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Four Killed as Small Plane Crashed in Slovenia

A small plane crashed near Ajdovscina in western Slovenia on July 14th.

The 6-seat Piper 32 plane was heading from Venice, Italy, to Leipzig, Germany, when it went down.

There were four people aboard at the time; all of them were killed in the crash. It is believed that the founder of German internet company ‘Unister’ Thomas Wagner, 38, was among those killed in the crash.

The plane was registered in the United States.

Authorities said the pilot reported problems with icing before the plane crashed.

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3 Killed, 1 Seriously Injured as a Small Plane Crashed in Southern Slovenia

small planeA small Robin DR400 aircraft crashed, shortly after taking off from the Divaca sports airport in southern Slovenia on September 14.

There were 4 people aboard the plane including the pilot. According to police spokesperson Anita Leskovec, “Three people were killed and one is in serious condition. We can’t confirm their identities yet.”

The aircraft belonged to a local Aero club near Ljubljana.

The cause of crash is under investigation.

Balloon Crashes Due to Wind Shear, Pilot lost License

What: Lindstrand LBL 180A
Where: Ljubljana Slovenia
When: August 23, 2012
Who: 30 passengers, 2 crew, 4 fatalities, 28 injured
Why: A hot air balloon with 32 aboard caught fire and crashed into a tree, burning four beyond recognition. At least six children were injured. Then people at the scene were reported resuscitated; eight in the crash were in critical condition. One passenger was quoted as saying “we were landing, but I think the speed was too high for landing so we hit the ground, bounced off once and hit it again. We held on, but five of us fell out“. Twenty-one were admitted in the hospital Ljubljana, and seven to other hospitals. The injured included one brit and three Italians.

When the balloon hit the ground and and bounced back in the air, some passengers jumped or fell out, scattering the injured across four locations and making it more difficult for rescuers. Nine teams with ambulances and twelve emergency medical service teams responded as well as 79 firefighters, 20 fire fighting vehicles and three helicopters.

The balloon takes off and lands in uncontrolled airspace and does not need air traffic control clearance.

Prime Minister Janez Janša, Minister for Health Tomaz Gantar, Minister of Defense Aleš Hojs and Interior Minister Vinko Gorenak expressed condolences.

The cause is being attributed to ground level wind shear. The pilot needed to retake a health exam to renew his license in June.

Five are unidentified.

The on board extinguishers apparently had cracked cylinders.

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