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LASER Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Venezuela

LASER Airlines flight QL-941 had to return and make an emergency landing in Maracaibo, Venezuela, on April 23rd.

The plane took off for Caracas, Venezuela, but had to turn back after the crew needed to shut down one of the engines.

The plane landed safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

Estelar Latinoamerica Plane Bursts Tires on Landing at Caracas Airport

Estelar Latinoamerica flight E4-8352 burst both right hand main tires during landing at Simon Bolivar International Airport, Venezuela, on March 19th.

The incident happened when the Boeing 737-300 plane was coming from Maracaibo, Venezuela.

The plane was disabled on the runway. All one hundred and thirty-five people aboard remained unharmed.

RUTACA Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Venezuela

RUTACA Airlines flight 5R-310 had to divert and make an emergency landing in Barcelona, Venezuela, on February 14th.

The Boeing 737-200 plane heading from Manuel Carlos Piar Guayana Airport to Simon Bolivar International Airport, Venezuela, was diverted after the crew needed to shut down one of the engines.

The plane landed safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

Caracas-Bound Venezolana Airlines Plane Rejects Takeoff

Venezolana Airlines flight VNE-222 had to reject takeoff from Maracaibo, Venezuela, on June 9th.

The Boeing 737-200 plane was accelerating to takeoff for Caracas, Venezuela, when both nose tires burst, forcing the crew to rejected takeoff.

Everyone aboard remained safe.

Aeropostal Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Venezuela

Aeropostal Airlines flight VH-150 made an emergency landing in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, on February 27th.

The plane flying from Caracas, Venezuela, was on approach to Barquisimeto when the crew received an engine fire indication.

The plane continued for a safe landing.

The passengers were evacuated via slides. No injuries were reported.

Laser Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Caracas

Laser Airlines flight QL-940 had to return and make an emergency landing in Caracas, Venezuela, on February 17th.

The plane took off for Maracaibo, Venezuela, but had to return shortly afterwards after the crew needed to shut down one of the engines.

The plane landed back safely. All 148 people aboard remained unharmed.

Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Caracas

Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela flight VH-302 had to return and make an emergency landing in Caracas, Venezuela, on February 12th.

The plane took off for Porlamar, Venezuela, but had to return shortly afterwards after one of the engines emitted flames and a loud bang.

The plane landed back safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

Laser Airlines Plane Returns to Venezuela after Engine Failure

Laser AirlinesLaser Airlines flight QL-905 had to return and make an emergency landing at Santiago Marino Caribbean International Airport, Porlamar, Isla Margarita, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela, on April 14th.

The McDonnell Douglas MD-81, en-route to Caracas, Venezuela, had just climbed out of Santiago’s runway when the crew reported a right hand engine failure, prompting the plane to return.

The plane landed uneventfully.

All passengers onboard remained safe.

August 16: West Caribbean Flight 708

For most people August 16 was just a day. But there are still some people who remember this day as the day in 2005 that one hundred fifty-two people died aboard a MD-82 near Machiques Venezuela. First one engine failed, then the second. After both engines flamed out, Flight 708 requested an emergency landing from Machiques ATC, but pilots lost control and within three minutes, crashed in a swampy area in a cattle ranch. The Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses pour la Sécurité de l’Aviation Civile (BEA) Investigation found the cause was human error due to in-flight problems from poorly paid, stressed Caribbean Airways crew working with poor communication.

One hundred and fifty-two French citizens from Martinique, and Colombian crew of eight were lost. It has gone down in the record books as the biggest crash in Venezuelan history, and the worst accident in 2005. In the distant photo of this accident, we cannot help but see how small and frail the craft looks. Like a toy of broken matchsticks lying broken on the ground. Sometimes we should remember that we are creatures of land, and have given ourself wings. The tragedy that we sometimes fail does overshadow sometimes that itt is a marvel that we fly.

It is the job of the investigation to find the cause to help make future flight safer; but when we remember a date such as this, it is a time to remember the passengers and crew. It is time to remember and console the families who survive them.

Whatever the cause, tragedies wear the same face of irreparable loss. It is not only France and Colombia that mourned the loss of their citizens. When tragedies happen, all the nations of the world mourn. So let us pause in our day and remember those who are lost to us; and take the time to remember John Donne “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore, never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

Chopper Crashes in Kidnap Rescue Attempt

On 23-MAY-2013 two engineers were being held hostage. A Venezuelan police MBB Bo 105M a survey chopper was on a surveillance mission as part of “a new anti-crime initiative”. The chopper was engaged to surveil a car with two engineers being held hostage when the helicopter crashed on a road in El Junquito in the suburb of Caracas.

