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Until you start looking at air crashes and incidents, you can not know just how many aviation events that occur, of which we can only cover a few. But feel free to add your own original updates or comments. We appreciate the feedback. And the corrections.

As we develop, we hope to provide a place where memorials can be made to those who are no longer with us.

Air Flight Disaster News is your resource for aviation news, headlines & alerts. Every day we hear a new byte or turn on the news or open the newspaper to find a new aviation disaster staring us in the face.

The Spanair flight that crashed on takeoff killing 154  at Madrid’s airport is not the first disaster we’ve seen.  

  • In May 2008, there was the  Beech 1900C  in  Rumbek, Sudan that killed 20;
  • The  McDonnell Douglas DC-9-51 that killed 40 this April in  Goma, Congo;
  • the  Bell 412EP  in  Santa Cruz, Peru that killed 10 in March;
  • the  Cessna 210M in  Santiago, Chile that killed 11 in February;
  • the  Boeing MD-82 that killed 89 in  Phuket, Thailand in  9/16/2007;
  • the Airbus Industrie A320-233  that killed 199 in Sao Paulo, Brazil  on  7/17/2007…
      There have been many more. We barely scratch the surface.

      We do our best to provide the most accurate and up to date information, and be a resource for anyone with an interest in air safety, but please be aware our content comes from you.

      If you do provide us information, please be as accurate as possible. Feel free to access our information. All information we have is preliminary, so please, take it with a grain of salt.

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  1. siobhan1974

    Sunday/Monday May 20/21: My husband was on a flight that suffered bizarre loss of power and dropped to about 10,000 feet on Sunday night after it hit something mid-flight over the Atlantic. Landing gear came out, etc. DL 0135 from Ghana to Atlanta was “redirected” to San Juan and later status was changed to “diverted.” Even later, the flight is now listed as Ghana to San Juan. Plane had visible damage and evidently lost exotic animal cargo. There is no information abou this diversion, the power issues, the severe loss of altitude, the blue light outside, the animals that were being carried back from Africa, whatever it was that came in contact with the plane. Nothing. Very odd! Have you heard anything???

    • Flight aware has something on that flight here:
      http://flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL135 African flights in particular can be problematic to look up, because so many sites in Africa are loaded with malware.

      Aircraft: B763/Q
      Origin: Kotoka Int’l (DGAA / ACC)
      Destination: Hartsfield-Jackson Intl (KATL)
      Departed: 10:20 pm GMT
      Arrival (Blank)… and it shows this same flight was diverted to Luis Munoz Marin Intl (TJSJ / SJU) which is San Juan, and it landed at 9:57.

      If you try to look this up on NTSB records, you should know that they take longer to get posted.

      Also, the FAA data prelim reports are delayed and frequently inaccurate. I don’t see it here in Boeing events for the weekend but that doesn’t mean much.

      If you feel this might need further inquiry, there’s a division of Air Consumer Protection and Enforcement where you can find someone who can

      Official reports always take time. There’s probably an inquiry going on already.


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