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United Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Hawaii

United Airlines flight UA-1175 made an emergency landing in Honolulu, Hawaii, on February 13th.

The Boeing 777-200 plane was flying from San Francisco, California, when a piece of the cowling separated from the right-hand engine.

The plane continued for a safe landing. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing due to Smoke in Cockpit

Hawaiian Airlines flight HA-64 made an emergency landing in Hilo, Hawaii, on August 11th.

The plane heading from Lihue, Hawaii, to Los Angeles, California, was diverted after the crew noticed smoke in the cockpit.

The plane landed safely. There were two hundred and seventy-six people aboard at the time; all of them remained unharmed.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Honolulu

Hawaiian Airlines flight HA-177 made an emergency landing in Honolulu, Hawaii, on July 12th.

The Boeing 717-200 plane was flying from Kona, Hawaii, when the crew noticed engine vibrations and decided to shut down the left engine.

The plane continued for a safe landing. There were eighty-nine passengers aboard at the time; one of them was injured.

Small Plane Crashed in Hawaii; 3 Injured

A small plane crashed near Moanalua Freeway in Mapunapuna, Hawaii, on June 30th.

The Piper PA28 plane was carrying three people when it went down under unknown circumstances.

All three occupants of the plane sustained serious injuries, and were taken to a trauma center.

The FAA and the NTSB are investigating.

Military Jets Escort Hawaii-Bound American Airlines Plane

A Hawaii-bound American Airlines plane was escorted by two fighter jets on May 19th.

American Airlines flight 31 was heading from Los Angeles, California, to Honolulu, Hawaii, when a passenger tried to break into the cockpit. The crew reported the disturbance, which prompted the Pacific Command to dispatch a pair of fighter jets for escort.

The passenger, identified as Turkish national Anil Uskanil, 25, was restrained and subdued before the plane landed in Honolulu.

“The aircraft is currently on the ground, and the individual who disrupted the flight has been detained,” the Department of Homeland Security said.

Hawaiian Airlines Plane Returns to Hawaii due to Problems with Gear Retraction

Hawaiian Airlines flight HA-50 had to return and make an emergency landing at Honolulu International Airport, Honolulu, Hawaii, on May 10th.

The Airbus A330-200 flying to New York, USA, had just taken-off when the crew noticed a problem with its gear retraction.

The plane landed safely.

All 291 people aboard remained unhurt.

Hawaiian Airlines Plane Diverts to Hawaii due to Cabin Smoke

Hawaiian AirlinesHawaiian Airlines flight HA-19 had to divert and make a safe emergency landing at Hilo International Airport, Hilo, Hawaii, on July 15th.

The Boeing 767-300 en-route from Sacramento, California to Honolulu, Hawaii was mid-air over Pacific Ocean when the crew detected smoke in the cabin.

The plane landed safely.

All passengers and crew members onboard remained unharmed.

Skydiving Tour Plane Crashes in Hawaii; 5 Killed

A small plane crashed near Port Allen Airport on the island of Kauai in Hawaii, on May 23rd.

The single engine Cessna 182H plane, belonging to Skydive Kauai, was conducting a skydive tour when it went down.

Five people, including the pilot, two skydive instructors, and two tandem jumpers, were killed in the crash. Their identities are not known at the moment.

The NTSB and the FAA will investigate.

Hawaiian Airlines Plane makes Safe Landing in Hawaii after Mid-Air Turbulence

Hawaiian AirlinesHawaiian Airlines flight HA-43 made a safe landing at Honolulu International Airport, Honolulu, Hawaii, on April 22nd.

The Boeing 767-300, flying from San Jose, California, had just climbed out of runway when it encountered turbulence mid-air, but the crew decided to continue the flight to Honolulu.

The plane landed safely.

Four crew members received injuries due to turbulence.

Alaska Airlines Plane Continues for Safe Landing in Hawaii after Phone Emits Fire

AlaskaAlaska Airlines flight AS-807 continued for a safe landing at Honolulu International Airport, Honolulu, Hawaii, on March 19.

The Boeing 737-800, en-route from Bellingham, Washington to Hawaii, was mid-air above Pacific Ocean when a passenger’s iPhone emitted flame which turned into fire on the cabin floor.

The plane landed safely after 90 minutes.

