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British Aerospace Jetstream 32 Makes Emergency Landing in Quebec

A Jetstream 32 had to divert and make an emergency landing at Bonaventure Airport, Quebec, Canada, on March 30th.

The aircraft was carrying the late Canadian Parliament member Jean Lapierre’s brother-in-law from Montreal and was on its way to Magdalen Islands, when the crew encountered some problem with the engine, prompting the plane to divert.

The plane landed successfully.

All people onboard remained unhurt.

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Eastern Airways Plane Returns to Aberdeen Airport

Eastern AirwaysEastern Airways flight T34717 had to return and make an emergency landing at Aberdeen Airport in Scotland, United Kingdom, on January 7.

According to an airline spokesperson, “The captain operating this afternoon’s T3 4717 flight from Aberdeen to Leeds Bradford made a precautionary return to Aberdeen, after receiving an abnormal right hand engine oil temperature indication during flight. The engine was not shutdown in flight.”

The Jetstream 41 plane landed uneventfully. None of the nine passengers and three crew were harmed.

A replacement aircraft was arranged for the passengers.

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Airlink Crash in Durban

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What: SA Airlink JS41 en route from from Durban to Pietermaritzburg
Where: Durban
When: Sep 24th 2009
Who: 4 people, (3 crewmembers) and a woman working on the ground at the school perimeter, have been airlifted to local hospitals. The captain is critical, the other 3 with serious injuries.
Why: The plane had smoke coming from its engines, lost height after takeoff.

The crew called Mayday and reported engine loss and smoke. They attempted an emergency landing in the field in front of a school and impacted the fence surrounding the school.

Preliminary examination apparently shows the hand engine was operating under full power and the left engine failed.

George’s Point of View

The fact that anyone at all survived this indicates that the emergency landing was a success.

However, maintenance is suspect.

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