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Small Plane Makes Belly Landing at Crystal River Airport, FL

A small plane made an emergency landing at Crystal River Airport, Florida, on September 15th.

Authorities said the plane experienced power loss and landing gear problems before making a belly landing at the airport.

There were four people aboard at the time, including the pilot and three passengers. All of them remained unharmed.

Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Denton, TX

A small plane made an emergency landing in a grassy area near U.S. 380 in Denton, Texas, on January 22.

The Piper Navajo plane took off from Denton Enterprise Airport for a routine maintenance flight but was forced to land in emergency due to engine issues.

The aircraft came to rest on its belly near some electrical transmission towers.

The pilot, identified as David Kinney of Aubrey, suffered minor injuries in the incident.

Plane Makes Safe Emergency Landing in Palm Springs

Small planeA private plane made an emergency landing at Palm Springs International Airport, California, on December 4.

Airport authorities said the plane, carrying two people, requested an emergency landing after its landing gear failed to deploy.

The plane landed on its belly. Both occupants remained unhurt.

Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Millville Municipal Airport

A 1960 Piper Comanche single-engine plane made an emergency landing at Millville Municipal Airport, Cumberland County, New Jersey, on December 4.

Authorities said the plane was taking off when it lost power and landed on its belly on the grass near a taxiway.

There were two people aboard at the time, including the pilot Roger Buck of Berlin and his passenger Roland Arthur of Lumberton. Buck sustained minor injuries in the incident while Arthur remained unhurt.

The plane, registered to Buck, was significantly damaged.

The FAA is investigating.

Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Idaho Interstate

Fokker-belly landingA small plane made an emergency landing on Interstate 84, near Boise Airport, Idaho, on October 13.

The plane was preparing to land at the airport when the pilot reported engine failure and decided to land on the motorway.

The plane landed on its belly. The pilot, identified as Jon M. Brinkerhoff, 30, of Boise, remained uninjured.

According to the owner of Boise-based charter business SP Aircraft, Andy Patrick, the plane was transporting cargo from Seattle, Washington.

Luxair Plane Crash-Lands in Germany; No Injuries Reported

LuxairLuxair flight LG 9562 had to return and make a gear-up landing at Saarbrücken airport, Germany, on September 30.

Authorities said the pilots of the Luxembourg-bound Bombardier Q400 aircraft decided to abort take off due to a cabin fire warning. The plane then landed on its underbelly because apparently the landing gear failed to deploy.

There were 16 passengers and 4 crew members aboard at the time; none of them was hurt.

According to an airline spokesperson, the passengers were transported to Luxembourg by road.

The FAA was investigating.

Goma Air Belly Landing, 18 safe in Nepal


The nosegear of a Goma Air flight failed today while landing in Pokhara, Nepal, but there were no fatalities among the 18 passengers aboard. Some damage occurred to the plane after the nose gear failed to deploy. Flights to and from Pokhara airport have been suspended until the plane is removed from the runway.

Plane was reported as Let L-410UVP-E20 Registration 9N-AKY

Canadair CRJ Belly Landing at LAX

A SkyWest/United Express Canadair CRJ made a belly landing at Los Angeles International Airport with the left main gear not fully extended. None of the 43 aboard reported injury. The video below shows sparks on landing, with the commentators realizing on air there were not 4 aboard but a full plane. The video has been cut so that you do not see the landing initially, but eventually they show the friction of the landing. News of the incident was released without the flight number, origin or destination.

The incident occurred at 8:23 a.m.

The CRJ is a regional commuter. Passengers were able to disembark normally, without slides, and were bussed to the terminal. Emergency services were standing by.

Landing Gear Failure Forces Small Plane to Make Emergency Landing in Springbank

Small planeA Calgary Flying Club plane, carrying two club instructors, had to make an emergency landing on its belly, after its landing gear failed to extend.

The incident happened on Wednesday, April 30 at Springbank Airport near Calgary, Alberta.

Fred Burrow, the investigator from Transportation Service Board confirmed that the pilot initially tried to land at Springbank Airport at about 10am, but the plane’s landing gear failed to fully deploy. The plane was then landed in emergency, as the pilot’s efforts to resolve the issue remained unsuccessful and the plane was running short of fuel.