All passengers aboard remained unharmed.

The incident is under investigation.

Helicopter Crashes into Pearl Harbor; 1 Critically Injured

A Bell 206 helicopter crashed and sunk near the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, on February 18.

The private helicopter went down while it was carrying five people, including the pilot and a family of four visiting from Canada.

All five occupants of the aircraft survived the crash. However, one of them – a 16-year-old boy- was trapped underwater and had to be extricated from his seat. He was taken to hospital in critical condition.

Authorities believe the helicopter belongs to tour operator Genesis Aviation.

The FAA and the NTSB are investigating the cause of crash.

Alaska Airlines Plane Diverts to Honolulu

wings of alaskaAlaska Airlines flight AS-862 had to make an emergency landing in Honolulu, Hawaii, on February 11.

The plane was heading from Kahului, Hawaii, to Portland, Oregon, when the crew decided to divert due to a fault in the auxiliary power unit.

The plane landed uneventfully. There were 152 passengers and 6 crew members aboard at the time; all of them remained unhurt.

The airline arranged a replacement plane for the passengers.

Lithium Batteries behind Hawaiian Airlines Emergency Landing

On January 12, a Hawaiian Airlines crew had to put on their oxygen masks after Flight 226 developed smoke in the cockpit. Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 717 was en route from Honolulu to Kahului when a fire developed in a cargo bay. Pilots managed a safe landing. Evidence of a fire was found in one of the cargo holds. The source of the fire/smoke was an e-cigarette with lithium batteries packed in a passenger’s luggage. The TSB bans E-cigarettes and battery chargers in checked luggage but no criminal charges have been filed. The cargo area sustained enough damage that the return flight was cancelled.

United Airlines Plane Diverts to Hawaii after Smoke in Cockpit

new-united-logoUnited Airlines flight UA-863 had to divert and make an emergency landing at Honolulu International Airport, Honolulu, Hawaii, on December 31.

The Boeing 777-200, flying from San Francisco, California, to Sydney, Australia, had to divert due to smoke in the cockpit.

The plane landed safely.

No one was injured.

United Airlines Plane Diverts to Kona International Airport after Engine Problem

United airlinesUnited Airlines flight UA-641 had to divert and make an emergency landing at Kona International Airport, Kona, Hawaii, at around 10:40 A.M. on July 23.

The Boeing 777-200, en-route from Los Angeles, California, to Honolulu, Hawaii, had to be landed in emergency due to an issue with one of its engines.

The plane landed uneventfully.

All 359 people aboard remained unhurt.

Medical Helicopter Made Emergency Landing at Lanai, Hawaii

indiahelicrashA medical helicopter flying from Kona to Honolulu, Hawaii, made an emergency landing at Lanai at about 6:30 p.m. on June 13 due to engine failure.

The incident happened when the helicopter was carrying 4 people, including a female patient.

Ian Gregor, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman confirmed that the EC135 helicopter landed safely at Lanai.

Another plane was arranged to transport the patient to Honolulu.

FAA records show that the helicopter is registered to Utah-based air medical transport company Guardian Flight.

Mokulele Iki Inc Piper Dunked in Ocean

During salvage of the Mokulele Iki Inc Piper PA-28-181 Archer II that made an emergency landing50 yards from Waiehu Beach on Maui, the Pacific helicopter doing the heavy lifting dropped the Piper Cherokee it was hauling into the ocean. The wind was blowing 20 to 25 mph. Witnesses believed the helicopter was going to follow the plane into the ocean.

None of the four men aboard the Piper were hurt during the emergency landing on the 16th, and no one was injured during the attempted salvage on the 20th.

Now the owner, the insurance company and the coast guard have to figure out what to do next.

Piper Cherokee Crash in Maui

June 16, 2013
A Piper Cherokee N9160Q, on a flight from Honolulu to Maui declared mayday with engine problems three miles from the airport at 5:40 p.m. and made an emergency landing on Maui, Hawaii a quarter-mile down the beach from Pakele Place.

