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Air France Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Paraguay

Air France flight AF-229 made an emergency landing in Asuncion, Paraguay, on December 19th.

The Boeing 777-200 plane heading from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Charles de Gaulle Airport, France, was diverted due to an unusual odor on-board.

The plane landed safely. All two hundred and seventy-four people aboard remained unharmed.

It is believed that the odor was caused due to overheating of an electrical component.

Six Fatalities in Cessna Crash in Paraguay, Four Unidentified

On August 30, 2013, a privately owned Cessna 210 crashed in Ypehû Paraguay en route from Silvio Pettirossi airport to Mariscal Estigarribia, Chaco.

The pilot and five passengers died at the scene. Several of the victims were thrown from the plane.

The wreckage was discovered at ten pm.

Moacir Antonio Kuschel and his son Adriano Kuschel were identified, both Brazilian residents of San Alberto del Department of Alto Parana. Four victims remain unidentified. It is believed that Adriano Kuschel was piloting the plane. The Kuschels produced soy. One of the passengers is presumed to be Spanish.

The Cessna had developed engine problems, and crashed in a remote area, a wheat field difficult to access, five miles from Ypehû Paraguay. The beacon was activated at 19.22 hrs, which began the search.

Prosecutor José Zarza will be investigating.

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Plane crash in Argentina

On March 9, 2013, a Salvador Gortari Beechcraft F33A Bonanza en route from Resistencia Paraguay to Pehuajo with 3 aboard was en route when it crashed on the border of Chaco. Three people were aboard and there were three fatalities.

The wreckage was located crashed in a field near the town of Santa Fe Villa Guillermina.

Salvador Gortari was aboard the plane.

The alert was published the evening of March 8 when the plane went missing over Chaco Santa Fe

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Helicopter Crash Kills Paraguayan Candidate, General and Hero

On Feb 2, 2013, a Robinson R44 with four aboard was en route on the campaign trail from Concepcion to Asuncion when it crashed in bad weather, south of Concepcion Paraguay near Puerto Antequera, in the Chaco region.

The pilot’s last message was at 9 p.m. local time, when he said that they were changing course due to a storm. The control tower then lost contact.

The pilot, two body guards and Lino Oviedo, a presidential candidate was killed in the crash.

A search arm of the national police rescue team found the burnt corpses of those aboard the plane on February 3rd, a day after they were reported missing and disappeared from radar. Troops of the Search and Rescue Service, composed of staff of the Air Force and the Volunteer Fire Department assisted in the search.

Witnesses who saw the crash site said that the helicopter “disintegrated.”

Oviedo was a retired general who assisted in overthrowing Alfredo Stroessner in 1989; he died on the anniversary of the coup.

Three Lost in Paraguay Crash

What: Beechcraft B55 Baron Colemill
Where: Chaco Boreal, Paraguay
When: Nov 16, 2012
Who: 3 aboard, 3 fatalities
Why: When the Asunción Department of Search and Rescue received a Com satellite alert that a plane fell out of the sky, they sent a National Police helicopter to locate the wreckage. No fire, explosion or fuel was found at the crash site, so respondents speculate that the plane ran out of fuel.

Three people were killed when the small plane they were in fell in Chaco Boreal, Paraguay. Pilot José Bobadilla was reported to be an experienced pilot.

Germán Ruiz, the owner of the Rural Association confirmed that the fatalities were José Bobadilla, Ricardo Serrati and Luis Griffith. The plane’s owner was Miguel Zavala.

The bodies of Bobadilla, Serrati and Griffith were picked up by Air Force Helicopter and transported to Asunción.

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