The landing was made with the nose lowered and the engines shut off to minimize any possible damages. The plane landed on its belly, and the passengers exited safely.

Emergency belly landing at Porto Seguro

Contact Carlos A. Morillo Doria

An Embraer EMB-721C Sertanejo (PA-32R-300) en route from Prado to Porto Seguro had a little trouble on landing when the nose gear folded.

The friction from the belly landing was controlled by foam applied by the firefighters who were on standby when the flight landed. Actually, you can see they were there ahead of time, and how they used the time while the pilots were burning off fuel.

Pilots were aware of the inability of the gear to lock, so they burned off fuel before making the landing.

The plane is normally used as an air taxi. The video below shows the plane landing on foam.

No injuries. Good job, Captain!

See video

US Airways Emergency lands with failed landing gear

A parade of emergency services met the Dash 8 as it ground to a stop in a shower of sparks after a dramatic belly landing. On May 18, 2013, a US Airways/Piedmont Airlines Dash 8-100 turboprop en route from Philadelphia to Newark was landing in Newark when the left main landing gear failed to deploy. At the last minute, pilot Edward Powers went gear up, landing in a blaze of fire from belly-landing-friction, till it came to rest in the dark. No one was injured.

There were 3 crew and 34 passengers aboard.

After landing at 1 a.m. after the pilot had circled to burn off fuel, the passengers disembarked, and were bussed to the terminal. The plane was foamed to prevent sparks from igniting.

Hysterical passengers reported the pilot announcing “crash crash crash,” calling home for last goodbyes, the jolt and grind of impacting the runway, and the cabin filling with smoke as it landed.

The plane made a belly landing, which means without wheels. A sixteen person team of emergency services responded to the scene

Emergency Landing in St. Louis

On May 1, 2013, at Spirit of St. Louis Airport, a single engine Cessna Centurion made a belly landing.

The pilot landed, and suffered a landing gear emergency. Though the landing gear collapsed, the pilot made a belly landing on the runway without any destructive acrobatics.

The FAA is investigating.

On May 1, three other Cessna’s suffered issues:
-Cessna gear collapsed on rollout in Oakland CA
-Cessna landed gear up in Missouri
-Cessna towing banner flipped over off Louisiana runway, one minor injury


New Lion Air Boeing Carcass Cut in Two for Removal

The Lion Air jet that crashed short of the runway in Bali is going to be cut into pieces for removal since the plane is too heavy to tow.

The wreckage is sitting on top of a reef, rocking with the waves.

The cockpit voice recorder was recovered by navy divers.

None of the 101 passengers or seven crew were injured when the crew opted for a water landing. The pilot and co-pilot tested negative for drugs and alcohol

Lion Air AKA PT Lion Mentari Airlines is banned from flying in Europe because of its safety record.

Tam Turboprop Landing Gear Fails, Belly Landing in Bolivia

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Contact photographer Propfreak

What: TAM Bolivia Xian MA-60 en route from Riberalta to Guayaramerin, Bolivia
Where: Guayaramerin
When: Jan 9th 2012
Who: 16 passengers, 5 crew
Why: On landing, the plane’s landing gear would not lower. Pilots had to perform a belly landing in Guayaramerin. (In May 2011, the same plane had had a prior belly landing.)

Gear Up Landing in Vegas

[nokia-maps template=”nokia.blue.place” sizes=”{‘width’: ‘auto’,’height’: ‘370’,’label’: ‘Auto’}” placeId=”8409qqhe-76950679e27e46f5b25ab22fe05702d3″ ]
What: Cessna 230
Where: Henderson Executive Airport, Nevada
When: Nov 26, 2011
Who: 2 aboard
Why: The pilot of a Cessna 230 returned to the airport and made an emergency landing at Henderson Executive Airport when his landing gears did not come down. There were no injuries.

Henderson Fire Department responded.