Witnesses said the plane “was 50 to 75 feet in the air, rocking the wings and his engine was off.” None of the four men aboard were injured. The passengers were in Maui after playing in a U.S. Tennis Association tournament on Oahu. The plane sustained some damage. A local described firemen, police, rescue crew and tennis players traipsing through their house from the crash scene near the beach.
Video below

5 Die in Hawaiian Chopper Crash into Mountain

What: Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Eurocopter EC130 B4 helicopter departing from Kahului
Where: Kaunakakai, Molokai island, Hawaii
When: November 9, 2011 at 12:30 pm
Who: pilot Nathan Cline, 30, of Kihei and 4 tourists
Why: While on a 45 minute tour of West Hawaii, the chopper crashed into a mountain. The accident occurred on Wednesday, less than a mile from Kilohana Elementary School, right after a hard rain. At the school, students heard an explosion and saw black smoke when the chopper crashed.

The pilot and four tourists died at the scene. Although the investigation is ongoing, according to at least one published report, the NTSB said that the pilot failed to maintain enough altitude over the terrain amid low-lying clouds.

Two of the passengers were newlyweds, and they came from Pennsylvania and Ontario Canada.

Blue Hawaiian, which conducts 160,000 tours yearly, leased the year old chopper from Nevada Helicopter Leasing LLC.

Four bodies have been recovered. The fifth has been located, but is in a difficult location.

Low-flying Ultralight Snaps Strut Turning Near Cliff, Plunges into Hawaii Waters

Glider view capture news report

What: Kauai Aero Sport P&M Pegasus Quick 912S en route from Port Allen Airport, Hawaii
Where: North Shore of Kauai, 100 yards offshore near Honopu beach
When: May 17, 2011 10:53 a.m
Who: 2 aboard
Why: The ultralight belonging to Kauai Aero Sport landed in the water 100 yards off shore.

Witnesses saw the ultralight in trouble and tried to come to the aid of the two men in the crash. (see video below)

Captain Bob Butler describes hearing a (possible) aluminum strut break, and the aircraft hit the water at a 70 degree angle. They pulled the craft to the surface but not soon enough to save those aboard.

The bodies of both men were recovered as well as the wreckage. The pilot/owner of Kauai Aero Sport is Steve Sprague.

The NTSB is investigating.

Hawaii Plane Crash Kills Vet and Son

What: single engine Piper Cherokee PA32
Where: Koolau Mountains in East Oahu near the Lanipo Trail on WAIALAEIKI RIDGE, 10 MILES FROM HONOLULU, HI
When: Jan 11, 2010
Who: Pilot Dr. Nicolas Polumbo and passenger Timmy Polumbo

The pilot had been flying to his veterinary clinic and made no mayday call prior to the crash. Visibility may have been a factor as the weather was overcast.

Crash crews rapelled from the helicopter due to the inaccessibility of the crash site.

(Link to a recovery video. KITV has not released for embedding)

Blue Hawaiian Tours Emergency Landing

What: Blue Hawaiian EUROCOPTER EC130 tour helicopter on Maui
Where: in a sugar field half a mile east of Kahului Airport
When: Monday November 16
Who: pilot and 6 passengers
Why: The helicopter experienced engine problems, forcing an emergency situation. On landing, the helicopter sustained minor damage to its tail boom.

No one aboard was injured.

Double Helicopter Crash on Kauai

What: Heli-Usa helicopter
Where: Kauai, Hawaii
When: 03 10, 2007, 1:05 pm
Who: four fatalities, 3 injuries
Why: As a tour was ending, after experiencing hydraulic problems, a helicopter crashed at the the northwest end of Princeville airport a hundred yards from the terminal. A description of the wreckage indicated that the front of the helicopter was torn off, the tail was snapped off, and the rotors were broken. First responders attempted to save the four fatalities.

The pilot who had 10,000 hours on that helicopter died in the crash.

Four injured were taken to Wilcox Memorial Hospital. One died en route.

Nine miles away….

What: Smokey Mountain Helicopters out of Delaware. It’s the parent company of Inter-Island Helicopter
Where: North shore of Kauai, Hawaii
When: 1:05 pm
Who: five aboard, one fatality, four injuries.
Why: The pilot heard a loud bang, and lost control of the helicopter, which fell down in a spiral formation on to a Hanalei campsite

The debris field is spread from the ocean to the beach. A dive team will be searching the ocean for the tail rotor, gear box and drive shaft which were flung afield. Witnesses extricated survivors out of the wreckage

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