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Mesa Airlines Plane Rejects Takeoff in Texas

Mesa AirlinesMesa Airlines flight YV-5631/ AA-5631 had to abort takeoff at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas, Texas, on April 20th.

The Canadair CRJ-900 was about to takeoff for Columbia, South Carolina, when the crew had to abort taking off due to a flight control issue.

The plane remained on the taxiway, and resumed flight after 40 minutes.

TransAsia Plane Returns to Songshan Airport

TransAsiaTransAsia flight GE507 returned and made an emergency landing at Songshan Airport in Taipei, Taiwan, on February 21.

The plane took off from Songshan Airport for Makung Airport in Penghu County but had to turn back immediately after the captain reported issues with signals involving torque.

The plane landed back safely shortly after 1 p.m. and was taken for inspection.

The airline accommodated passengers in another flight.

Mooney Crashes Home Near Golf Course

A privately owned Mooney M20M TLS crashed into two homes in Greenwood at 2:19 p.m. on Patterson Street across from the Valle Vista Golf Course.

The pilot was the only fatality. The co-pilot was taken to IU Health Methodist Hospital in critical condition.

Two people were aboard.

At least three were injured in the accident. Two people on the ground sustained injury.

Two homes in the first block of Patterson Street were damaged after the plane lost power during takeoff.

Zenair Crash in Italy

On Feb 17, 2013 at 16:30, a Zenair which took off from Montemelino crashed in Castelvieto, Corciano Italy. Simone Masci and his companion Monica were aboard, and died in the crash less than a minute after taking off, on fire.

The police did not find witnesses to the crash. Currently investigators say the cause could be anything from mechanical failure to the illness of the pilot to wind shear.

Angela Maria Avila is investigating.

Corona Airport Crash Injures Student and Teacher

Contact photographer Marty Kusch

What: Bedrock Investments LLC single-engine Cessna 150 training flight
Where: Corona Airport, California
When: April 12, 2011
Who: Flight instructor and student pilot
Why: Whoever was flying lost control during takeoff and crashed into the hanger at Corona Municipal Airport. Both aboard were injured, one seriously enough to be evacuated to the hospital while unconscious. The hanger door is damaged, and the plane is a total loss.

Close Encounters of the Airport Kind

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Contact photographer Urs Zimmermann

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Contact photographer Tsuyoshi Hayasaki – AroundWorldImages

What: Swiss Airbus A320-200 en route from Zurich Switzerland to Madrid, Spain
What: Swiss Airbus A320-200 en route from Zurich Switzerland to Moscow Domodedovo Russia
Where: Zurich
When: Mar 15th 2011
Why: To save space, lets call these planes Swiss Airbus Spain and Swiss Airbus Russia …
Swiss Airbus Spain was taking off when ATC had them abort the takeoff.
Swiss Airbus Russia was taking off simultaneously, and they were allowed to continue.

An an ILS calibration flight was measuring runways 14 and 16 in the area at the same time. Russia was on one of the runways being measured, but not Spain.

Swiss Airbus Spain stopped with hot brakes, and takeoff was delayed for three hours. Russia was allowed to continue.

A near miss may be a near collision, but a close call is a close call. And this was a close call.

Ultralight Fatality in Italy

What: Ultralight en route to Ozzano of the Emilia
Where: Rogno Italy
When: June 6 2010
Who: Pilot and passenger
Why: The ultralight developed problems on takeoff, and crashed near an Artogne airstrip. Passenger Ivan Belotti, resident of Cevo Brescia died in the crash. The pilot, Alan Planeti of Esine Brescia has been hospitalized in serious condition.

Air France Rejects Takeoff In Mexico

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Contact photographer Rob Van Ringelesteijn

What: Air France Boeing 747-400 en route from Guadalajara to Paris
Where: Guadalajara
When: Jan 21st 2010
Who: crew (freight)
Why: When the pilot aborted the takeoff due to alerts, the plane’s tires deflated due to overheating from braking. The flight was cancelled. We have no indication what the instrumentation indicated that caused the pilot to abort the takeoff.

Fatal Avient Take-off

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Contact photographer Kok Chwee SIM

What: Avient Aviation McDonnell Douglas MD-11 freighter en route from Shanghai to Bishkek Kyrgyzstan
Where: Shanghai
When: Nov 28th 2009, 8am local time
Who: 7 crew
Why: On takeoff, the MD-11’s main gear left the ground over the runway but the plane climbed less than 10 feet, ran into approach lights, fell, broke into parts and caught on fire. The plane rotated for takeoff but failed to become airborne and sustained at least one tailstrike.

There are three fatalities, all American crew members, and 4 critically injured. Those aboard were from the US, Belgium, Indonesia and Zimbabwe.

One injured US citizen (61 year old co-pilot) is in critical condition with multiple rib fractures, blast lung injury and pneumothorax. The other 3 survivors sustained chest and limb injuries.

This plane, flying as HL7372 Korean Air Lines tipped on its tail at Sydney Airport while being unloaded on JAN 09 2002.

Homebuilt Amphibious Crashes on Lake

Pictured: an Avid Catalina aircraft
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Contact photographer David Morrell

What: Avid Catalina home-built, single-engine amphibious aircraft taking off from the lake near Camp Longhorn.
Where: Inks Lake in Burnet County
When: Wednesday at 1:30 p.m
Who: pilot Jim Eachus
Why: The plane’s wing tip skimmed the water, sending the plane into a cartwheel. The pilot appeared outside of the plane but did not make it ashore. It was several days before the pilot was found.

DC-3 Crashes at Mojave-Kern

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Contact photographer Michael Van Bosch
Landing photo taken one day before it crashed

What: National Test Pilot School’s AMI 65 TP Turbo DC-3 Registration N834TP
Where: Mojave-Kern County Airport, CA
When: 05 FEB 2009
Who: crew of 2 pilots-one taken by ambulance to the hospital; the other drove himself.
Why: The DC-3 was in takeoff phase from runway 30. After liftoff, it dropped and veered off the runway and sustained substantial damage. Six hundred gallons of fuel leaked from the plane as a result of damage.

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