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Starbow BAe Over-Runs Runway in Ghana; Plane Damaged

Starbow Airlines flight S9-110 overran the end of runway 23 of Tamale Airport in Savelugu, Ghana, on October 6.

The British Aerospace BAe 146-300, flying from Accra, Ghana, crashed into a barrier and stopped with its nose gear collapsed on a walkway.

The aircraft sustained significant damage.

No injuries were reported.

Starbow Flight Returns to Accra Due to Hydraulic Failure

StarbowA Starbow flight had to return and make an emergency landing at Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana, on October 28.

The flight was on its way from Accra to Takoradi when the pilot reported that the aircraft’s wing flaps were not functioning due to a hydraulic fault.

The British Aerospace 143-200 aircraft, carrying 77 passengers, was then diverted back to Accra where it made an emergency landing, shortly after it took off.

The authorities confirmed that 2 people were injured in the incident. They were shifted to the 37 Military Hospital.

The airline arranged an alternate aircraft to take the passengers to their destination.

Cobham Aviation Plane Landed in Emergency After Engine Fire

One of the engines of a British Aerospace BAE-146 plane caught fire in Western Australia, after which it had to make an emergency landing at Perth Domestic Airport.

The Cobham Aviation flight, carrying 97 people, was en route from Perth to Barrow Island. One of the four engines caught fire during its climb, shortly after the take-off.  The plane was then turned back towards Perth airport where it made a safe emergency landing.

All the passengers and crew members exited safely.

The cause of fire is under investigation.

Mexico Jet Crash kills Well-known Mexican DJ Antonio Dávila Campos

A British Aerospace corporate jet operated by Líneas Aéreas Comerciales was on landing approach (Coumel Airport to Saltillo-Plan de Guadalupe International) when it was in an accident in Ramos Arzipe Mexico.

The plane which was on a domestic in-Mexico flight, was destroyed, killing all eight aboard.

The airplane crashed into an industrial park near Saltillo-Plan de Guadalupe International Airport in conditions of low visibility. It was foggy at 299 feet.

The DJ Antonio Dávila Campos died in the crash, as well as his wife and son, Irma Lopez Coss; his son Alejandro Dávila López, 10, the pilot Alfonso Andrés Remond Ebergenyi, copilot, Israel Cabrera Hernández, 33; Marta Elena de Loera; her husband Daniel Loera and Paulina Fascio, private secretary of Lourdes Naranjo, wife of Isidro Lopez Villarreal, Mayor of Saltillo.

The parties were returning from a Cozumel vacation on a jet belonging to businessman Armando Guadiana.

Minutes after the crash, rescue services responded to the scene at intersection of Industrial Automotive and Industrial Metalworking Industrial Park.

The plane exploded on impact with the ground and caught power poles afire, but the fire was quickly contained by the fast response of firefighters. Everyone aboard died on impact. The black box was recovered .

The Metars were:
MMIO 200040Z 03008KT 1/2SM FG OVC002 15/11 A3017 RMK 8/7//

Which translates to:
Location: MMIO
Day of month: 20
Time: 00:40 UTC
Wind: True direction = 030 degrees, Speed: 8 knots
Visibility: 1/2 Statute Miles
Weather: Fog
Clouds: Overcast sky , at 200 feet above aerodrome level
Temperature: 15 degrees Celsius
Dewpoint: 11 degrees Celsius
QNH: 30.17 inHg

Main Gear Collapse after Isle of Man Landing

What: Manx2/Links Air British Aerospace Jetstream 3102 en route from Leeds to Isle of Man
Where: Isle of Man
When: Mar 8th 2012
Who: 12 passengers and 2 crew
Why: While landing on the Isle of Man, the pilot veered off the runway at Ronaldsway Airport with damage to the main gear after making a hard landing.

The Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) is investigating.

British Airways Burning Scent instrumental in expedited Landing

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What: British Airways Airbus A319-100 en route from London UK to Zurich Switzerland
Where: Zurich
When: Dec 11th 2011
Why: On approach to Zurich, passengers and crew smelled an odor described as “burning” and “electrical.”

The crew made an accelerated approach and wore oxygen.

They made a safe landing.

Pilots taxied to the gate as usual, and passengers disembarked, with emergency services on standby.

Flats in Cardiff

What: Atlantic Airlines British Aerospace ATP en route from East Midlands to Cardiff
Where: Cardiff
When: Apr 9 2011
Who: Crew
Why: On a cargo flight from East midlands, on landing in Cardiff the plane blew out tires. The tire damage closed down the runway for several hours. No indication is made if it was a fast or overweight landing, or what may have contributed to the tire situation.

