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Ohio National Guard Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing in Tuscarawas Township, Ohio

An Ohio National Guard Black Hawk helicopter made an emergency landing in a field in Tuscarawas Township, Stark County, Ohio, on March 23rd.

The aircraft was en-route from Akron-Canton Airport to Columbus, Ohio, when it had to make an emergency landing in a rye field.

It is believed that the aircraft had experienced a transmission problem.

No injuries were reported.

Helicopter Carrying Pennsylvania National Guardsmen Makes Emergency Landing

An Army National Guard helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing in a field near Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, on January 22.

The Blackhawk helicopter was returning to Fort Indiantown Gap after a training flight when an engine chip warning light came on, forcing the pilots to land in emergency.

There were 2 pilots and 1 crew members aboard at the time; all of them remained safe.

Four Soldiers Killed as US Military Helicopter Crashes in Fort Hood

A UH-60L Blackhawk helicopter crashed in Fort Hood, Texas, on November 23.

Authorities said the aircraft, the 7th Battalion, went down while it was on a routine training mission.

There were four crew members aboard at the time; all of them were killed. They were identified as Sgt. 1st Class Toby A. Childers, 40, of Kansas; Chief Warrant Officer 3 Stephen B. Cooley, 40, of Florida; Sgt.1st Class Jason M. Smith, 35, of Louisiana; and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Michael F. Tharp, 40, of Texas. All of them were assigned to 2nd Battalion, 291st Aviation Regiment, First Army Division West.

The cause of crash is being investigated.

Fort Carson Black Hawk Crashes in Douglas County

helicoptersaop1A military chopper made a hard landing in U.S. Forest Service land, south of Rampart Range Road and Colorado 67, in Douglas County, Colorado, on September 2.

The 4th Combat Aviation Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter took off from Fort Carson and was on a routine training flight when it went down.

There were 4 soldiers on-board at the time; all of them were injured. They were taken to Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs.

The incident is being investigated.

7 Injured as U.S. Military Helicopter Crash-Lands in Japan

helicopterA U.S. military chopper crash-landed around 20 miles east of Okinawa Island in Japan at around 1:46 p.m. on August 12th.

The incident happened when the UH-60 Black Hawk, carrying 17 people, was on a training mission. According to the U.S. Pacific Command, it crash-landed on the USNS Red Cloud cargo vessel.

Seven people were injured and were taken to a U.S. naval hospital on the Island.

The cause of incident is being investigated.

Colombian Police Helicopter Crashed in Dense Forest; 15 Killed, 2 Injured

helicoptersaopA Black Hawk helicopter crashed in dense forest near Gulf of Uraba, Colombia, on August 4.

Authorities suspect the helicopter, carrying 17 Colombian police officers, crashed due mechanical failure. The officers were going to the Gulf of Uraba for an important operation at the time.

Fifteen police officers died while another 2 sustained severe burns in the crash.

The accident is being investigated.

Military Helicopter Lands in Emergency near Hamilton-L.B. Owens Field

helicopterA UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter made an emergency landing in an open field near Jim Hamilton – L.B. Owens Airport, Columbia, South Carolina, at 4:18 p.m. on December 4.

The helicopter, assigned to the 1-111th General Aviation Support Battalion, S.C. Army National Guard military, had to make a precautionary landing after it experienced a main rotor blade malfunction. According to Major Cindi King with the SC National Guard, the helicopter was on a routine training mission at the time.

All the three people aboard remained safe.

Military Chopper Goes Down in Colombia

Pictured: A Colombian Army Blackhawk
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What: Colombian Blackhawk
Where: San Jeronimo mountains
When: Dec 3 2011
Who: 4 soldiers, 4 crew
Why: The chopper crashed in the San Jeronimo mountains. No one aboard was seriously injured. The team had been deployed to support a fight against FARC, a group of drug traffickers.

The chopper had just refueled and caught a crosswind. There was minor damage that is reparable.

Lost: Thai Search And Rescue

What: Thai military Black Hawk chopper
Where: Myanmar border
When: July 18, 2011
Who: 9 aboard
Why: The chopper was on a search and rescue mission looking for 5 bodies in Saturday’s chopper crash in Krachan National park.

Those aboard the chopper were On board were Major General Tawan Ruangsri, the 9th Infantry Division chief and commander of the Surasee Task Force, Major Prapan Jiamsoongnoen, the 1st pilot, Major Chuphan Polwan, the 2nd pilot, Sargent Major Somkid Wongtoksaeng, the senior flight mechanic, Sargent Aram Wongsing, the second mechanic, Captain Jate Sudchai, Captain Chakraphan Bamrungphuet, Lance Corporal Itthisak Hinasuthi, and Sornwichai Kongtannukul, a TV Channel 5 cameraman.

While the chopper was en route, weather turned bad, and two of the three choppers on the mission returned to base. The third chopper was reported missing. Radio contact was lost at 11:55 a m.

Knik Glacier Rescue Update

What: Black Hawk rescue helicopter
Where: Knik Glacier Alaska
Why: Attempting to rescue the five stranded on a glacier since Sunday afternoon, a Black Hawk rescue helicopter was damaged sliding and rolling on the glacier. The Air National Guard helicopter was forced to turn around.

It took a day for the pararescue team (which arrived yesterday) to ski the three miles to the survivors with two days worth of supplies. More supplies have been dropped.

Tuesday night, two of the original left stranded and one rescuer were flown to Palmer.

More on Knik Glacier Rescue

Black Hawk Helicopter Crashes at Texas University; 1 killed, no students hurt

What: Army Black HawkUH-60 helicopter
Where: campus of Texas A&M University near the Corps of Cadets field on the school’s College Station campus, about 100 miles northwest of Houston
When: Jan-12-09
Who: 4 Army National Guard and an Army lieutenant assigned to the school’s ROTC unit were the only ones aboard. Three men are in critical condition at College Station Medical Center. One is at St. Joseph Regional Health Center in Bryan
Why: A witness described that after lift off, the helicopter seemed to lose control, spun then dropped straight down.
*will be updated if further information comes available

Emergency Landing in KY

What: Army National Guard Blackhawk helicopter out of Frankfort
Where: In a field next to the Kroger grocery store and Burger King restaurant in Murray Kentucky
When: 2:30 p.m.
Who: four-man flight crew from the 63rd Theater Aviation Brigade
Why: one of the crew members said a hydraulic hose busted and they had to make the emergency landing. A six-foot high-pressure hydraulic hose – about the size of a straw – frayed and developed a leak. A second helicopter flew in repair parts. There were no injuries.

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