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Small Plane Crashed in Hawaii; 3 Injured

A small plane crashed near Moanalua Freeway in Mapunapuna, Hawaii, on June 30th.

The Piper PA28 plane was carrying three people when it went down under unknown circumstances.

All three occupants of the plane sustained serious injuries, and were taken to a trauma center.

The FAA and the NTSB are investigating.

Drone Crashes into Empire State Building; Owner Arrested

A drone crashed into the 40th floor of the Empire State Building in New York, on February 4.

According to the owner Sean Nivin Riddle, 29, all he wanted “was to shoot 5 seconds of video to promote a non-profit”. The drone ended up in a landing on the 35th floor.

No injuries were reported.

Riddle was taken into custody after the incident. He is facing charges of illegal aviation in and over the city, and reckless endangerment.

Tara Air Incident Report unconfirmed

What: Tara Air de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter en route from Jomsom to Pokhara
Where: Jomsom Airport, Nepal
When: August 19, 2012
Who: 19 aboard, no fatalities
Why: On taking off from Jomsom airport, the plane slid off the runway and into a river bed.

The Nepalese army performed the plane retrieval. No fatalities were reported.

(Note: This item had only one report and was not verified.)

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