Technical Difficulty: Specific Answers imprisoned in “the vague”

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What: Cityjet Avro RJ-85/Air France en route from Edinburgh to Paris
Where: Birmingham UK
When: Jul 8th 2010
Why: While en route, the Air France flight developed “technical problems” and diverted to Birmingham where it made a safe landing. Passengers were provided alternative flights.

Avro (1963) was taken over by Hawker Siddely, and later merged with British Aircraft Corp and Scottish Aviation (1977) , which was succeeded by British Aerospace( 1999) , and then succeeded by BAE Systems.

George’s Point of View

Technical issues? In this day and time, it seems to me that “technical issues” is an inadequate description of a problem. These have all been lumped at one time under “technical issues”:

  • Polish air force Tupolev 154 that crashed during an attempted landing in Smolensk, Russia, on April 10, 2010. 96 killed
  • Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 that took off in Beirut, caught fire and crashed into the Mediterranean on Jan. 25, 2010. 90 killed
  • Yemenia Airways Airbus A310 that crashed into the Indian Ocean on approach to Moroni, on June 30, 2009. 152 killed
  • Air France Airbus A330 en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on June 1, 2009. 228 killed
  • Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 that crashed shy of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport runway on Feb. 25, 2009 9 killed (135 aboard)

A cursory announcement of a problem should be specific.

Was it a problem with an indicator? an alarm system? a physical problem? a communication problem? loss of control? overheating? leaks? maintenance?

The only way design issues can be caught ahead of the disaster is if full disclosure of the exact problem is noted publicly, and cross-checked with all other incidents and problem reports. If Air France or Cityjet Avro wants to present details, I would be delighted to present them in this forum here.

Air France—like all carriers—needs to practice full disclosure. If the cause is unknown, then it is multiplicatively more important to disclose the exact issue so that the problem can recorded, cross checked, and be tracked down. Maybe if there were less secrecy and more open communication in the field of aviation safety, the 575 lost in recent crashes would still be here.

SA Airlink Grounded

What: SA Airlink Jetstream 41 en route from Nelspruit S Africa
Where: Nelspruit
When: Dec 23rd 2009
Who: not available
Why: Prior to takeoff, the hand engine emitted smoke and the plane indicated low oil. Africa’s Civil Air authority grounded the fleet pending a solution from Honeywell and BAE Systems.

Lufthansa Emergency Landing

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What: Lufthansa Cityline Avro RJ-85 en route from Linz Austria to Frankfurt
Where: Linz
When: Nov 29th
Who: 61 passengers and 4 crew
Why: By the time the flight took off, there was smoke not only in the cockpit but also in the cabin. After the plane landed safely, one individual was treated for shock; otherwise there were no injuries reported. The cause of the smoke was not released.

SA Airlink: aborted flight

Pictured: A SA Airlink with a different British Aerospace plane, A Jetstream 41 instead of a Avro RJ-85
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What: SA Airlink Avro RJ-85 en route from Johannesburg to Nelspruit Krueger (South Africa)
Where: on approach to the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport
When: Nov 8th 2009
Who: 26 passengers from Malta, Britain, Tanzania and Switzerland
Why: On approach, the brake hydraulics failed. The landing was aborted, and the flight was redirected back to OR Tambo by ATC. The plane made a “soft landing” however.

Airlink Crash in Durban

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What: SA Airlink JS41 en route from from Durban to Pietermaritzburg
Where: Durban
When: Sep 24th 2009
Who: 4 people, (3 crewmembers) and a woman working on the ground at the school perimeter, have been airlifted to local hospitals. The captain is critical, the other 3 with serious injuries.
Why: The plane had smoke coming from its engines, lost height after takeoff.

The crew called Mayday and reported engine loss and smoke. They attempted an emergency landing in the field in front of a school and impacted the fence surrounding the school.

Preliminary examination apparently shows the hand engine was operating under full power and the left engine failed.

George’s Point of View

The fact that anyone at all survived this indicates that the emergency landing was a success.

However, maintenance is suspect.

Plane Crashes Mountain; 6 Fatalities

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What: Aviastar Mandiri British Aerospace BAe146-300 en route from Jayapura to Wamena Indonesia
Where: Mount Pike
When: Apr 9th 2009
Who: 6 crew: captain, co-pilot, engineer, loadmaster and two flight attendants
Why: The plane was approaching runway 15 at Wamena Airport in foggy conditions, turned and air traffic control lost contact. The controller observed smoke coming from side of Gunung Pike Mountain. When search crews went to the source of the smoke, there were no survivors.

Reportedly, the plane had been carrying rice and flour and 9 tons of Aviation Turbine Fuel. The airport is surrounded by mountains.

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