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Mombasa Air Safari Crash in Kenya Preserve

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Contact photographer Guido Potters

What: Mombasa Air Safari Let L-410UVP-EP en route from Ngerenge to Mombasa
Where: Maasai Mara park, Kenya
When: Aug 22nd 2012
Who: 11 passengers, four fatalities, seven injured
Why: The Mombasa Air Safari passenger plane crashed on takeoff at the Ngerende Airstrip. Narok district police chief Peterson Maelo said a middle-aged German man, an elderly German woman and two Kenyan pilots died from their injuries and “Those injured have been flown to Nairobi for treatment.” The ambulance service was Flying Doctors Service.

Five German tourists, four Americans and two nationals from Czech Republic were aboard the flight.

Airport Locator Being Doctored

This weekend, Aspen-Pitkin County Airport experienced failure in its localizer device, the equipment that guides planes making instrument landings, and as a result a number of American Eagle planes were diverted to other airports.

The problem which was detected by the guidance system’s self-diagnostic tests, was described as an “electronic glitch” in the localizer. It is located at the south end of the runway. Skywest and Frontier Airlines also diverted on Sunday, but because of high winds, not because of the localizer.

Japan Airlines Landing in High Winds Suffers Tail Strike, Go-Around, No Injuries

What: Japan Airlines Boeing 777-200 en route from Shanghai Hongqiao to Tokyo
Where: Tokyo
When: Mar 31st 2012 4:08 pm
Who: 296 passengers, 12 crew
Why: On approach to Tokyo, the plane was just above the runway when gusty wind made the pilots chose to go around. On the go-around, the tail scraped the runway. In spite of significant damage to the plane, the second approach resulted in a safe landing about thirty minutes later.

The Japan Safety board sent three inspectors on Sunday.

The rear section of the plane’s body sustained scratches, and the pressure bulkhead between the cabin and tail was “slightly misshapen.” No injuries were reported.

Gyro Crash in Australia Kills Unidentified Pilot, Student

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Contact photographer Andrei Bezmylov

What: GT Gyroplanes Kruza
Where: off Willis Road, near Mangalore Airport
When: Jan 14, 2012, 12:30
Who: pilot and student aboard, 2 fatalities
Why: A local pilot reported that the ultralight crashed, looking as if it came straight down and smashed up. The wreckage was found in a paddock in a field. No one witnessed the crash, but at 10:00 someone witnessed the chopper being buffeted by “gale force” winds.

The flight was discovered after it failed to return to the airport to pick up the next student.

The wreckage is in several pieces. The gyrocopter broke up on impact. It had normally been used for training exercises. The Mangalore airport is in Australia.

Relief Flight Lost in High Wind, Samaritans Lost At Sea

What: Grupo 10, Fuerza Aerea de Chile CASA 212 Aviocar en route from Santiago to isla Juan Fernandez
Where: near the Juan Fernandez islands
When: Sept 2, 2011 4:58 p.m.
Who: 21 aboard, 21 fatalities
Why: The Chilean air force plane on a relief flight attempted to land, but the landing was aborted twice as pilots fought hard winds. On the third attempt, the flight disappeared from radar, as witnesses saw it veer left.

The plane went down off the coast of the island. Four hours after takeoff, the flight lost contact with ATC.

No survivors have been found but some wreckage has been recovered.

This was TVN’s second flight in support of the Desafío Levantamos Chile (rebuilding project.)

Television personality 44 year old Felipe Camiroaga was aboard the plane to document reconstruction of Juan Fernandez island after the Feb. 27 magnitude-8.8 earthquake and tsunami. Business man Felipe Cubillos (brother-in-law of the defense minister ) was also aboard the plane.

Rescue teams found an intact door and several knapsacks in the water about 2,000 meters yards from the airport.

Those aboard the plane were:
Televisión Nacional de Chile: Felipe Camiroaga, Roberto Bruce, Sylvia Slier, Carolina Gatica y Rodrigo Cabezón.

From Desafío Levantemos Chile: Felipe Cubillos, Sebastian Correa, Joel Lizama, Catalina Vela Montero, Jorge Palma y Joaquín Arnold.

Consejo de Cultura: Galia Carolina Díaz Riffo y Romina Isabel Irarrázabal Faggiani.

Chilean air force: group commander from the Department of Communications, Rodrigo Fernández, and department journalist, José Cifuentes.

From the crew: Hero 26-year-old pilot Carolina Fernández Flavio Olivo, Juan Pablo Mallea, first sergeant Eduardo Jones, Eduardo Estrada and Erwin Núñez.

A navy frigate and a Hercules C-130 are among the search and rescue vehicles.

In George’s Point of View

Windy Utah Crosswind Crash Kills 4

What: Cessna 172R Skyhawk
Where: Tooele County-Wendover Airport – Kenv Utah
When: June 1, 2011
Who: 4 fatalities
Why: The pilot of the Cessna was making a fuel stop at Wendover airport when he ran into difficulty, termed “a tough crosswind landing.” He approached for touchdown, bounced and turned north to make a second pass, and crashed 400 feet north of the runway. The four men aboard died in the crash.

Wind is considered to be a factor in the crash.

