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VietJet Plane Loses Nose Wheels on Landing at Buon Ma Thuot Airport; 6 Injured

VietJet flight VJ-356 lost both nose wheels on landing at Buon Ma Thuot Airport, Vietnam, on November 29th.

The incident happened when the plane was coming from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The plane was evacuated via emergency slides. Six passengers sustained minor injuries and were taken to hospitals.

Vietjet Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Ho Chi Minh City

Vietjet flight VJ-198 made an emergency landing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on November 19th.

The Airbus A320-200 plane took off for Hanoi, Vietnam, but had to turn back due to indication of an issue with the fuel system.

The plane landed safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

Vietnam Airlines Plane Veers Off Runway at Noi Bai International Airport

Vietnam Airlines flight VN-1544 veered off runway after landing at Noi Bai International Airport, Vietnam, on July 28th.

The incident happened when the Airbus A321-200 plane was coming from Phu Bai International Airport, Vietnam.

The plane subsequently returned onto the runway. Everyone aboard remained unharmed.

Vietnam Airlines Plane makes Hard Landing in Vietnam

Vietnam Airlines flight VN-7344 made a hard landing at Cam Ranh International Airport, Cam Ranh, Vietnam, on April 29th.

The Airbus A321-200 flying from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, was cleared to land on runway 20R, but it touched down on runway 20L which was under construction.

The plane rolled out, and its engines sucked a few objects from the runway.

All 203 passengers aboard remained safe.

Air New Zealand Plane Returns to Ho Chi Minh City after Turbulence Injured 4

Air New ZealandAir New Zealand flight NZ-268 had to return and make an emergency landing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on October 9th.

The Boeing 767-300 plane took off for Auckland, New Zealand, but had to turn back after it experienced severe turbulence that injured 4 people.

The plane landed uneventfully. The injured, including 3 crew members and 1 passenger, were taken to hospital.

Vietnam Airlines Plane Returns to Hanoi due to Engine Shut Down

Vietnam airlinesVietnam Airlines flight VN-249 had to return and make an emergency landing at Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi, Vietnam, on August 15.

The Boeing 777-200 en-route to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, had to return due to engine problem. The crew had to shut its engine down mid-air.

The plane landed safely.

All 229 people aboard remained unhurt.

Vietnam Airlines Flight Diverts to Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam airlinesVietnam Airlines flight VN-1201 made an emergency landing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on June 21st.

The plane, en-route from Hanoi to Can Tho, Vietnam, was diverted due to a crack in first officer’s windshield.

The plane landed safely. There were 177 passengers and 7 crew members aboard at the time; all of them remained unhurt.

Vietnam Airlines Plane Returns to Hanoi after Losing Cabin Pressure

Vietnam airlinesVietnam Airlines flight VN-227 had to return and make an emergency landing in Hanoi, Vietnam, on February 5th.

The plane took off for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, but had to return shortly afterwards due to loss of cabin pressure.

The plane landed safely. All 137 passengers and 7 crew members remained unharmed.

The airline arranged a replacement plane for the passengers.

Vietjet Plane Makes Safe Landing at Noi Bai Airport after Bird Strike

vietjetVietjet flight VJ-496 made a safe landing at Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi, Vietnam, on September 30.

The Airbus A320-200, flying from Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam, to Hanoi, was hit by a bird upon approaching the runway.

The aircraft’s weather radar sustained damage while its radome was also reshaped due to the bird strike.

No injuries were reported.

Crash Helicopter Crashes Killing 19 in Flames in Vietnam

A helicopter exercise in Vietnam killed 19 of 21 people aboard on July 7, 2014 at 7:50 a.m.

Vietnam People’s Army Air Force (VPAAF), Regiment 91 suffered a loss of 19 when the Mil Mi-171 helicopter engaged in a parachute training mission crashed near village 11 in Thach That district, Vietnam, managing to impact a field instead of the residences.

The helicopter was flying out of Hoa Lac military Airport with sixteen parachute recruits aboard.

Two people survived the crash, with injuries. Five people had survived the crash with burn injuries, but three of them lost their lives at the hospital.

No Mayday, then Gone

I could speculate here about what caused the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, but that is all it would be: speculation. One can look at the type of plane, the weather, and various circumstances, but the truth is that the devil is in the details, and we just don’t know the details. The investigation will turn them up; the investigation can be a long road down a circular path.

It makes it more difficult when there was no distress call. No mayday. Think of this: if something happens and you’re on a plane rapidly losing altitude—or with catastrophic issues which could be anything on a plane from a drunk grandpa to a bomb on board to a bad repair failing, to a sudden system failure due to frozen pitot tubes, what is the first thing that you are going to do if you’re part of the flight crew? That’s right—the first thing will be to fix the issue, and stay in the air. The last thing to do after the crisis is handled is to call ATC and let them know what’s going on.

But because there was no distress call, we can assume that whatever happened happened fast. And now the wildest speculation of all is that the two people with fake passports were terrorists carrying a bomb. Do we need to go down that thought path? There are plenty of things that could have gone wrong although the 777 has a a stellar safety record.

Now too, there is even speculation where the plane went down, apparently. There’s an oil slick approximately where the teams are searching. Maybe they’re right. Maybe under that slick, there’s a beacon to hear.

Still, I keep hoping there’s a raft somewhere full of survivors.

Vietnam AIrlines lost Wheel

A Vietnam Airlines ATR-72 with 45 aboard en route from Cat Bi to Da Nang developed problems landing in Da Nang.

On landing, one of the plane’s two landing gear wheels was missing. No one aboard was injured.

The passengers had already left the airport by the time techs discovered the front shaft of the plane had broken off on one side, resulting in the loss of the wheel.

The plane had last been inspected on Sept 21.

Cat Bi and Da Nang airports have been searched for the lost wheel, but it is still lost.

CAAV ordered Vietnam Airlines to discontinue use of the entire fleet of 14 ATR-72 planes pending the results of the investigation.

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