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Royal Jordanian Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Doha

Royal Jordanian Airlines flight RJ-611 had to divert for an emergency landing in Doha, Qatar, on May 18th.

The Airbus A320-200 plane heading from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to Amman, Jordan, was diverted after the crew found an unidentified object on-board.

The plane landed uneventfully. All passengers and crew members remained safe.

Upon checking, the security forces did not find any hazardous material.

A380 Emergency Landing at Shamshabad

What: Emirates A380 en route from Bangkok to Dubai
Where: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad
When: October 23, 2011, 3:40 a.m.
Who: 481 passengers
Why: While en route, the plane developed problems. Pilots planned to land in Chennai but could not get clearance, and diverted instead to Shamshabad, where they were able to be cleared to land.

The flight did land safely. The passengers disembarked with no reported injuries, and were provided a plane to take them the rest of the way to Dubai. Some took alternative flights.

Helicopter Crash kills Pilot

What: Bell 206 helicopter crash en route from Bintangor, Sarikei to Dataran Sibu
Where: Dataran Sibu
When: April 11, 2011
Who: Captain Sahimi Razali
Why: The helicopter Captain Razali was piloting crashed after three delegates disembarked. The helicopter was ten feet off the ground when he lost control of it and was pinned in the wreckage. He sustained undesignated injuries and died at Sibu hospital. His helicopter was a third of the units carrying a delegation to Dataran Sibu.

Air India Emergency Landing in Delhi, Ministers Safe

What: Air India Flight 680 en route from Delhi to Kolkata
Where: IGI Airport, Delhi
When: Jan 5 2011
Who: 152 passengers including Union Ministers Mamata Banerjee and Mukul Roy
Why: The plane was en route but returned to Delhi after 45 minutes due to an undisclosed technical problem. The plane made a safe landing under emergency conditions at 9:10 pm. Passengers waited an hour, and an alternative plane took off with them aboard to Kolkata at 10:45 pm

All West Freight Fairchild C-123 Crashes in Denali PK, AK

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What: All West Freight twin-engine cargo Fairchild C-123
Where: south-facing slope of Mount Healy, Delta Junction, Alaska
When: August 1 2010
Who: 3 crew
Why: Witnesses told a news crew that the pilot “was flying kind of low, and he banked hard to the left and went straight down we saw the fire ball come up from the back side of the mountains.”

The crash started a forest fire in Denali National Park which has been contained by Alaska Fire Service smokejumpers and Denali wildland fire fighters. The deceased are owner and pilot 61-year-old Bill Michel of Delta Junction; 52-year-old John Eshleman of Wasilla, and 66-year-old Paul Quartly of Wasilla.

Ultralight Fatality in Italy

What: Ultralight en route to Ozzano of the Emilia
Where: Rogno Italy
When: June 6 2010
Who: Pilot and passenger
Why: The ultralight developed problems on takeoff, and crashed near an Artogne airstrip. Passenger Ivan Belotti, resident of Cevo Brescia died in the crash. The pilot, Alan Planeti of Esine Brescia has been hospitalized in serious condition.

Helicopter Crashes in Atizapan, Mexico

What: CRIT Helicópteros Bell 206
Where: Atizapan , Mexico
When: June 6 2010
Who: 3 injured
Why: On 11 Maple drive in the Hidden Valley golf club (el club de golf Valle Escondido), the Bell Helicopter crashed for unknown reasons. Pilot Gerardo Alberto Lujano González, and crew Eduardo Rodriguez Vértiz and Gabriel Brito Macías were taken to the Angels of Huixquilucan hospital with undisclosed injuries. The helicopter has been written off as damaged beyond repair but there were no fatalities.

Unreleased Technical Issue Grounds Easyjet Airbus

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What: Easyjet Airbus A319-100 en route from London to Tallinn Estonia
Where: Copenhagen
When: Jan 11th 2010
Who: not available
Why: While en route, the flight developed a technical problem and decided to divert to Copenhagen. No details about the problem have been released. Replacement transportation was provided.

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