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Hungarian Fighter Jets Intercept Blue Air Plane After Loss of Communication

Blue Air flight 0B-405 was intercepted by two Hungarian fighter jets on May 31st.

The Boeing 737-500 plane heading from Constanta, Romania, to Paris-Beauvais Airport, France, was intercepted after it lost contact with ATC in the Hungarian air space.

The communication was subsequently restored and the plane continued for a safe landing in France.

Jet Airways Plane Returns to India after Tail Strike

Jet Airways flight 9W-70 had to return and make an emergency landing at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, India, on May 12th.

The Boeing 737-900 flying to Bangkok, Thailand, had to return due to possible trail strike.

The plane landed safely.

All 180 passengers and 8 crew members remained safe.

Iberia Express Plane Returns to Berlin

IberiaIberia Express flight IB-3673 had to return and make an emergency landing in Berlin, Germany, on November 9th.

The Airbus A320-200 plane took off for Madrid, Spain, but had to return shortly afterwards after a ground observer reported seeing a jet of flame emitting from the left hand engine.

The crew subsequently declared an emergency and turned back toward Berlin.

The plane landed safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

Jet Airways Flight Diverts to Karachi due to Medical Emergency

Jet AirwaysJet Airways Flight 9W 202 made an emergency landing at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, Pakistan, on November 7th.

The plane flying from New Delhi, India to Doha, Qatar, was diverted due to a medical emergency.

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) confirmed that the plane declared a medical emergency after a passenger’s medical condition became critical. However, the passenger passed away on landing in Karachi.

Fighter Jet Escorts Volaris Airlines Plane after Loss of Communication

volarisVolaris Airlines flight Y4-9023 had to divert and make an emergency landing at Glasgow Prestwick Airport in Scotland, United Kingdom, on October 28th.

The Airbus A320-200 plane was heading from Toulouse, France. to Keflavik, Iceland, when it lost communication with the ATC. A fighter jet was dispatched for escort.

The passenger plane, escorted by the fighter jet, then diverted to Glasgow Prestwick Airport where it landed uneventfully.

Everyone aboard remained safe.

United Express Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Redding

United ExpressA United Express jet made an emergency landing in Redding, California, on July 13th.

The plane took off for San Francisco, California, but had to return shortly afterwards after its landing gear failed to retract completely.

The plane landed safely. All 53 passengers aboard remained unhurt.

Swiss Fighter Jet Crashed after Mid-Air Collision in Netherlands

A Swiss fighter jet collided with another plane and crashed in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, on June 9th.

The incident happened when the planes were rehearsing for an international air show. Authorities said the Swiss F-5E air demonstration fighter jet crashed into a pond after the collision.

The pilot ejected from the plane before the impact and was not seriously injured.

The second plane sustained damage on the rear fin.

The incident is being investigated.

Corporate Jet Makes Emergency Landing at Sioux Falls Regional Airport

A corporate jet made an emergency landing at Sioux Falls Regional Airport, South Dakota, on April 30th.

It is believed that the plane, travelling from Canada to Salt Lake City, Utah, was diverted after it lost cabin pressure.

The plane landed uneventfully. There were five people aboard at the time; all of them remained safe.

Jet Airways Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Lucknow

Jet AirwaysJet Airways flight 2828 made an emergency landing at Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport in Lucknow, India, on April 27th.

Authorities said the plane, flying from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, had reached its scheduled destination in New Delhi on time but the ATC advised the pilots to divert to Lucknow due to poor weather conditions. Shortly before reaching the airport in Lucknow, the pilots received low fuel indication and declared an emergency.

The plane landed safely. Everyone aboard remained unhurt.

F-15 Fighter Jet Makes Emergency Landing in Tulsa

An F-15 fighter jet had to make an emergency landing at Tulsa International Airport, Oklahoma, on April 14th.

The plane was one of the two returning from a training session at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina. Authorities said the pilot decided to divert due to a “minor system malfunction.”