Everyone aboard the helicopter died in the crash: pilot, co-pilot, a technician and two soldiers of the Police Tactical Group.

Before the accident, there was low visibility produced by a early morning fog; afterwards, heavy clouds of smoke blanketed the area.

Police successfully rescued the kidnapped engineers. The kidnapper did not survive.

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Woman Dies in Venezuela Crash, Survivors Rescued

On Feb 2, 2013, a privately owned Beechcraft 58 Baron with six aboard crashed in the Gulf of Cariaco, Venezuela.

The flight had taken off from Puerto Ordaz Airport and was en route to DelCaribe Gen S Marino Airport but suffered a complete loss of engine power. The pilot declared an emergency due to failures in both engines.

Fishermen found the plane located 15 nautical miles (28 km) east of Cumana in the Gulf of Cariaco.

Two of the passengers were reported to be minors.

There was one fatality, a sixty-two year old woman, Vetide Ramos, who died in the crash. Five survivors were brought ashore in a boat, including Ruben Herrera, Poztty Ramos, Jose Ramos, Ivan Herrera (a minor) and pilot Jhonatan Mata.

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Fashion Mogul Plane Missing in Venezuela

On January 4, 2012, a plane taking off at 11:00AM went missing at 11:30AM. The party was en route from the resort Los Roques Venezuela traveling 100 miles to Caracas and disappeared from radar. A search has been initiated for the private plane, a twin-engine Britten Norman BN2 Islander.

Listed on the flight were fashion mogul Vittorio Missoni who owned the plane, and his wife Maurizia Castiglioni, entrepreneur Guido Foresti and Elda Scalvenzi from Brescia and two crew members.

The search stopped at nightfall and began again on January 5.

Venezuelan Helicopter Crashes with 5 aboard

What: Venezuelan Army Mil Mi-17V5
Where: Felipe/Sub Tenient Nestor Arias Airport, Venezuela
When: May 18, 2012
Who: 5 aboard, 4 fatalities, 1 injured
Why: During training in San Felipe, the army chopper crashed, killing pilot Col. Oscar Martinez, First Lieutenant Ramses Bolivar and Ribas Daniel flight attendants, first sergeant, and Chon Billonto Ribas, Sergeant.

Alberto Castillo was not aboard but was injured in the crash, and taken to Hospital Central de San Felipe.

The personnel were members of the National Bolivarian Armed Forces.

Reports are that the tail rotor failed (broke?), and the aircraft crashed to the ground from a height of ten yards.

A special commission of inquiry was ordered by Defense Minister Henry Rangel Silva.

Officials Search for Unidentified Plane Lost in Venezuelan Lake

What: unidentified Cessna
Where: Lake of Valencia, Venezuela
When: May 13, 2012
Who: unknown
Why: Witnesses say they saw a yellow and white cessna with blue stripes flying low crash into Lake Valencia and after an hour, sink.

Carlos Tovar, Denny Vera and Giovanni Montilla contacted authorities who are searching the lake for the plane. Civil Protection officials along with firefighters from Los Guayos, Guacara and National Guard troops, activated the rescue search the waters of Lake Valencia. No fuel or floating objects were discovered. Control del Aeropuerto Internacional Arturo Michelena did not report any lost planes.

The search Sunday ended at 6:00 pm and will continue on Monday.

Cows Run over by MD-82 Jet

What: Aserca Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-82 en route from Caracas to Santo Domingo
Where: Santo Domingo
When: Mar 7th 2012, 8:45
Who: 125 passengers and 6 crew
Why: While landing at Santo Domingo in Tachira, the plane struck a number of cows which were on the runway.

The cows were killed. Luis Anaya, owner of the pasture which is located north of the runway, was arrested. The fence was cut.

The plane was damaged and had to be towed off the runway.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Popular Power for Air and Water Transport (Mpptaa) launched an investigation.

Disgruntled passengers had already waited two hours to get on the plane and had no idea what was going on when the plane struck cows. Flight attendants immediately opened the emergency door to evacuate the jet. Passengers were frightened, shoving, trying to get out and jump down the slides that opened instantly.

The crew directed passengers to walk to the terminal.

Venezuela Cessna, 4 aboard Lost at Sea

What: Guardia Nacional Bolivariana Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP
Where: La Uva, Isla de Coche, Venezuela
When: Jan 30, 2012
Who: 4 fatalities
Why: The Cessna crashed 180 miles from shore during a training flight. Captain José Vielma, Jhonatan Veroes Valencia, Joan Guillén, and Hernández Camacho died in the crash.

