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Virgin Australia Plane Makes Hard Landing at Canberra Airport

Virgin Australia flight VA-646 made a hard landing at Canberra Airport, Australia, on November 19th.

The incident happened after the plane flying from Sydney, Australia, encountered wind shear.

Authorities said the aircraft’s tail skid and the fuselage contacted the runway.

No injuries were reported.

Australia’s TSB is investigating.

US Airways Jet Hits Runway Lights in Charlotte; No Injuries

US AirwaysA US Airways jet, performing flight 1851, hit runway lights while trying to land in Charlotte, North Carolina, on August 15.

Authorities said the Airbus A321 was coming from Atlanta, Georgia, when the pilot reported wind shear. The plane then hit the runway lights while trying to land, damaging the underside of its tail.

There were 153 passengers and 6 crew members aboard at the time; all of them remained unharmed.

The U.S. accident investigators have launched an inquiry into the incident.

Lion Air Compensation

Lion Air is compensating the passengers of the plane that crashed in Bali on April 13. The 101 passenger (we don’t know if the 7 crew are included) is handing out $5600 to each passenger.

Lion Air is working with Jasa Raharja, an Indonesian insurance company to cover the medical bills for five injured passengers. The insurance company is paying up to IDR 25 million ($2500) and the airline is covering anything in excess of that.

Unofficial reports state the plane was flying low.

Twenty-five people have yet to receive their compensation.

The alcohol and drug tests of the crew, cockpit voice recorder, and the flight data recorder are still in process. No conclusions have been public on the cause of the accident.

New Lion Air Boeing Carcass Cut in Two for Removal

The Lion Air jet that crashed short of the runway in Bali is going to be cut into pieces for removal since the plane is too heavy to tow.

The wreckage is sitting on top of a reef, rocking with the waves.

The cockpit voice recorder was recovered by navy divers.

None of the 101 passengers or seven crew were injured when the crew opted for a water landing. The pilot and co-pilot tested negative for drugs and alcohol

Lion Air AKA PT Lion Mentari Airlines is banned from flying in Europe because of its safety record.

Mexico Crash Kills Entrepreneur and Family

Did this happen because of a random gust of wind? Was this an incident that was invisible or could it have been detected or predicted? You tell me. It’s tragic, whatever the circumstance.

On January 17, 2013, ( 13:50 local time), a Habilitaciones Turisticas SA CV Piper PA-31-325 Navajo #XBEZY took off from Angel Albino Corzo Intl en route to Xoxocotlán Intl. Airport in Oaxaca but crashed on takeoff.

Aboard there were a crew of two, and six passengers, three of whom were adults and three who were minors. All eight died in the crash immediately after takeoff in Chiapa de Corzo.

Witnesses said the ship had just taken off when it was hit by a gust of wind that knocked it to the ground, where it caught afire on impact.

The plane impacted the ground at Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas and caught fire, covering the airport in smoke.

The eight fatalities were the two pilots, the captain Alfonso Jimenez Racino, co-pilot Pablo Gomez, businessman Monterrosa Melchor Hernandez, his wife, two sons and two grandchildren. Melchor Hernandez Monterrosa is an entrepreneur, owner of ‘Mezcal Fandango’ and ‘Destiladora Orizaba Valley’ in Veracruz and Puebla,

??Civil Aviation, the Mexican Army, Fire, Red Cross, Secretariat of Public Safety and Civil Protection responded to the scene. The crash also started a grass fire that took some fifteen hours to put out and complicated rescue.

A cold front, clouds and air currents may have contributed to the accident. Civil Aeronautics will be investigating.

Balloon Crashes Due to Wind Shear, Pilot lost License

What: Lindstrand LBL 180A
Where: Ljubljana Slovenia
When: August 23, 2012
Who: 30 passengers, 2 crew, 4 fatalities, 28 injured
Why: A hot air balloon with 32 aboard caught fire and crashed into a tree, burning four beyond recognition. At least six children were injured. Then people at the scene were reported resuscitated; eight in the crash were in critical condition. One passenger was quoted as saying “we were landing, but I think the speed was too high for landing so we hit the ground, bounced off once and hit it again. We held on, but five of us fell out“. Twenty-one were admitted in the hospital Ljubljana, and seven to other hospitals. The injured included one brit and three Italians.

When the balloon hit the ground and and bounced back in the air, some passengers jumped or fell out, scattering the injured across four locations and making it more difficult for rescuers. Nine teams with ambulances and twelve emergency medical service teams responded as well as 79 firefighters, 20 fire fighting vehicles and three helicopters.

The balloon takes off and lands in uncontrolled airspace and does not need air traffic control clearance.

Prime Minister Janez Janša, Minister for Health Tomaz Gantar, Minister of Defense Aleš Hojs and Interior Minister Vinko Gorenak expressed condolences.

The cause is being attributed to ground level wind shear. The pilot needed to retake a health exam to renew his license in June.

Five are unidentified.

The on board extinguishers apparently had cracked cylinders.

Military Chopper Goes Down in Colombia

Pictured: A Colombian Army Blackhawk
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What: Colombian Blackhawk
Where: San Jeronimo mountains
When: Dec 3 2011
Who: 4 soldiers, 4 crew
Why: The chopper crashed in the San Jeronimo mountains. No one aboard was seriously injured. The team had been deployed to support a fight against FARC, a group of drug traffickers.

The chopper had just refueled and caught a crosswind. There was minor damage that is reparable.

