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Royal Jordanian Airlines Flight Diverts to Shannon Airport due to Medical Emergency

Royal Jordanian Airlines flight RJ-264 made an emergency landing at Shannon Airport, Ireland, on October 7th.

The plane heading from Chicago, Illinois, to Amman, Jordan, was diverted after a passenger suffered a medical emergency.

The plane landed safely. The patient was taken to a hospital.

Royal Jordanian Airlines Plane Overruns Runway in Aqaba, Jordan

Royal Jordanian Airlines flight RJ-6888 overran the end of the runway during landing at King Hussein International Airport, Aqaba, Jordan, on September 17th.

The incident happened when the Boeing 737-300 plane was coming from Amman, Jordan.

All one hundred and twenty-six people aboard remained unharmed.

The plane sustained minor damage.

Royal Jordanian Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Doha

Royal Jordanian Airlines flight RJ-611 had to divert for an emergency landing in Doha, Qatar, on May 18th.

The Airbus A320-200 plane heading from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to Amman, Jordan, was diverted after the crew found an unidentified object on-board.

The plane landed uneventfully. All passengers and crew members remained safe.

Upon checking, the security forces did not find any hazardous material.

Royal Jordanian Airlines Plane Veers Off Runway in Iraq

Royal Jordanian Airlines flight RJ-800 veered off runway at Sulaimaniyah International Airport, Iraq, on March 4th.

The incident happened when the Embraer ERJ-175 plane was coming from Amman, Jordan.

There were 30 people aboard at the time; the airline confirmed that none of them were injured.

Royal Jordanian Airlines Flight Diverts to Rome due to Medical Emergency

Royal Jordanian AirlinesA Royal Jordanian Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Rome, Italy, on April 11th.

The plane, heading from Amman, Jordan, to Chicago, was diverted after a passenger became sick mid-air.

The plane landed uneventfully. The passenger was rushed to hospital.

The flight resumed shortly afterwards.

Royal Jordanian Airlines Jet Makes Emergency Landing in Israel

Royal Jordanian AirlinesRoyal Jordanian Airlines flight RJA611 had to make an emergency landing at Ben Gurion International airport in Israel, on November 3.

According to the airline, the Airbus A320 was en-route from Dubai to Amman, Jordan when it was diverted due to poor weather conditions.

The plane landed uneventfully. Everyone aboard remained unhurt.

Authorities said the plane resumed its journey shortly afterwards after refueling.

Royal Jordanian Airlines Flight Diverted due to Medical Emergency

Royal Jordanian AirlinesRoyal Jordanian Airlines flight RJ 264 had to divert and make an emergency landing at Montreal airport in Canada, on March 16.

The flight, en-route from Chicago to Amman, was diverted after a 70-year-old Jordanian passenger became sick midair.

The Boeing 787 landed uneventfully and the sick passenger was immediately transported to hospital.

The flight resumed later on, with 224 passengers aboard.

Goodrich and Royal Jordanian Airlines Sign Support Agreement

Work will be performed through Prime Solutions(R) at the Goodrich Dubai campus

Goodrich and Royal Jordanian Airlines Sign Nacelle Services Agreement for Support of Airbus A320, A340 and Embraer E195 Fleets

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 31, 2011 -Goodrich Corporation has signed a nacelle services agreement with Royal Jordanian Airlines. The five-year Prime Solutions(R) agreement covers maintenance and support of nacelles and thrust reversers for the airline’s fleet of V2500-powered Airbus A320s, CF34-10E powered Embraer 195s and CFM56-5C- powered Airbus A340s. The agreement will be managed through Goodrich’s Dubai campus in Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates, which will provide the regional support to this national airline of Jordan.

Bob Gustafson, Goodrich Aerostructures vice president and general manager of Aftermarket Services said, “This agreement demonstrates the breadth of services we offer on different aircraft types that are in different stages of their lifecycles. From the newer E195 airplanes to the more mature A320s and the out-of-production CFM56-5C nacelles on the A340-200, Goodrich is committed to offering world-class nacelle maintenance services on all of these programs.”

In addition to demonstrating the breadth of services and programs offered, Gustafson added that the agreement is another example of an airline recognizing the value of securing long-term nacelle services with a locally positioned nacelle MRO. “Goodrich’s Dubai campus is strategically located to provide local services to airlines so that they can achieve time and cost savings from having repairs performed on large components close to their main operating bases,” he said.

Royal Jordanian president and CEO Hussein Dabbas agreed that the Goodrich strategic MRO location was an important factor in the airline’s decision. “We are pleased to put this Prime Solutions agreement into place and that the work will be performed at the Goodrich Dubai campus, which is close to the Royal Jordanian base in Amman, Jordan,” Dabbas said. “The A320s, A340s and Embraer 195s represent a significant portion of the airline’s fleet and we look forward to the maintenance work being performed by a well-known, renowned nacelle MRO.”

Prime Solutions is a comprehensive suite of maintenance services and asset/inventory management programs that can be fully customized to meet any airline’s needs for nacelle maintenance.

Royal Jordanian is Jordan‘s national carrier and began operations more than 47 years ago. Under the guidance and direction of His Majesty King Abdullah II, the airline connects Jordan and the Eastern Mediterranean area with the rest of the world. It continues to continuously modernize and upgrade its services, renew its fleet and expand its route network and operations. Royal Jordanian operates flights from Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan. Its fleet covers a network of 58 destinations on four continents.

Royal Jordanian Embraer Maintenance Delay

What: Royal Jordanian Embraer ERJ-195 en route from Amman Jordan to Kiev Ukraine
Where: Amman
When: Sep 30th 2010
Who: 77 passengers
Why: Over Syria, the engine developed a problem and the crew decided to return to Jordon. The flight landed safely in Amman. After thirty minutes with maintenance, the problem was repaired, and the flight departed again.

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