The plane landed uneventfully. No injuries were reported.

Jet Airways Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Nagpur after Bomb Placement News

Jet AirwaysJet Airways had to make an emergency landing at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur, India, on March 22.

The aircraft was flying from Delhi to Chennai when the crew was reported that there was a bomb placed in the plane, prompting the plane to land at the nearest airport.

The plane landed uneventfully. The bomb threat was a phoned-in hoax that grounded five planes.

All passengers onboard remained safe.

Envoy Plane Returns for Safe Landing in Michigan due to Bird Strike

Envoy AirEnvoy flight MQ-3605 had to return and make a safe landing at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, Detroit, Michigan, on March 17.

The Canadian Regional Jet-700, heading from Detroit to Chicago, had to return shortly afterwards after a bird impacted its windshield.

The plane received minor damages.

All passengers onboard remained unhurt.

American Eagle Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Wichita

American eagleAn American Eagle flight made an emergency landing at Eisenhower National Airport in Wichita, Kansas, on March 7th.

The Embraer jet, heading from Grand Island, Nebraska, to Dallas, Texas, had to be diverted after a smoke detector went off in the baggage compartment.

The plane landed safely. All 55 people on-board remained unhurt.

No evidence of fire was found upon inspection.

Jet Airways Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Mumbai

Jet AirwaysJet Airways flight 9W 354 had to make an emergency landing at Mumbai airport in India, on March 3rd.

According to the airline, “Jet Airways flight 9W 354 on landing in Mumbai reported a technical fault with the main landing gear.” It is believed that the plane’s main landing gear collapsed upon landing, also causing damage to the right wing.

All 127 people aboard the plane remained uninjured.

Israeli Warplanes Came Dangerously Close to Ryanair Passenger Plane

Two Israel Air Force F-16 fighter jets almost crashed into a Ryanair passenger plane near Ovda Airport, Israel, on March 1st.

The passenger plane was en-route from Krakow, Poland, to Ovda airport, Israel, when two fighter planes, engaged in the training exercises, came “dangerously close”. The Ryanair pilots changed the course at the last minute to avert the crash.

The flight FR-2616 was carrying 162 passengers at the time.

The airline confirmed the incident but said that “These military aircraft were at all times over 3 miles away from the Ryanair aircraft, so the reports of a ‘nearly crash’ or ‘evasive manoeuvres’ are all false and invented. All passengers on board the Ryanair aircraft noticed nothing, since our aircraft never diverted from its cleared flight path to Ovda.”

Metrojet Flight 9268 Crash: Egyptian President Says the Plane was Deliberately Downed

Egyptian authorities have said for the first time that the Russian commercial jet that crashed on 31st October last year in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula was deliberately downed by terrorists.

Metrojet flight 9268 was heading to St. Petersburg, Russia, when it went down, killing all 224 people on-board. Islamic State had immediately claimed the responsibility, and Moscow’s investigation report had also claimed that a bomb downed the plane. However, the local authorities previously rejected these claims and maintained that a technical fault caused the accident.

In a television speech on February 24th, the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said, “Has terrorism ended? No it has not, but it will if we unite. Whoever downed the Russian plane, what did he mean? He meant to hit tourism, and to hit relations with Russia.”

Sisi’s comments are the first official indication from Egypt that the plane was deliberately crashed.

Lufthansa A380 Diverts to Halifax due to Medical Emergency

LufthansaA Lufthansa jet had to divert and make an emergency landing at Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Nova Scotia, Canada, on January 25.

The Airbus A380, flying from Houston, Texas, to Frankfurt, Germany, was diverted after a passenger fell sick on-board.

The plane landed uneventfully.

The passenger was rushed to the hospital while the plane resumed its journey.

Pilot Feared Dead after F-16 Fighter Jet Crashes in Arizona

An F-16 fighter jet crashed in a remote area near Bagdad, Yavapai County, Arizona, on January 21.