Venezuelan Plane Rejects Take off

Pictured: Plane similar to YV445T which was involved in the incident
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Contact photographer José de Jesús González – SVZM Spotters

What: Aeropostal McDonnel Douglas MD-82 en route from Valencia to Porlama
Where: Valencia Venezuela
When: Oct 8th 2011
Why: On takeoff from Valencia, an engine failed. (The same fault was repeated the next day.)

The pilots rejected takeoff.

The flight was cancelled.

Hydraulics Fumes on Aserca Airlines

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Contact photographer Alfonso Sánchez

What: Aserca Airlines Douglas DC-9-30 en route from Puerto Ordaz to Caracas
Where: Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela
When: Sep 26th 2011
Who: 90 passengers
Why: Four hours after the Aeropostal hard landing emergency at Puerto Ordaz, another emergency occurred, this one a take-off.

A Douglas DC-9-30 took off from Puerto Ordaz and filled with smoke.

The smoke came from a high pressure hydraulic leak. The pilot returned to Puerto Ordaz and made a safe landing with emergency services on standby. No injuries were reported.

Hard Landing Jars Douglas Jet Engines

What: Aeropostal Douglas DC-9-50 en route from Caracas to Puerto Ordaz
Where: Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela
When: Sep 26th 2011
Who: 125 passengers and 5 crew
Why: On making a hard landing in Puerto Ordaz, the engine supports were jarred and cracked, severely damaging the plane. No injuries occurred. Passengers disembarked and were ported to the terminal.

The plane was shut down on the runway. It is a testament to Douglas that the structural integrity of the plane maintained, it was flexible enough to make the landing, and a fire did not rage out of control.

Airbus Landing Gear Problem Returns Air France Flight to Veneuzuela

What: Air France Airbus A330-200 en route from Caracas Venezuela to Paris
Where: Caracas
When: Apr 13th 2011
Who: 207 passengers
Why: Unable to retract the landing gear, the plane circled for three hours to burn off fuel and made a safe landing in Caracas.

No doubt the situation caused significant anxiety. Any time an Air France flight originating in a South American country has a problem en route en route to Paris, the passengers in crisis must inevitably remember what happened to Air France Flight 447 and wonder if they too will become innocent victims, and statistics lost at sea.

Venezuela Crash Kills 6

What: Cessna 340 A en route from El Vigia airfield in Merida state to San Antonio del Tachira
Where: E Venezuela near Colombia
When: Feb 23, 2010
Who: 6 fatalities
Why: The Premezclado Agroconcha plane carrying three well-known businessmen refueled at El Vigia. Outside the village of San Pedro del Rio, the plane crashed. Pilot Victor Correa and passengers Jesus Rojas, Efrain Rojas, Gonzalo Hidalgo, Rodolfo Betancourt and Ivan Martini were killed in the crash. The plane belongs to Maparca Corporation.

JIAAC is investigating.

10 year old Girl Survives Plane Crash

What: private Partenavia P.68C Victor plane en route from Caracas to Charallave, Venezuela
Where: Lima Blanco, Western Venezuela
When: Jan 7 2011
Who: 7 passengers: 6 fatalities, 10 year old girl survives
Why: There were 7 passengers aboard when the Maiquetia control tower tracked the plane as heading to Cojedes.

The wreckage was found near Limo Blanco, in Cojedes. 4 adults and either one or two children died on the scene. A ten year old girl survived the crash and was taken to the San Carlos Hospital.

Pilot Said José Saldivia, Luis Oropeza, Edith Araujo, and Martha Araujo were the adults aboard the flight.

Boeing: Engine Shut Down in Caracas

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Contact photographer Orlando Suárez

What: Venezolana Boeing 737-200 en route from Caracas to Maracaibo
Where: Caracas
When: Oct 13 2010
Who: 88 passengers
Why: After takeoff, the plane developed problems with the left engine requiring him to shut it down.

The pilot returned to Caracas and made a safe landing minus the left engine. Passengers were provided an alternative flight.

Centurion Cargo Flight Emergency Landing

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Contact photographer Rafael Nunes

What: Centurion Air Cargo McDonnell Douglas MD-11 en route from Miami,FL to Manaus Brazil
Where: Maiquetía Venezuela
When: Sep 17 2010 9:09 am
Who: 5 crew
Why: While en route, hydraulic system (#3) failed. The crew diverted to “Simon Bolivar” Maiquetía International Airport where Operations Track and Field, Fire Aviation, Medical and Airport Security were deployed. The “Air Emergency Plan” (SAP) was activated and the plain made a safe landing with no injuries.

Maiquetía is near Caracas in the Vargas state of Venezuela.

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