagle lake Kansasville, Racine County, WI
When: Sept 9, 2012
Who: 1 fatality
Why: The pilot who had been en route from Chicago Executive Airport to Minocqua crashed into a Kansasville Wisconsin garage but avoided hitting any of the neighborhood houses in Eagle Lake. the plane, a garage, and two cars were destroyed; and two homes sustained damage. Debris and plane parts were scattered over the immediate area.

Witnesses say that when the plane hit, it shook the neighborhood.

The FAA and Racine County Sheriff’s Office are investigating.

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Regis#: 3224G Make/Model: BE36 Description: 36 Bonanza
Date: 09/09/2012 Time: 1653

Event Type: Accident Highest Injury: Fatal Mid Air: N Missing: N
Damage: Destroyed

City: RACINE State: WI Country: US


INJURY DATA Total Fatal: 1

Activity: Unknown Phase: Unknown Operation: OTHER
FAA FSDO: MILWAUKEE, WI (GL13) Entry date: 09/10/2012

Cessna Crash in Rome Kills 2, Burns 30 cars

What: Cessna 402B en route from Montichiari to Rome
Where: Ciampino, Rome, Italy
When: Sept 7, 2012
Who: 2 fatalities
Why: In Rome, a Cessna has crashed in a car depot near Ciampino airport. Thirty cars sequestered by police were damaged.

The two aboard were killed on impact. They had been intending to land at Urbe airport in Rome but impacted at 167 Via Fioranello. Alfredo Segariol and Antonio Salvoldi, 39, Brescia were in the air performing a photographic surveys for the Rossi company. After impact, the Cessna caught fire; and the fire spread to gut thirty cars at the depot. The plume of smoke was visible across the city.

It is not yet known if the plane had mechanical trouble or ran out of fuel.

Firefighting Helicopter Crashes in Portugal

What: Empresa de meios aereos Kamov Ka-32A11BC
Where: Lagoa de Vale de Figueiras, Portugal
When: Sept 3, 2012
Who: 2 aboard
Why: While filling a bucket during a firefighting expedition, a Air Media Company (EMA) chopper in Lagoa de Vale de Figueiras, Portugal went down.

The two aboard were injured. There were no fatalities. The two firefighters have been hospitalized.

The helicopter had been engaged in fighting the fire in Ourém which has been raging for 24 yours.

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US FIghter Splashes Down off Japanese Coast

What: US F-16 Fighter Falcon en route from Misawa Air Base in Aomori
Where: 200 miles northeast of Hokkaido in the Pacific Ocean off Japanese Coast
When: July 22, 2012
Who: pilot
Why: After a U.S. fighter jet splashed down in the Pacific Ocean 200 miles northeast of Hokkaido Japan, the pilot was retrieved from the water. THe rescue occurred six hours after the crash around 6 p.m. when the pilot was pulled aboard a U.S. container ship.

The name of the pilot has not been released.

Twelve Fatalities in Royal Brunei Air Force Helicopter Crash

What: Royal Brunei Air Force Bell 212 helicopter en route to Bandar Seri Begawan
Where: Brunei, Borneo
When: July 21,2012
Who: 11 passengers, 3 crew
Why: Twelve died in the crash in Kuala Belait on the north coast of Borneo island. Two cadets survived and have been hospitalized. They are reported to be in stable condition, one with afractured arm and an injured leg, and the other having undergone surgery.

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