The names of those aboard the flight are Lincoln Marshal Dastrup, 57, of Salt Lake City, Chad A. Wade, 38, of South Jordan, Justin Michael Yates, 37, of Lehi, and Harish Parashar, 53.


Boeing Field: Wind Shear Knocks Propeller Prop for a loop

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Contact photographer Erick Lopez Collection

What: Ameriflight Fairchild SA-227-AC Metro III en route from Lewiston to Seattle Boeing Airfield Where: Seattle
When: Mar 10th 2011,
Who: pilot
Why: On landing in wind shear conditions, the pilot came in with late clearance to land, and veered off the runway. The fire department sprayed with foam. There were no injuries but the plane incurred gear collapse and propeller damage. The accident tied up the runway and led to diversions.

Dash 8 Has Gusty Landing Ending in Crunch

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Contact photographer Stefan Sonnenberg

What: Flugfelag Air Iceland de Havilland Dash 8-100 en route from Reykjavik Iceland to Nuuk Greenland
Where: Nuuk
When: Mar 4th 2011
Who: 31 passengers and 3 crew
Why: After weather conditions had already delayed the flight for more than a day, passengers were finally able to make the journey. However, on landing, the plane veered off the runway in gusty conditions. The de Havilland Dash received nose, propellers and engines damage, but no one aboard was injured.

Perhaps they should have delayed the flight for another day.

Norway: Widerøes Hard Landing

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Contact photographer Zaninger Jonathan

What: Widerøes Flyveselskap de Havilland Canada DHC-8-103B en route from Bodø Airport to Sandnessjøen-Stokka Airport
Where: Sandnessjøen Norway
When: Sept 15 2010 6:00
Who: 3 crew, 4 passengers, no fatalities
Why: The pilot did not inform ATC of any problems before landing. However, the plane had a hard landing due to a wind gust, a drizzle and moist conditions. The impact apparently damaged the plane’s undercarriage, and the plane skidded on its belly. The runway was foamed by Airport Fire and Rescue Services to prevent fire. There were no injuries reported.

The plane apparently is designed to perform exactly as it did under these circumstances. The undercarriage is apparently supposed to collapse in a hard landing.

Accident Investigation Board has sent three investigators. The airport is now closed.

Lufthansa Wing Strike

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Contact photographer Gerry Stegmeier

What: Lufthansa A320-200 en route from Munich to Hamburg
Where: Hamburg
When: Mar 1 2008
Who: 132 passengers and 5 crew
Why: On approach to Hamburg in stormy windy (47 knot wind gusts) weather, the left wing struck the runway on an attempted landing, veered, and had to make another go-round before a final landing.

Nazca Airlines Blames Wind Shear


Pictured: Nazca Airport
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Pictured: A Cessna 206 Super Skywagon
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Contact photographer Alan Lebeda

What: Nazca Airlines Cessna U206F tourist flight en route from/to Nazca Airport
Where: El Mirador in the coastal Nazca Desert, Peru
When: Feb 25 2010
Who: Four Peruvians, one of whom was a boy, and one who was the pilot, and three Chileans.
Why: While on a tourist flight to view ancient geoglyphs known as the Nazca Lines, the plane crashed. The wreckage is about 150 yards (meters) from a figure known as “the spider”. Around 11:00 a.m. with seven people on board, the flight crashed. There were three Chilean tourists, a Peruvian couple with a 5-year-old daughter, and the Peruvian pilot.

Nazca Airlines (AeroIca) announced they blame the crash on wind shear.

The 7 who were killed were on a plane with a capacity of 6.

In November 2008, the same plane was involved in an emergency landing near kilómetro 424 de la carretera Panamericana Sur (South Pan-American highway). At that time, the problems was ascribed to engine trouble.

The Peruvian passengers were identified as Sameli Chavarry, Erika del Pilar Zúñiga, John Rojas Rodríguez and Dayesca Rojas Zuñira; the Chileans were Matías Poblete, Gabriela Ortega Poblete and Alejandra Cienfuegos.

Flight Update: Ethiopian Death Toll Rising

By nightfall tonight, 34 bodies have been recovered.

Investigative crews sort through baby sandals, and airplane parts drifting ashore. People are questioning why the flight was not delayed due to the storm raging at the time of takeoff.

The USS-Ramage, and US P-3 surveillance aircraft are helping with search and rescue efforts.

The plane was last serviced on Dec. 25.

Reports abound that the plane was seen to be on fire on its way down. If reports of an engine fire proved to be correct, it would have been difficult to handle at such a low altitude; but reports of a lighting strike, compounded by poor visibility and high winds compounded by a bird strike are equally as possible.

Microburst Diverts AA MD-80 to San Jose

What: American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-80 en route from Texas to San Francisco
Where: San Jose
When: Jan 18, 2010
Who: 132 passengers and 5 crew
Why: While en route, the plane developed a throttle problem (left throttle stuck.) On approach to San Francisco, the plane encountered a microburst ( a short, intense gust of wind). Between the throttle problem and the microburst, the crew declared an emergency.

The flight diverted to San Jose where it landed safely. Passengers were bussed to SF.

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