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Yeti Airlines Flight Veers Off Runway at Kathmandu Airport

Yeti Airlines flight YT-1424 veered off runway on landing at Kathmandu Airport, Nepal, on September 1st.

The incident happened when the plane was coming from Nepalgunj, Nepal.

There were twenty-one passengers and three crew members aboard at the time.

Five passengers were injured in the incident and were taken to a hospital.

Allegiant Air Flight Encounters Turbulence; 2 Injured

Allegiant Air flight G4-1592 had to return and make an emergency landing in Punta Gorda, Florida, on July 4th.

The Airbus A320-200 plane took off for Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but had to turn back after it encountered turbulence that injured two flight attendants.

The plane landed safely.

Rossiya Airlines Plane Runs Over Ground Worker’s Foot at Gatwick Airport

A Rossiya Airlines Airbus A319-100 plane ran over a ground worker’s foot during push back at Gatwick Airport, England, on March 28th.

The incident happened when the flight FV-6620 was preparing to depart for Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The ground worker was airlifted to a hospital with serious injuries.

The plane returned to the gate and was taken out of service.

The airline arranged a replacement plane for the passengers.

Emirates Flight Attendant Dies After Falling Out of Plane In Uganda

A flight attendant fell out of an Emirates plane at Entebbe International Airport, Uganda, on March 14th.

The incident happened when the Boeing 777-300 plane was preparing to perform flight EK-730 to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The flight attendant suffered serious injuries. She was taken to a hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

Volaris Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Veracruz International Airport

Volaris Airlines flight Y4-714 made an emergency landing at Veracruz International Airport, Mexico, on October 25th.

The Airbus A321-200 plane heading from Mexico City to Cancun, Mexico, was diverted due to a smoke detector indication.

The plane landed safely.

One passenger suffered a nervous breakdown and was rushed to a hospital. Two others were treated at the airport.

Flight Attendant Falls Out of China Eastern Airlines Plane

A flight attendant fell out of a China Eastern Airlines plane at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, China, on October 23rd.

The Kunming-bound Boeing 737-800 plane was preparing for departure when the flight attendant attempted to close a door alone and fell out of the plane.

The flight attendant was taken to a hospital with serious injuries.

NTSB reports on Clear Air Turbulence

Scheduled 14 CFR Part 121: Air Carrier operation of UNITED AIR LINES INC
Accident occurred Friday, February 19, 2010 in Anchorage, AK
Probable Cause Approval Date: 02/23/2017
Aircraft: BOEING 747, registration: N173UA
Injuries: 1 Serious, 25 Minor, 236 Uninjured.
NTSB investigators used data provided by various entities, including, but not limited to, the Federal Aviation Administration and/or the operator and did not travel in support of this investigation to prepare this aircraft accident report.

On February 19, 2010, about 1452 Alaska standard time (AKST) (2352 UTC), United Airlines flight 897, a Boeing 747-400, N173UA, encountered severe turbulence during cruise descent between FL310 and FL300 about 100 miles west of Anchorage, Alaska. Of the 243 passengers and 19 crew members on board, 17 passengers and eight flight attendants (FA) received minor injuries and one FA received a serious injury. The airplane received minor damaged. The flight was operating under 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) part 121 as a regularly scheduled international passenger flight from Dulles International Airport (IAD), Washington, DC, to Narita International Airport (NRT), Narita, Japan.

Prior to the turbulence encounter, the flight crew received pilot reports (PIREPs) of moderate to severe turbulence above FL340 and that it was less at FL300. According to the flight crew, about one hour late, the flight began to encounter a few “light bumps” or intermittent light “chop.” The sky conditions were clear with good visibility. The captain turned on the “fasten seat belt” sign and made a public address (PA) announcement to fasten seat belts. The flight crew requested a descent to FL300 and began to encounter moderate turbulence after starting the descent. The first officer then made a PA announcement directing the flight attendants to “take your seats.” The autopilot remained engaged throughout the turbulence encounter, which lasted less than one minute.

