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Marine Corps Crash Kills 16. Total Loss

A Marine Corps C-130 departed from the Mid-South Base in Millington, Tennessee and crashed in Mississippi in Leflore County in Itta Bena just off Highway 82 in a soybean field. Reports say the plane exploded in mid-air. Bodies were found more than a mile from the crash site. The debris field covered a radius of five miles. Witnesses report seeing the plane spiraling down with one engine on fire. The way the debris was scattered on both sides of the highway leads investigators to believe the explosion happened prior to the crash. The plane was loaded with ammunition. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

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Drone Crashes into Empire State Building; Owner Arrested

A drone crashed into the 40th floor of the Empire State Building in New York, on February 4.

According to the owner Sean Nivin Riddle, 29, all he wanted “was to shoot 5 seconds of video to promote a non-profit”. The drone ended up in a landing on the 35th floor.

No injuries were reported.

Riddle was taken into custody after the incident. He is facing charges of illegal aviation in and over the city, and reckless endangerment.

#Malaysia Airlines Confidential report of MH17 handed over to Australians in June

Details from the confidential MH17 report that was handed over to Australian experts on June 2nd have not been revealed. The report questions if the flight path should have routed the passenger jet over a known war zone. The report is based on conclusions drawn by experts from Australia, Malaysia, the Ukraine, the US, Russia, the UK and the Netherlands, but those conclusions have not been revealed to the public. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau, which had experts on the committee, has not made a public statement. The final report is expected in October 2015.

Two hundred and ninety-eight people died aboard Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which was shot down over the Ukraine on July 17 2014.


Report of Investigators Blocked from Investigating

MH-17: The Untold Story, a video examining the downing of MH17

Canadair CRJ Belly Landing at LAX

A SkyWest/United Express Canadair CRJ made a belly landing at Los Angeles International Airport with the left main gear not fully extended. None of the 43 aboard reported injury. The video below shows sparks on landing, with the commentators realizing on air there were not 4 aboard but a full plane. The video has been cut so that you do not see the landing initially, but eventually they show the friction of the landing. News of the incident was released without the flight number, origin or destination.

The incident occurred at 8:23 a.m.

The CRJ is a regional commuter. Passengers were able to disembark normally, without slides, and were bussed to the terminal. Emergency services were standing by.

Southwest NoseGear Collapse July 22 Update

Investigators are still working to determine the problem why the landing gear of Southwest Airlines Flight 345 collapsed while the plane was landing in New York on Monday.

Input and coverage continues below:

See Videos

  • Nose Gear Collapse ‘Humongous Jolt’

  • CBS 2 minutes 9 seconds

  • Details from Los Angeles Times 1 min 13 seconds

  • Raw footage 11 seconds


Date: 22-JUL-13
Time: 21:45:00Z
Regis#: N753SW/SWA345
Aircraft Make: BOEING
Aircraft Model: 737
Event Type: Incident
Highest Injury: Unknown
Aircraft Missing:
Damage: Unknown
State: New York

BA Airways emergency landing with Engine fire

A British Airways Airbus A319-100 was en route from London to Oslo when it developed an engine problem.

Passengers heard a loud explosion, and saw smoke from the right engine. Apparently the engine doors blew off.

During takeoff, the casing of the left engine ‘came away’ and the right engine exploded when the plane made a quick return, landing in London.

Good thing that Emergency services were on standby to extinguish the engine fire.

Passengers and crew made an emergency evacuation via emergency slides.

None of the 5 crew and 75 passengers were injured.

The ABC News video below suggests a birdstrike that is purely speculative

Air France Flight 447

Air France 447 went down over the Atlantic in 2009.

The fly-by-wire A330 incorporates technology that prevents the airplane from entering a stall, but during a complete loss of airspeed information, however, the system reverted to manual control.

The final report said said the pilots were “completely surprised” by technical problems experienced at high altitude and engaged in increasingly de-structured actions until suffering “the total loss of cognitive control of the situation.”

CEO of the Flight Safety Foundation has been recorded said pilots generally manually manipulating the controls for only three minutes:one minute and 30 seconds each for take-off and landing.

“We are moving towards automated operations where the pilot isn’t even permitted to fly. That means the first time in your career you will ever feel what an aircraft feels like at 35,000 feet is when it’s handed to you broken.”

See a video examination of the Air France 447 flight

Crashed, Stolen, Force Landings on April 1 No Joke

On April 1:

  • A privately owned Reims Cessna F172E with two aboard made an emergency landing in Nome, Norway after an engine failed. Neither of the two aboard reported injury.
  • An Ultralight suffered a mechanical failure in south Surrey, BC crashed and sustained damage. The pilot parachuted out into a field of blueberries, and was injured but survived.
  • The pilot of a Beech J35 Bonanza force landed in a cornfield in northwest Davenport, Iowa after the plane suffered a mechanical failure. THe plane was damaged. The pilot was not.
  • A privately owned Cessna 210H that took off from Bullo River Station with four aboard crashed near Cape Ford in Australia. The bodies of three of the four people aboard have been recovered. Those aboard were 45-year-old electrical contractor Stuart Sceney, his 53-year-old wife Karmi Dunn, and daughters Mekdes, 12, and Kal, 15. A search continues for the wreckage and the remaining passenger. Weather conditions hampered the search.
  • A Cessna 172 Skyhawk went down with engine troubles in Juneau County swamp, Wonewoc, Wisconsin. THe pilot Seth Pripps of Rockford, Ill was uninjured. Firefighters assisted.
  • A Caicos Express Airways Cessna 402C took off from and landed at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport and suffered a nose-gear collapse. The plane is registered to Turks and Caicos Islands. The pilot was uninjured.
  • A Cirrus SR22 was reported missing/stolen from Benton Arkansas. It was found abandoned in Casscoe Arkansas. On Monday night, the plane had been scheduled to land at Saline County Airport. When officers approached, the plane took off nearly hitting a deputy.

Video Below

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National Airspace

24 hours of air traffic in the National Airspace System, provided by NASA

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Catalina Plane Crash

(Update pending)
What: single-engine Mooney M20J registered to a Corona resident
Where: three-quarters of a mile off the departure end of Runway 22 of Catalina island airport.
When: 1:15 p.m . Monday
Who: 2 were dead at the scene, one died shortly after help arrived, one transported to hospital.
Why: Under investigation.

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A Czech Z-37 Crashes at German Air Show

BERLIN, April 26 – While taking off, the small propeller airplane formerly used for crop dusting rolled off the runway and into air show spectators. There were seven minor injuries, three serious injuries and one woman was killed. The pilot survived with injuries, though he was pinned in the cockpit of the single seat plane.

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