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Air Niugini Flight Lands in Sea Lagoon

Air Niugini flight PX-73 touched down into a sea lagoon off Chuuk International Airport, Micronesia, on September 28th.

The Boeing 737-800 plane flying from Pohnpei, Micronesia, was cleared to land at the airport but touched down short of the runway amid heavy rain and low visibility.

All passengers and crew members were able to safely evacuate the plane.

United Airlines Flight Overruns Runway at Green Bay-Austin Straubel International Airport

United Airlines flight UA-878 overran the end of the runway during landing at Green Bay-Austin Straubel International Airport, Wisconsin, on February 23rd.

The Boeing 737-900 plane, flying from Madison, Wisconsin, was originally scheduled for Minneapolis, Minnesota. However, the pilots decided to divert to Green Bay due to bad weather in Minneapolis.

The plane came to stop about 250 feet off the runway.

All one hundred eighty passengers and seven crew members remained uninjured.

Caspian Airlines Plane Overruns Runway at Mashhad International Airport

Caspian Airlines flight RV-6920 overran the end of the runway at Mashhad International Airport, Iran, on October 24th.

The McDonnell Douglas MD-83 plane, coming from Asaluyeh, Iran, blew both right hand main tires and stopped at the end of the runway.

All one hundred and twelve people aboard remained uninjured.

Cebu Pacific Plane Veers Off Runway at Iloilo International Airport

Cebu Pacific flight 5J-461 veered off runway after landing at Iloilo International Airport, Philippines, on October 13th.

The incident happened when the Airbus A320-200 plane was coming from Manila, Philippines.

The plane came to stop with the nose gear collapsed.

All one hundred and eighty people aboard remained uninjured.

Air Berlin Plane Overruns Runway at Sylt Airport

Air Berlin flight AB-6880 overran the end of the runway after landing at Sylt Airport in Sylt, Germany, on September 30th.

The incident happened when the Airbus A320-200 plane was coming from Dusseldorf, Germany.

The plane came to stop on soft ground. There were eighty-two passengers and five crew members aboard at the time; all of them remained unharmed.

SpiceJet Plane Overruns Runway at Mumbai Airport

SpiceJet flight SG-703 overran the end of the runway at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, in Mumbai, India, on September 19th.

The incident happened when the Boeing 737-800 plane, flying from Varanasi, India, was attempting to land during heavy rain.

The plane came to stop on soft ground. Everyone aboard remained unharmed.

Antonov Overshoots Runway in Rough Weather

What: IrAero Antonov An-24RV en route from Chita to Blagoveshchensk
Where: Blagoveshchensk Airport, Russia
When: August 08, 2011
Who: 35 passengers, 5 crew, 10+ injuries
Why: On approach to Blagoveshchensk airport, the plane encountered rough weather and overshot the runway.

The plane encountered wind shear on approach, injuring ten passengers. The plane lost a wing in the landing, and the fuselage was damaged, coming to rest 200 meters from the runway. Three children were aboard.

A passenger said (loosely quoted) “We were sitting closer to the wing. As soon as the plane touched the ground, it started to shake. Panic among the passengers, nobody knew what was happening. I heard children crying. When the plane finally stopped, I breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God, still alive!”

Link to photographer, Sergey Makarov
Email Sergey Makarov

Caribbean Airlines Boeing Crashes in Georgetown Guyana

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What: Caribbean Airlines Boeing 737-832(WL) en route from Trinidad to Timehri
Where: Cheddi Jagan International Airport,SYCJ,Georgetown,Guyana
When: July 30, 2011 1:30 am
Who: 162 aboard 157 passengers, six crews
Why: Landing in wet weather, the plane made a hard landing, overshot the runway 100 meters, smashed through a perimeter fence and on a perimeter road. It broke in two, the front section splitting ahead of the wing. There were 52 injuries who went to the hospital, 3 with serious injuries who were held over at the hospital, and no fatalities. The worst injury reported was a broken leg. The plane overshot the runway but stopped short of a ravine. Passengers smelled fuel, and opened a door, and climbed through to the wing and jumped down.

The airport is closed, causing incoming flights to have to divert elsewhere.

