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Delta Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Bradley International Airport

A Delta Airlines flight made an emergency landing at Bradley International Airport, Connecticut, on December 13th.

The plane took off for Atlanta, Georgia, but had to turn back due to an engine explosion.

The plane landed back safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

Marine Corps Crash Kills 16. Total Loss

A Marine Corps C-130 departed from the Mid-South Base in Millington, Tennessee and crashed in Mississippi in Leflore County in Itta Bena just off Highway 82 in a soybean field. Reports say the plane exploded in mid-air. Bodies were found more than a mile from the crash site. The debris field covered a radius of five miles. Witnesses report seeing the plane spiraling down with one engine on fire. The way the debris was scattered on both sides of the highway leads investigators to believe the explosion happened prior to the crash. The plane was loaded with ammunition. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Daallo Airlines Plane Makes Emergency Landing after Explosion Blew Hole in the Fuselage

DaalloDaallo Airlines flight D3159 had to return and make an emergency landing in Mogadishu, Somalia, on February 2nd.

The Airbus A321 plane took off for Djibouti, but had to return shortly afterwards after an explosion sparked fire and blew a hole in the fuselage.

The plane landed back uneventfully. There were 74 passengers and crew members aboard at the time; two of them sustained minor injuries.

The incident is under investigation.

Metrojet Flight 9268 Investigation Continues

videosnapshotWe can not forget or ignore Metrojet Flight 9268, which was supposed to fly from Sharm el_Sheikh but instead of arriving at Saint Petersburg as scheduled, crashed on the Sinai Peninsula, killing the 217 passengers and 7 crew members. And while the investigators still have not made conclusive decisions on what they believe happened, evidence appears, at this juncture, to point to the likelihood of a bomb having been planted by an EgyptAir mechanic whose cousin had joined up with Isis in Syria.

Other causes of the crash which are being ruled out are metal fatigue, overheating lithium batteries, being shot down, unknown part failure, and fuel explosion.

News sources such as Reuters have reported that, although official sources are publicly denying connections, several people have been “detained,” including the aforementioned EgyptAir mechanic, a baggage handler, and two policemen. The bomb is purported to have been in a handbag that Isis delivered to those involved at the airport.

In November, the head of Russia’s FSB security service said a homemade explosive device brought down Metrojet Flight 9268.

ISIS posted pictures of what it claims was the bomb on its online magazine, Dabiq.

As always, the voices of the dead cry out for an honest investigation, and justice for the families.

Dominican Republic Flight Cancelled with a Bang

On a takeoff run, an Airbus 330 en route from Manchester to the Dominican Republic suffered an engine explosion.

The pilot aborted the takeoff. None of the 325 passengers aboard the Thomas Cook A330 were injured.

Passengers disembarked and the plane was inspected and for half an hour, the runway was closed. Emergency services were deployed.

How passengers were accommodated was not released.

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Horizon Air Dash 8-400 Limps back to Portland on One Engine

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Contact photographer Tsuyoshi Hayasaki

What: Horizon Air de Havilland Dash 8-400 en route from Portland,OR to Seattle,WA
Where: Portland
When: Jan 26 2012
Who: 55 passengers, 4 crew
Why: While en route, the right engine was shut down. According to wptv witnesses aboard the flight, “there was an explosion. Then, all of a sudden, everything stopped, and it just got totally quiet, and everyone started to panic.” Passengers took photos of the plane’s stopped propellor; and then the plane began shaking, and they could feel the weight on the left side.

Pilots returned to Portland and made a safe landing. An inspection of the plane is underway.

A replacement jet was provided.

Private Cessna Blows Up Over Veracruz

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Contact photographer Paul Chandler

What: Cessna 210G Centurion #N5894FN en route from Puebla to Villahermosa, Tabasco.
Where: Veracruz Mexico
When: October 23, 2011, 10.00 local tim
Who: 2 fatalities
Why: Over the town of Angel R. Cabada, the plane was flying in a westerly direction, made a turn and then exploded in the air. Documents found on the bodies belong to a married couple, Reggie and Andrea Henkart . The occupants were employees of U.S. company Agfa Phoenix.

Rescue services responded to the call but there was not much they could do for the victims but secure the scene.

There was a slight rain at the time of the event, and the location is one that is difficult to access in a sugar cane field and tropical rainforest. The two aboard were Americans.

Russian Mig-31s Grounded after MilitaryJet Engine Explodes

What: Russian Mikoyan Mig-31 en route from Bolshoye Savinovo
Where: Perm, Russia
When: Sept 6, 2011
Who: pilot and copilot, 2 fatalities
Why: A Flight Data Recorder from the Russian MiG-31 Foxhound fighter jet which took off on a routine training flight and exploded in Perm, Russia, has been found. The flight took off and exploded while still in the air, landed and flipped over, on fire. The explosion is being blamed on an engine malfunction.

All all Mig-31s have been grounded.

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Delta DC-9 Suffers Uncontained Engine Failure

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Contact photographer Stefan Sonnenberg

What: Delta Airlines Douglas DC-9-50 en route from Atlanta to Pittsburgh
Where: Atlanta o
When: Aug 6th 2011
Why: On takeoff approach, the right engine made a banging noise, leading the pilots to reject takeoff, and stop on the runway, with locked up brakes and an uncontained engine failure (holes in the casing) and a disengaged fan blade. Passengers disembarked on to the runway and were ported to the terminal.

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Virgin Australia Boeing Engine Flames On LA Runway

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Contact photographer Nathan Zalcman

What: Virgin Australia Boeing 777-300 en route from Los Angeles to Sydney
Where: Los Angeles
When: April 12, 2011
Who: 305 passengers
Why: On making its takeoff run from Los Angeles, the plane emitted a loud “bang!” and stopped on the runway, they believed for a nose gear. It turned out to be the fireball erupting from engine one. Needless to say, the jet was pulled for inspection, and the passengers were given hotel accommodations for the night. They were provided an alternative flight the next day.

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Breaking News: Explosion at Domodedovo


A suicide bomber has been reported to have killed 10 at a Moscow airport. Dozens are reported to have been injured. The explosion occurred in the international baggage-claim near a baggage carousel. People are being evacuated from the airport.


23 killed 130 injured

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