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Sky West Airlines Plane Drops a Wheel in Utah

Sky West Airlines flight DL-4813 flying on behalf of Delta Airlines made an emergency landing at O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois, on September 20.

The Canadair CRJ-900 flying from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Chicago, Illinois, dropped a wheel right after departing.

The plane landed safely.

There were no injuries reported.

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Panel From ANA Plane Falls Near Narita International Airport

All Nippon Airways flight NH-936 dropped a panel while descending toward Narita International Airport, Japan, on September 27th.

The incident happened when the Boeing 767-300 plane was flying from Xiamen, China.

The plane continued for a safe landing.

No injuries were reported.

CargoLogicAir Plane Drops Flap Track Fairing Near Munich

CargoLogicAir flight CLU-473 dropped a flap track fairing near Munich, Germany, on May 19th.

The Boeing 747-400 plane flying from Frankfurt, Germany, was on approach to Munich when a flap track fairing from the right wing fell off.

The plane continued for a safe landing.

The fairing part was later recovered by the local police.

Darwin Airlines Plane makes Safe Landing in Italy after Dropping Nose Wheel

DarwinDarwin Airlines flight AZ-1203 made a safe landing at Falcone–Borsellino Airport, Italy, on May 18th.

The Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-212A, flying to Naples, Italy, dropped one of its nose wheels just after the departure.

The plane landed safely.

No injuries were reported.

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Cathay Pacific Plane Makes Emergency Landing in China

Cathay PacificCathay Pacific flight CX255 had to make an emergency landing in Chongqing, China, on April 23rd.

The plane, flying from Hong Kong, China, to London, United Kingdom, was diverted after the oil pressure in one of the engines dropped.

The plane landed uneventfully. All 248 passengers remained safe.

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Gulf Air Plane Makes Emergency Landing at London Heathrow Airport

Gulf airGulf Air flight GF003 made an emergency landing at London Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom, on December 13.

Authorities said the pilots of the Airbus 330, flying from Bahrain, declared an emergency after the aircraft developed some technical issues that led to a drop in cabin pressure.

The plane landed safely. All 89 passengers aboard remained unhurt.

The airline said in a statement, “The safety, protection and comfort of our passengers and employees are of utmost importance and Gulf Air crew are trained to handle such incidents, as evidenced by the level of professionalism shown by both the pilots and cabin crew as well as all of our teams on the ground.”

Pilot Taking a Nap, Co-pilot Busy on Tablet; Jet Airways Boeing 777 Drops 5,000 Feet over Turkey

Jet AirwaysAn inquiry has been launched after the Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) found out that a Jet Airways flight abruptly descended 5,000 feet over Turkish airspace, on August 8.

The Indian media reports that the incident first came to light on August 12 when the Director General of DGCA, Lalit Gupta, received an anonymous SMS, informing him about the incident.

It was discovered that the captain of the flight 9W-228, on its way from Mumbai to Brussels, was taking a controlled nap at the time while his co-pilot was supposed to sit on the controls. However, the co-pilot claimed that she did not notice that the aircraft is descending below the assigned level since she was busy with her electronic flight bag (EFB) – a tablet containing aircraft documents. She realized the situation only after getting a call from the air traffic controller in Ankara, Turkey, and immediately woke up the captain, who then brought the Boeing 777-300 back to its level.

The DGCA has suspended the pilots and launched an investigation to find out whether the sudden drop was caused intentionally or accidentally by the co-pilot. The DGCA has also decided to audit the airline’s training procedures for the pilot.

According to Jet Airways, “The airline is also extending all co-operation in the matter to the DGCA by providing all necessary assistance for the inquiry. Safety is of paramount importance to Jet Airways as is also the welfare of our guests and crew and the airline will always take appropriate steps to ensure the same.”

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