In George’s Point of View

Johannesburg Airlink Gear-up Landing

What: South African Airlink Avro RJ-85 en route from Johannesburg to Pietermaritzburg South Africa
Where: Johannesburg
When: Nov 10th 2011 9:20 pm
Who: 73 passengers and 4 crew
Why: Just after takeoff from Johannesburg, the flight developed nose gear trouble. When the pilots returned to the airport, the nose gear did not come down, which was verified on a flyby.

While burning off fuel for two hours, pilots attempted to extend the nose gear, and when attempts failed, had to land without nose gear on the plane’s belly. Passengers evacuated on to the runway at the airport of origin, OR Tambo International, after the three hour flight.

There were no injuries.

Gear Up Landing in Warsaw

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What: LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 767-300 en route from Newark,NJ (USA) to Warsaw (Poland) with 220 passengers and 11 crew
Where: Warsaw
When: Nov 1st 2011
Who: 220 passengers and 11 crew
Why: On the first approach to Warsaw, the flight crew aborted the approach. They had gotten an unsafe gear indication for the three gear struts. They spent over an hour trying to amend the problem, but efforts to lower the gear failed, and the failure was confirmed by a visual fly by.

Captain Tadeusz Wrona and First Officer Jerzy Szwarc then nailed a gear up landing, landing on the Boeing’s belly and skidding to a stop. The runway was foamed beforehand to lower potential fire damage.

In George’s Point of View

Right away the operator is quick to report that no one was injured.

Below, you can see that a US Airport like Indianapolis (with its “beastmaster”) would handle the flight differently. There is always controversy about landing on a foam-slick runway.

See video below:

Colgan Air Engine Fire, Belly Landing in Pittsburgh

Pictured: Not N339NG but another DHC-8-402Q Dash 8
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What: Colgan Air de Havilland Dash 8-400 on behalf of Continental Airlines en route from Cleveland,OH to Baltimore,MD
Where: Pittsburgh
When: Mar 17th 2011
Who: not available
Why: While en route, left engine indicated a fire.

The crew shut down the engine and diverted to Pittsburgh where they made a safe landing 30 minutes after the initial alert. There were no injuries.

Bolivia Belly Landing 33 Safe

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What: AM Transporte Aereo Militar Xian MA-60 en route from La Paz to Rurrenabaque
Where: Rurrenabaque Bolivia
When: Mar 18th 2011
Who: 33 aboard
Why: On landing at Rurrenabaque the landing gear failed to deploy. The flight performed a belly landing with no injuries reported. Minor damage on the plane. The gear problem may have been due to a hydraulic leak but the circumstances are under investigation.

Belly Landing in Puerto Vallarta

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Contact photographer Josh May

What: Global Air Boeing 737-200 en route from from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta
Where: Puerto Vallarta
When: Nov 4th 2010 1 p.m.
Who: 99 passengers and 5 crew
Why: While on approach to Puerto Vallarta, the plane’s nose gear would not extend, in spite of several flybys where the tower verified the nose gear was not extended.

The plane eventually made a belly landing on foam with emergency services on standby. Pilot Jorge Luz Campos landed the plane with no injuries.

Philadelphia Emergency Landing

What: Wings Aviation Group single engine Beechcraft Bonanza
Where: NE Philadelphia Airport
When: June 21 2010
Who: pilot and passenger
Why: The single-engine plane landed on the runway without its nose gear. After landing on the main wheel, the flight skidded on its belly flinging sparks. No one was injured.

Emergency Landing in NJ

What: single-engine Siai Marchetti F260
Where: Somerset Airport
When: June 18 2010; 2:30 p.m.
Who: 67-year-old Kenneth Pelich of Oak Ridge
Why: While attempting to land at Somerset airport, the landing gear failed. The pilot made a safe landing without the landing gear, although the belly landing skidded off the runway. The pilot was unhurt.

Piper Emergency Landing in Czech Republic

What: Argus Geo Systém Piper PA-23 Aztec
Where: Hradec Kralove airfield Czech Republic
When: June 11 2010
Who: pilot Laco Nagy and passenger Milan Nejedlý
Why: After on an aerial photography mission, the plane had problems retracting landing gear but after circling for three hours to burn off fuel, landed safely on foam in the airfield. Thirty rescue workers and seven fire tankers were on standby. Nagy, a former military pilot is credited with a masterful landing.

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