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CargoLogicAir Plane Drops Flap Track Fairing Near Munich

CargoLogicAir flight CLU-473 dropped a flap track fairing near Munich, Germany, on May 19th.

The Boeing 747-400 plane flying from Frankfurt, Germany, was on approach to Munich when a flap track fairing from the right wing fell off.

The plane continued for a safe landing.

The fairing part was later recovered by the local police.

Nepal Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in New Delhi

nepal airlinesNepal Airlines flight RA-218 had to return and make an emergency landing at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, India, on September 11th.

The plane took off for Kathmandu, Nepal, but had to return shortly afterwards due to a wing flap malfunction.

The plane landed safely. All 160 people aboard remained unharmed.

EasyJet Plane Returns to the Stand after Spanner was Spotted in the Wing

EasyjetA 25-year-old Swiss passenger prevented a potential aviation disaster after reporting that a spanner was stuck in the plane’s wing.

Just moments before the EasyJet flight EZS1465 was scheduled to take off, Christophe spotted the spanner and immediately told the airline personnel.

According to the airline, “easyJet can confirm that EZS1465 from Geneva to Copenhagen on 4 March retuned to stand prior to departure from Geneva as a result of a passenger informing crew about noticing an object in the wing… In line with our procedures, the captain took the decision to return to stand for it to be investigated. A spanner was discovered and removed and the flight departed with a small delay.”

The incident is being investigated.

Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Hillsborough Township after Wing Damage

emergencyA 1993 Mooney M20M aircraft made a controlled emergency landing at Central Jersey Regional Airport, Hillsborough Township, New Jersey, on September 19.

The Pennsylvania-bound plane was taking off from the airport when its left wing touched a chain link fence adjacent to the runway, causing damage and forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing.

The plane landed safely. The pilot Ross Cole and his passenger Pamela Cole remained uninjured.

The incident is being investigated.

United Airlines Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Michigan

United AirlinesUnited Airlines flight 2910 made an emergency landing at Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Michigan, at around 2:15 A.M. on July 8.

The Embraer 145 regional jet was on its way from Denver, Colorado to Traverse City in Michigan, when it had to declare emergency after experiencing trouble with its wing flaps.

The plane landed safely.

All 46 passengers on board remained unhurt.

6ft Part of Wing Came Loose; CityJet Plane Makes Emergency Landing in London

CityJetOn May 15, a CityJet flight en route from London to Florence had to return and make an emergency landing after a part of its wing became partially detached.

According to a CityJet spokesperson, “The WX 281 flight had just taken off from London City Airport on its way to Florence when the cover of the operating mechanism on the wing became partially detached…The crew followed their standard procedures and, after a discussion with CityJet Maintenance Control, decided to return to London City Airport.”

The Avro RJ85 aircraft carrying 61 passengers made an uneventful emergency landing at the London City Airport. No injuries were reported.

The passengers were taken to their destination on another aircraft.

Delta Flight 5322 Lands in Emergency at Springfield-Branson National Airport

DeltaA regional flight of Delta airlines made an uneventful emergency landing at Springfield-Branson National Airport after a problem in its wing flaps was identified.

The Flight 5322 was carrying 50 passengers when shortly after take off, issues with its flaps were noticed. The pilots then returned towards Springfield, circled around the airport to burn off the fuel and finally made an emergency landing at about 10:35am on Monday, April 5.

All the passengers and crew members were safely evacuated.

American Airline Diverts again. Really?

What: American Airlines Boeing 737 en route from Dallas to Orange County
Where: LAX
When: October 6, 2012
Who: 162 people aboard
Why: American Airlines had another emergency Saturday, with a Dallas-Orange County flight making an diverting to LAX’s longer runways. The emergency diversion was needed due to a wing flap problem. Flaps help brake the plane. We’re glad they made it down safely.

We have thought of suggesting a new tag line: If it is American, it must be maintenance. Optimistically speaking, maybe all this trouble, which is likely bankruptcy related, is temporary.

Emergency vehicles were on the scene. Passengers disembarked and were provided an alternative flight with working flaps.

We hope the seats were bolted in.

US Airways Flight Diverts to Boston

What: U S Airways en route from Rhode Island
Where: Boston
When: Dec 27, 2010
Who: 80 passengers
Why: While en route, the plane developed problems with the wing flaps. The flight diverted to Boston where they made a safe landing at Logan International.

UA Lands in Casper

What: United Airlines/Skywest Canadair CRJ-200 en route from Denver to Casper
Where: Casper/Natrona County Airport
When: 10:30 am
Who: 43 passengers
Why: On approach, the plane developed a mechanical problem with its wing flap. The plane landed safely, and was sent to maintenance for work on the wing flaps.

Emergency Landing of Fully Fueled plane Bursts Tires

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What: Air Canada Boeing 777 Toronto to Beijing
Where: Pearson International Airport
When: July 24
Who: 288 passengers (or 305 also reported)
Why: After takeoff, warning lights alerted pilots that the flight was experiencing a wing-flap problem. The crew landed the plane immediately. Because of the full load of fuel, all the tires (6) burst on landing, However, there was no loss of control of the plane and no one was hurt. The plane, in fact, is slated to resume its workload six hours later around 9:30, presumably after repairs; one extremely reputable source listed the 9:30 flight to be a different plane entirely.

George’s Point of View

When we have conflicting facts, we report and let you decide (to paraphrase FOX).

2 Quad-City International Airport Emergencies

What: Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 5322 CRJ 200
Where: Quad-City International Airport
When: December 22, 2008 3 pm
Who: 46 passengers, 3 crew members
Why: There was a problem with a wing flap

A second plane, Flight 5381, returned to Quad-City International Airport about an hour after it left with a similar wing flap problem.

Spanair Cause Inconclusive

So far there have been no groundbreaking discoveries regarding the cause of the Aug. 20 Spanair crash beyond what was known originally: a problem with the plane’s wing flaps and the failure of a cockpit alarm, evidence of which is backed up by the plane’s black boxes. The plane’s history indicates that this was not the first time the wing slats were an issue. Two days before the accident, they were repaired.

Before the crash, on the plane’s first pass, a warning sounded from a “heat sensor in the engine inlet” which prompted the pilots to return to the gate and get it inspected. The system was “isolated, ” i.e. unplugged.

The technician discusses the disconnected probe.

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