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Crop-Duster Plane Crashes in California; Pilot Safe

A crop-duster plane crashed at the runway of Madera Municipal Airport, California, on the morning of May 7th.

The plane had just taken-off when the wind pushed it to the side, resulting it the crash and fire.

Pilot Stephen Streeter, who was the only person aboard, walked out safely.

Crop Duster Plane Crashes in Colorado; Pilot Killed

A crop duster plane crashed in the San Luis Valley, near Alamosa, Colorado, on August 19th.

The plane hit the fields of barley and afterwards it burst into flames.

The pilot lost his life at the scene.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Interstate 94

A crop dusting plane made an emergency landing on the westbound lane of I-94 near Sterling, North Dakota, on February 12th.

The 1977 Thrush Ayres S2R was heading from Hillsboro to Mandan when it developed an engine problem, prompting the pilot to make an emergency landing.

The plane landed safely. The pilot Adam Taylor, of Bismarck, North Dakota, remained unhurt.

Pilot Killed as Crop Dusting Plane Crashed in Waushara County

Crop dusting planeA crop dusting aircraft crashed in a wooded area near Hancock, Waushara County, Wisconsin, on August 26.

The Weatherly 620B single-engine aircraft was spraying a potato farm when it crashed.

The pilot, who was the only one aboard, was killed the spot. His identity has not yet been released.

The FAA and the NTSB are investigating.

Small Plane Crashed in Ellis County, Pilot Killed

Air TractorAn Air Tractor AT-401B spray plane crashed in a field at 2300 block of 170th Avenue and just south of St. John-St. Andrew Road, northwest of Hays, Ellis County, Kansas.

The accident happened at about 11 p.m. on July 17, after the yellow colored plane took off from Beloit airport at 10:45 p.m.

The Kansas Highway Patrol confirmed that Garrett Moore, 23, who was piloting the plane and was the only one aboard, was killed in the crash. The plane was also completely damaged and hardly recognizable.

The plane’s wreckage was spotted the next morning by an Ellis County farmer who was visiting the nearby pasture to check on his cows. The engine of the plane had cooled down by the time it was reported.

The plane was owned by Frontier Ag in Oakley. Moore worked as an aviation pilot and a location trainee for the company.

LAGOA FORMOSA MG Investigating Crop Duster Crash

A crop-duster crashed in Lagos Formosa in Brazil.

The Embraer EMB-201A Ipanema owned by ENAGRI EMPR.NAC.DE AV.AGRICOLA LTDA was at Farm Gruta Grandes flying over “the Big Cave/ The Big Grotto” when it crashed, killing the pilot, twenty-six year old Paulo Henrique Blank Saad. The plane is suspected to have mechanical problems. The pilot was employed by Paracatu.

Witnesses saw the plane lose altitude and heard the engine experiencing problems. The farmer Carlos Gonçalves Pereira had hired the pilot to apply pesticides to his corn crop.

The Patos de Minas fire brigade responded to the scene, but the pilot was already dead.

The pesticide in the plane appears to have leaked into the water supply. Gelo Horizonte and SAAE water systems will be checking for environmental damage and the case is being reviewed by CENIPA- Centro de Investigação e Prevenção de Acidentes Aeronáuticos.

Indonesian Crop Duster Crash

Photographer Brian G Nichols

On May 11, 2013, at 11 a.m. a PT Sinar Mas Super Air Pacific Aerospace Fletcher FU24-950 crashed three minutes after takeoff from North Rawajitu Indonesia. The pilot, Muhammad Adipura, 47, a Bogor of West Java died in the crash. It is believed he died at the scene, but his body was taken to Menggala Hospital in Tulang Bawang regency, then to the Lampung capital of Bandar Lampung for autopsy.

The owner of the plane is PT Sumber Indah Perkasa. The airplane was used to spray fertilizer on oil palm plantations. The plantation, PT SIP often uses planes to distribute fertilizer, as do most of the large farms in the area.

The plane did not damage any residential property, crashing near the outskirts of Sidang Gunung Tiga village. The head man of the village saw the crash and said the weather was fine at the time, and there was no rain or wind.

Aero Bravo 700 Agrícola Crashes in Perolândia, Goiás Brazil

On April 5, 2013, an Aero Bravo 700 Agrícola spraying insecticide near the city of Perolândia crashed near GO-050 highway. The company was Planeta Viação Agrícolas. The fatal flight was to be the last run of the day.

The plane had been spraying a cornfield when it crashed and caught on fire. Farm workers put out the fire, but not in time to save the young pilot, who suffered broken bones and severe burns.

The cropduster was demolished.