Port-of-Spain, 30 July 2011, 17.00 HOURS local time: Caribbean Airlines BW523 en route from Port of Spain, Trinidad to Georgetown, Guyana was involved in an incident at the Cheddi Jaggan International Airport at approximately 1:32am today 30 July, 2011.
There were 157 passengers and 6 crew members on board, all of whom were accounted for.
A Caribbean Airlines team consisting of technical support staff and executives was dispatched immediately to the accident site to assist passengers, and to work with the local authorities in the emergency response and investigations. The Caribbean Airlines executive team and technical support staff are at the scene to offer full support to the injured in Georgetown. A relatives/customer assistance hotline has been established at our emergency centre in Piarco, and counselling is being provided to passengers and family members.
A press conference was held earlier today in Georgetown just after midday. In attendance were Chairman- George M. Nicholas III, Head Corporate Communications- Mrs. Laura Asbjornsen, Vice President Operations – Captain Thomas Lawrence and Vice President Maintenance and Engineering – Mr Colville Carrington. It was confirmed that the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority will be spearheading the investigation and will be assisted by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in the U.S. and the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority (TTCAA).
The team ensured that its CARE policy for affected passengers and crew was deployed in Georgetown. The airline has engaged the services of a company from the United States, together with regional personnel to implement in accordance with this policy.
All enquiries related to this specific incident should be directed to:-
Trinidad & Tobago: 1 868 669 2902
United States: 1 800 786 3891
Canada: 1 800 380 6057
Caribbean: 1 800 744 6453
The latest statements can also be accessed online at www.caribbean-airlines.com.
Caribbean Airlines will continue to release information as it becomes available.
The next press conference is scheduled for 7:15 p.m. local time at the AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, VIP Lounge, Piarco International Airport

CAA Lava Landing

What: CAA (Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation) en route from Kinshasa to Goma, Congo
Where: Goma
When: Thursday Nov 19 2009
Who: 117 passengers including the governor of North Kivu province
Why: On landing, the plane overshot the runway and landed in hardened lava surrounding an airport in eastern Congo.

20 people were injured.

Comoros: Putting together the Black Box puzzle

Yemenia Flight 626 from Paris to Moroni sank into the ocean on June 30, killing 152 people, with one survivor. The black boxes were found Friday.

Just because the black boxes were found does not mean the route to discovery is on track. Apparently there was so much damage to the black boxes, there is going to be trouble recovering the data. That’s not new. In fact, usually when there is trouble reading the black boxes, investigators call in the company that made the boxes, and they are usually able to mine the data in spite of damage.

The BEA, the French aviation authority is handling the investigation. Many of those aboard were French and/or French Comoran.

Did they–are they–sending the boxes to the US? They’d have a better chance of recovery if they do.

Washington State: De Havilland Dash 8-400 Runway Overrun

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Contact Photographer Richard Austen

What: Horizon Air de Havilland Dash 8-400 (Alaska Airlines) en route from Seattle Bellingham
Where: Bellingham
When: Aug 16th 2009 11:50PM PDT (arrival)
Who: 76 passengers and 4 crew
Why: There were no reported problems during the 32 minute flight; however, while landing at Bellingham, the plane overran the runway. No injuries were reported and the plane was towed to the terminal after a delay of 6-8 hours.

Iranian Crash: 153 on board

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Contact Photographer Farzad Farajpour

What: Aria Air Ilyushin IL-62 en route from Tehran to Mashad. The plane was leased by Aria Air from Kazakhstan
Where: Mashad Iran
When: July 24 2009
Who: 153 aboard. 17 died in the accident.
Why: On landing, the nose gear did not deploy; the main wheels sparked on touchdown.
The dead include the first three rows, the flight crew and the cabin crew. Also, there were 19 injuries reported so far.

Aria Air’s managing director Mehdi Dadpay was among the victims

George’s Point of View

This was the second Iranian airliner crash within 10 days. Iran should put their foot down on all airlines, government owned or not to insure that every single plane that takes off is airworthy.

Sewage Landing

What: Cessna
Where: Thames Airport on New Zealand’s North Island
When: Monday October 27, 2008
Who: Pilot
Why: Pilot overshot the runway. The pilot was not hurt but the plane landed in a sewage pond and had to swim (through the sewage pond) to safety.

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