Antonov Overshoots Runway in Rough Weather

What: IrAero Antonov An-24RV en route from Chita to Blagoveshchensk
Where: Blagoveshchensk Airport, Russia
When: August 08, 2011
Who: 35 passengers, 5 crew, 10+ injuries
Why: On approach to Blagoveshchensk airport, the plane encountered rough weather and overshot the runway.

The plane encountered wind shear on approach, injuring ten passengers. The plane lost a wing in the landing, and the fuselage was damaged, coming to rest 200 meters from the runway. Three children were aboard.

A passenger said (loosely quoted) “We were sitting closer to the wing. As soon as the plane touched the ground, it started to shake. Panic among the passengers, nobody knew what was happening. I heard children crying. When the plane finally stopped, I breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God, still alive!”

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Interim Compensation Provided to Pawan Hans Crash Victims

What: Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd. Mi-172
Where: Arunachal Pradeshnorth-east India near China border
When: April 19 2011
Who: 18 passengers, including two minors, and five crew

A committee of inquiry was on Saturday set up to investigate the circumstances that led to the recent crash of the Pawan Hans helicopter in Arunachal Pradesh. After the crash, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation said they would launch a series of measures to ensure that all helicopters are operated and maintained.

Arunachal Pradesh government requested ( on January 18, 2010, and then on August 8, 2010) to replace the old helicopter.

Interim compensation of Rs 1 lakh is being provided for the deceased and Rs 50, 000 for the injured.

Those killed were identified as Mrs Anita, A Baruah, Dr Tendon, Dr Asif, Mrs R Asif, Mrs Jahara, Ms Asif, Master Asif, Mr A Sharma, A K Saraugi, Ms N Botha, Col Sharma, Mr W Bhatia, Mr T Mustafa. The three crew members killed were a second pilot Captain Tiwari, Flight Attendant A Dixit and Assistant Maintenance Engineer S B Kulkarni.

Survivors were Captain Varun Gupta, Randiv Kumar Chaturvedi, Dorjee Wangdi, Rishi Bothra, Rajendra Pal and Mrs Karishma Saraugi.

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Seventeen Dead In Arunachal Pradesh When Helicopter Smashes Wall, Falls into Gorge

What: Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd Mil Mi-172 en route from Gauhati to Tawang India
Where: Tawang India
When: April 19, 2011, 13:57
Who: 23 aboard, 17 fatalities
Why: The Pawan Hans helicopter Captain Varun Gupta and Captain A. K. Tiwari was flying was approaching the helipad to land in Arunachal Pradesh when it struck a wall, broke into pieces, burst into flame and fell down into a gorge by the helipad.

Six survived, three of whom are critical. All—two crew members and four passengers who survived —are badly burned.

The deceased were identified as Mrs Anita, A Baruah, Dr Tendon, Dr Asif, Mrs R Asif, Mrs Jahara, Ms Asif, Master Asif, Mr A Sharma, A K Saraugi, Ms N Botha, Col Sharma, Mr W Bhatia, Mr T Mustafa, second pilot captain Tiwari, flight attendant A Dixit and assistant maintenance engineer S B Kulkarni.

Survivors include Captain Varun Gupta, Randiv Kumar Chaturvedi, Dorjee Wangdi, Rishi Bothra, Rajendra Pal and Mrs Karishma Saraugi.

The injured were taken to Tawang hospital and on the 20th will be air-lifted to Guwahati.

This was a regular flight to Tawang from the Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati, and the helicopter has a valid certificate of airworthiness.

The DGCA speculates the chopper crashed was “likely” due to wind shear and down draft.

Single Survivor Pulled from Crash

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What: United Nations – UN/Georgian Airways Canadair CL600 2B19 Regional Jet CRJ-100ER on the return trip from Kinshasa-N’Djili Airport (FIH) to Kisangani (FKI) and Entebbe (and back)
Where: Kinshasa-N’Djili Airport, Congo
When: 04 APR 2011 2 pm.
Who: 4 crew, 29 passengers
Why: On landing in Kinsasha, the United Nations plane encountered rainy weather and crashed at the end of the runway, breaking into several pieces. Witnesses say the plane encountered windshear at 65 feet and fell straight down. At least eight were thrown from the plane when it broke. There were 32 fatalities. There was one survivor. The crew was composed of Georgians.

The rain helped put out the fire, according to firefighters. The black box was recovered.

The lone survivor, Francis Mwamba, a Congolese journalist, was taken to Biamba Marie Mutombo hospital.

The plane was also reported as a Fokker.

Airzena Georgian Airways made this statement:

“Airzena Georgian Airways” regrets to confirm an accident occurred at Kinshasa airport, capital of Democratic Republic of Congo on 4 April, 10 at 13:00 GMT.The flight was operated under UN mission by aircraft of type CRJ-100 enroute from Goma to Kinshasa. The landing was performed in adverse weather conditions. The aircraft sufferred crash landing, broke up into parts and caught fire.

According to the currently available information crew and passengers died in the accident. The number is specified.

The accident is being investigated officially to determine its possible cause.

“Airzena Georgian Airways” is deeply shocked about the accident and expresses its condolences to the family members of the perished.

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Boeing Field: Wind Shear Knocks Propeller Prop for a loop

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What: Ameriflight Fairchild SA-227-AC Metro III en route from Lewiston to Seattle Boeing Airfield Where: Seattle
When: Mar 10th 2011,
Who: pilot
Why: On landing in wind shear conditions, the pilot came in with late clearance to land, and veered off the runway. The fire department sprayed with foam. There were no injuries but the plane incurred gear collapse and propeller damage. The accident tied up the runway and led to diversions.

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