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Eurocopter Fuel Gauge Safety Alert

No one is saying that the recently discovered Eurocoptor problem with the low fuel level warning system had anything to do with Clutha ——leased police Eurocopter crashed thru the roof of the Clutha pub in Glasgow killing three crew members and seven people inside the pub——but it is out there on the table and one of those things that make you go hmmm. Connection or not, the Clutha accident is causing Eurocopter to take a closer look at their helicopters.

The preliminary report on Clutha is not out yet, but there are reports that the helicopter did not run out of fuel.

The Eurocopter fuel indicator problem is that the supply-tank fuel gauge can overestimate how much fuel is in the tank. Apparently the gauge can skip amber and go straight to red (low fuel.)

Eurocopter is sending out safety notices about the issue..

In the Clutha crash, the number of fatalities has risen to ten.

Clutha Helicopter Crash

The preliminary investigation of the Clutha helicopter crash revealed …

  • 95 liters left in the police helicopter
  • no evidence of engine failure
  • no evidence of gearbox failure
  • all significant components were present
  • all rotor grades were attached at the time of the crash
  • neither main blades nor tail blades were rotating

Other than ruling out what is not the cause, investigators may be no closer to determining the reason the helicopter fell out of the air. The report says there was “no evidence of major mechanical disruption of either engine” of the Eurocopter EC135 as it returned from a police operation in Dalkeith, Midlothian, on the night of the crash.

There were no flight recorders, but there is radar data and radio communications. The pilot had 5,500 hours, 646 in type.

The wreckage is at AAIB’s headquarters, and the investigation continues.

A fund has been opened for the victims. Donations can be made to the fund by calling 0141 287 7878 and paying by debit or credit card. Cash or cheques can be handed in to the council’s service desk at 45 John Street, Glasgow G1 1JE and bank payments can be made to Clutha Appeal Fund, sort code 83-44-00, account 10804129.

Glasgow Helicopter Crash Update

The “Bond Air Services Ltd. for Police Scotland” Eurocopter EC135 T2+ registration #G-SPAO with three aboard crashed in the Clutha Pub, Stockwell Street, Glasgow. Three of the victims were aboard, six on the ground.

Two witnesses Billy and Michael Byrne were inside the Clutha Vaults pub when the police helicopter crashed into it. The noise of the impact was indescribable, then…

There was a sort of silence.The whole ceiling at the left hand side of the bar, where it had been, had collapsed in on itself and the gantry of the bar also collapsed. There was an initial bout of screaming. There was a huge ball of dust. I went and opened the doors. Whilst I was holding the door I could see my brother…

Then, after finding each other, the two assisted where they could.

I think that person was conscious. He was moaning so he was conscious. There was a second person under him and that person, to me, didn’t look conscious — he was face-down. When we got out I spent time with a chap who was injured. He had a head injury. We put him in an ambulance and hopefully he is fine. We were fine. We were just lucky.

Others described the helicopter as tumbling at a strange angle, or that it dropped like a stone. Inside, the patrons of the bar heard a large bang before the lights went out. Others describe a whoosh, smoke, and eerie silence as the plane fell. The roof fell in, and dust floated in, choking everyone.

First responders were passers by. Some survivors walked away. The numbers of the casualties were initially 6 deceased, 32 hospitalized. The victims totaled nine, at last release. Two officers and a civilian pilot were aboard. Search and rescue dogs assisted in the search and rescue operation. Air accident investigation investigators, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, and rescue personnel were on the scene.

The helicopter involved passed a safety check last year. The helicopter does not have a flight data recorder but some of the systems may have recoverable data.

Victims Named

  • Robert Jenkins, 61
  • Mark O’Prey, 44
  • Colin Gibson, 33
  • John McGarrigle, 57
  • Samuel McGhee, 56
  • Gary Arthur, 48
  • helicopter pilot David Traill, 51
  • PC Kirsty Nelis, 36
  • PC Tony Collins, 43

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Chopper Crashes in Kidnap Rescue Attempt

On 23-MAY-2013 two engineers were being held hostage. A Venezuelan police MBB Bo 105M a survey chopper was on a surveillance mission as part of “a new anti-crime initiative”. The chopper was engaged to surveil a car with two engineers being held hostage when the helicopter crashed on a road in El Junquito in the suburb of Caracas.

Everyone aboard the helicopter died in the crash: pilot, co-pilot, a technician and two soldiers of the Police Tactical Group.

Before the accident, there was low visibility produced by a early morning fog; afterwards, heavy clouds of smoke blanketed the area.

Police successfully rescued the kidnapped engineers. The kidnapper did not survive.

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Borrowed Heli Hit by Wind

On Jan 30, 2013, a Pennsylvania State Police Bell B206 was returning from searching for a missing snowmobiler at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in Latrobe when strong 60 mph winds blew it over.

The helicopter had landed and had been tied down for fueling when the wind blew it over.

The chopper was borrowed from Altuna and is currently out of service.

No one was injured except the helicopter.

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