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Cargo Plane Crash in South Sudan; 41 Killed

A cargo plane crashed into a hill at the banks of White Nile River in Juba, South Sudan, on November 4.

The Allied Services Limited Antonov AN-12B, was carrying 12 passengers and 5 crew members from Juba, to Paloich, at the time.

Among the 12 passengers and 5 crew members aboard, only 2 people survived. According to the police, the crash took lives of 41 people, including the local residents.

Preliminary investigations reveal the accident occurred due to over-load.

Turboprop Crash in Indonesia, 2 Fatalities, 5 Injured

indonesiaOn Wednesday April 9, 2014, an Adventist Aviation Indonesia Quest Kodiak 100 took off from Doyo Baru Airstrip to Ninia Airstrip, Yahukimo, Papua, Indonesia, but on takeoff in overcast weather, the plane flew up ten meters, dropped and the wing tip struck a bridge. Two of the seven aboard died in the crash, which broke the plane into several large pieces.

The two fatalities were the American pilots, Robert Frederic (63), and Denis Kobak (26). The five others including Yames Pahabol (32), Menas Balingga Ninia (29), Dariut Sugun Ninia(26), Ali Kobak (40) and Ninia-Nike Kobak (28) who were hospitalized at Yowari Hospital and Jayapura Regency Hospital.

The scene of the crash was not secured; and locals were picking up degree and scattered foodstuffs from the plane.

The Quest Kodiak 100 is a single engine turboprop. The accident at this point is presumed to be due to the plane being over capacity.

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