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Propeller Flies off Fokker F27 in Paris

A Europe Airpost Fokker F27 owned by Miniliner made an emergency landing at Charles-de-Gaulle airport after a left propeller flew off on takeoff. ??

The propeller chopped a hole in the fuselage and flew off to parts unknown.

Officials are hoping to recover the lost propellor blade. Gendarmerie Transports Aériens are providing a recovery number if it is found: 01 48 62 17 00

As this was a freight flight, there were no passengers aboard. None of the crew were injured. ( The occupants were listed as three crew.)

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Peruvian Police Chopper Crashes

What: Policía Nacional del Perú Mil Mi-17 helicopter en route from Mazamari to Satipo
Where: Peru
When: May 9 2012
Who: 1 fatality, 18 injuries
Why: While attempting an emergency landing on the banks of the Tambo River after one of the helicopter blades broke off in flight, the police chopper crashed near the native community of Bethany. Satipo is in the valley of the Apurimac and Ene rivers.

Officer Rodolfo Leon was flying when it crashed. He was the sole fatality; eighteen passengers were injured on the crash.

The injured will be hospitalized in Lima.

The police had been engaged on an anti-drug trafficking mission.

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Catalina Island Express Crash

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What: Island Express Helicopter Service
Where: Catalina Island
When: May 24 2008
Who: 6 aboard, 3 fatalities
Why: On May 24, 2008, at 0920 Pacific daylight time, an Aerospatiale AS-350-D helicopter, N67GE, operated by Island Express Helicopters, Inc., impacted terrain while landing at Two Harbors, Avalon, located on Santa Catalina Island, California, during a 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 135 on-demand, commercial flight. The flight departed from the Queensway Bay Heliport, Long Beach, California, at 0907. The commercial pilot, a company employee, and one passenger were killed, and three passengers were seriously injured. The helicopter was destroyed by impact damage and fire

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