The Jataí Fire Department lieutenant Lourivaldo Ribeiro da Silva said the pilot had not been identified yet; and his body was taken to the Jataí Medical Legal Institute.

The pilot has since been recognized as 25 year old Rivelino Rocha.

Helicopter Crashes in Victoria

In Trida, Victoria near Leongatha, on Feb 17, 2013, a helicopter went down, and caused a blackout.

The pilot managed to land and survive the landing, in spite of the contact with power lines. There were no passengers aboard.

Residents reported a loud bang to the police, who responded and found a crop dusting helicopter had clipped power lines and crashed around 5 pm Sunday between Allmans and Mottons roads.

The pilot was uninjured although an air ambulance did respond to the scene of the crash.

Cropduster Fatality on Rio Grande do Sul

What: Mostardas Aviacao Agrícola Embraer EMB-201 Ipanema while cropdusting
Where: Bacopari Brazil on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul
When: Jan 17, 2011
Who: 1 fatality
Why: A cropduster (PT-GHP) crashed in Bacopari Brazil Monday afternoon at 2:30 pm. The pilot was flying over a farm near the district of Solitude and spraying a rice crop at the time of the incident. V Serviço Regional de Investigação e Prevenção de Acidentes Aeronáuticos is investigating,

Pilot Flies off with Fuel Hose attached

What: BELL 206B crop-dusting helicopter
Where: Newton Texas
When: October 13, 2010
Who: pilots name not released
Why: After reloading the chemical tanks and refueling, the (registration 499BH ) N499BH BELL 206 ROTORCRAFT, lifted off while the fuel hose was still attached. The two seat helicopter went up, then, of course, crashed. It fell over on its side. One person on the ground was injured.

George’s Point of View

This is no joke, as someone on the ground was severely injured.

However, it still reminds me of high school, when my date at the drive-in left the speaker hooked in the window, and when we left, I also left the window. The speaker took it out, hooked on the frame and kept the car from moving. We didn’t crash, or fall over, or even dent my window frame. Of course, we were in a Pinto.

(I won’t go into how, when it was repaired, I tried to roll it up and it still wasn’t there, how the glass company goofed and replaced my perfectly good windshield, how I ended up with both a new door window AND a new windshield and an apology.)

It’s a good thing the helicopter pilot’s name wasn’t released. Even if someone else was doing the refueling.

How embarrassing.

Cropduster Lost in Mississippi

What: Yellow and blue crop duster en route from Greenville, Ala., to Cleveland, Miss
Where: wooded area in the Bogue Chitto community, Mississippi
When: Friday
Who: Monty Hudson
Why: Hudson and his brother (in a separate plane) were traveling from Greenville and encountered bad weather. The plane dropped off radar in Alabama Friday–Hudson died Friday–and was missing until Monday. WHen the wreckage was found in Neshoba County, it was hanging nose down in pine trees at 5:30 p.m. two miles northeast of Bogue Chitto off Road 765. Apparently the plane had caught on fire after crashing.

Corrected: Pilot Lost in Crop Duster Crash in New South Wales, Australia

What: Crop duster
Where: on Pangee Road, 85km south-west of Nyngan, New South Wales, Australia
When: Noon Dec 29
Who: Paul Corcoran
Why: On making a pass over a field, the plane crashed. The pilot was killed.

Paul Corocran was from Trangie, NSW, Australia. Nyngan the town near the accident site is a nearby town also in Western NSW. This accident was not in New Zealand

Upside Down Plane found at Sunrise Dairy

What: Single engine, fixed wing crop duster type plane belonged to Gilbert Aviation.
Where: Tulare County : Sunrise Dairy Property around Road 84 and Ave. 384 near Kingsburg.
When: Tuesday Dec 16 10:05 a..m.
Who: The unidentified pilot was taken to Kaweah Delta Hospital
Why: The accident is under investigation.

Taranaki Crash kills Pilot

What: crop duster (model not indicated)
Where: crashed into the hillside on farmland above the Waitara River in a paddock in Tarata, 19km east of Inglewood
When: noon 14 December 2008
Who: pilot a man in his 40s died on the scene
Why: Cause unknown

Rescue Pilot Rescued in NZ

What: Skyline Aviation Robinson 44 Helicopter
Where: 20 kilometres northwest of Napier
When: Monday Sept 15
Who: relief pilot for the service for five years
Why:Pilot who flew into some overhead wires and crashed while while spraying blackberry farm, was trapped beneath the wrecked helicopter with a punctured lung, a broken arm and fuel burns. His condition is critical, and he is in intensive care in Hawke’s Bay Hospital

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