After encountering the turbulence, the crew assessed airplane damage and checked the number and severity of injuries to passengers and crew. The crew was assisted in assessing passenger and crew injuries by a U.S. Army Special Forces medic who stated that all of the injuries were considered minor. All the FAs indicated that they were able to perform their required emergency duties for the remainder of the flight.

After discussing the injuries and the available diversion airports with the FAs, company dispatch and the medic, the flight crew decided to continue on to NRT since there were sufficient diversion airports along the route if the situation worsened.

Upon arrival in NRT, 16 passengers and one FA were transported to hospitals for medical evaluation. All were released with only minor injuries, however, the FA was re-evaluated by her personal physician when she returned home with the further diagnosis of a fractured rib.

SkyWest Plane’s Nose Gear Collapses on Landing in San Antonio

SkyWestSkyWest Airlines flight 5588 made an emergency landing in San Antonio, Texas, on December 4th.

The plane took off from Houston, Texas, and was on final approach to Monterrey, Mexico, when the crew reported an unsafe gear indication and decided to divert.

The aircraft’s nose gear collapsed upon landing in San Antonio.

One passenger sustained a minor injury in the accident.

Small Plane Crash-Lands in Spain; 1 Killed, 1 Injured

microlightA micro-light plane made a crash-landing in an orange orchard near the runway of Seville Airport, Spain, on August 23rd.

The aircraft crash-landed after the pilot lost consciousness mid-air and his wife, with “no notion” of flying a plane, had to take charge.

The flight was heading towards Coria del Rio from Trebujena, at the time.

The pilot lost his life while his wife sustained serious injuries.

Cirrus SR22 Crashes into Commercial Building

CirrusA Cirrus SR22 single-engine airplane crashed into the side of Colorado Custom Cabinets building, near Animas Air Park, on June 2.

The pilot Robert Bucksbaum survived unhurt, except a small bump on the back of his head.

“The plane ploughed through a chain-link fence and ran into the side of the building near the southwest end of the runway” said Bob Hansen, owner of Colorado Custom Cabinets.

Small Plane Crash-Lands in Longmont, CO; Pilot Escapes Injury

A single-engine airplane crash-landed near Longmont Municipal Airport in Longmont, Colorado, immediately after takeoff.

The accident happened at about 9:30 a.m. on June 1, after the pilot lost power of his 1998 Katana Diamond plane and crash landed in a field, some 300-400 yards away from the runway.

The pilot, identified as Harold Kosmerl of Longmont, 74, the only person in the plane, escaped unhurt. However, the plane was heavily damaged.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the crash.

Australia Ground Collision

On landing on Oct 24, 2013 at Hamilton Airport, a training flight in a Waikato Aero Club Tecnam P2008 struck a parked Cessna 172. The twenty-five year old student pilot, parked vehicle and training vehicle all suffered injury. The parked Cessna sustained the most damage.

Witnesses say that the pilot managed to get the plane under control as he was landing, reducing the severity of the incident. Impact occurred at low speed.

The plane came down hard, damaging the Tecnam’s undercarriage, and the pilot’s nose and back. The pilot is suffering from shock.

This is the first incident in the year old plane the student was flying. He was hospitalized at Waikato Hospital.

Young Pilot injured in Ultralight Crash

What: motorized hang glider
Where: off Piedmont Road, Anderson County S.C.
When: Thursday night
Who: pilot Andy Walls, 20
Why: While attempting to land, the glider hit a stand of trees. Pilot suffered a broken back, a broken leg, fractures to his face and burns over 14 percent of his body and is recuperating in Greenville Memorial Hospital.

Cessna Crashes in Ohio

What: Cessna 150
Where: Grimes Airport in Urbana
When: late Wednesday morning Sept 10, 2008
Who: Pilot Linda Blodgett, 69, of Ashland had minor injuries; passenger Christina Creamer, 58, also of Ashland, was uninjured
Why: After the airplane’s engine stalled, the plane nose-dived into the ground near the runway. The accident is under investigation by Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Federal Aviation Administration. Accolades were given to the pilot for landing safely with a stalled engine.

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