The jet that took off from Luke Air Force Base near Phoenix, was carrying a student pilot from Taiwan when it went down. Authorities said the pilot was practicing air-to-air combat with an instructor as part of training.

According to Brig. Gen. Scott Pleus, commander of the 56th Fighter Wing at Luke, “All indications lead me to believe that the pilot did not survive the accident…But until we have 100 percent confirmation, we will continue search efforts.”

The cause of crash is not clear at the moment.

Jet Airways Flight Diverts to Yangon International Airport

Jet AirwaysJet Airways flight 9W-070 had to return and make an emergency landing at Yangon International Airport, Myanmar, on January 5.

The Boeing 737 plane took off from the Chhtrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, India, and was heading to Bangkok, Thailand, when the pilots decided to return due to a technical snag.

The plane landed uneventfully. There were 184 passengers aboard at the time; all of them remained safe.

The airline arranged an alternate plane for the passengers.

Delta Airlines Flight Diverts to Greenville Spartanburg International Airport

250px-Delta_logo.svgA Delta airline jet had to divert and make an emergency landing at Greenville Spartanburg International Airport, South Carolina, on December 16.

The plane, heading from Roanoke, Virginia, to Atlanta, Georgia, was diverted after the pilot reported an electrical smell in the cockpit.

The plane landed uneventfully. Everyone aboard remained unhurt.

Morgan Freeman’s Jet Crash-Lands at Tunica Airport

Morgan Freeman’s private jet crash-landed at Tunica Airport in Mississippi, on December 5.

Authorities said the plane, carrying the 78-year-old actor, ended up in a dirt field after landing.

According to Morgan, “I was on my plane on the way to Texas to shoot a segment for The Story of God. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and a tire blew on take-off which caused other problems. But thanks to my excellent pilot Jimmy Hobson, we landed safely without a scratch. I cannot say the same about my plane. I appreciate the concern and prayers for our safety.”

The plane was flying from Clarksdale, Mississippi.

UVT Aero Jet Returns to Kazan due to Cracked Windshield

uvt aeroUVT Aero flight UW-535 had to return and make an emergency landing in Kazan, Russia, on December 1st.

The Canadair CRJ-200 jet took off for Volgograd, Russia, but had to return shortly afterwards after its windshield cracked midair.

The plane landed back safely. All 16 passengers and 2 crew remained unharmed.

Magnicharters Airlines Jet Crash-Landed at Mexico City Airport

MagnichartersA Magnicharters airlines jet crash-landed at Mexico City International Airport in Mexico, on November 26.

The Boeing 737 plane was coming from the Caribbean coast resort of Cancun when its landing gear partially collapsed upon landing.

There were 139 passengers and 5 crew members aboard at the time; none of them were injured. Authorities said some of the passengers were treated for “nervous crisis.”

Small Plane Crashed into Residential Building in Ohio; 9 Killed

Small Plane Crashed into Residential Building in Ohio; 9 Killed

A small plane crashed into an apartment complex at 3042 Mogadore Road, near Skelton Road, in Akron, Ohio, on November 10.

Authorities said the Hawker H25 business jet was approaching Akron Fulton International Airport when it apparently hit some power lines and crashed into the four-family apartment complex. The plane was flying from Dayton Wright Brothers Airport.

There were 9 people aboard at the time; all of them were killed.

The house, that was vacant at the time, was completely destroyed.

The crash is under investigation.

Air Austral Plane Makes Emergency Landing due to Hydraulic Leak

471px-Air_Austral_logo.svgAir Austral flight U-612 made an emergency landing in Saint Denis, located in the French overseas region of Reunion, on November 7.

The Avions de Transport Regional jet was flying from Antananarivo, Madagascar, when the crew declared emergency due to a hydraulic leak.

The plane landed uneventfully.

Everyone aboard remained unhurt.

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