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EgyptAir Flight MS804 Missing

EgyptAir Flight MS804 en route from Paris to Cairo disappeared from radar. At least 66 were aboard. The plane left Paris Wednesday evening and was scheduled to arrive in Cairo tomorrow (Thursday.) FlightRadar24 indicated that the plane flew from Asmara, in Eritrea, to Cairo, then on to Tunis, in Tunisia, before heading, via Cairo, to Paris. Currently, the Airbus A320 #SU-GCC is missing. There are ten crew and 56 passengers, including 30 Egyptians, 15 French citizens, one Briton, two Iraqis, as well as people from Canada, Belgium, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Sudan, Chad and Portugal.

If this plane went down in the Mediterranean as Ethiopia409 did departing Beirut, it would be in the Mediterranean in shallow waters.

This Airbus A320 MSN088 registration #SU-GCC was delivered to EgyptAir on 3/11/2003.


Egyptian and Greek search and rescue teams are being deployed to look for the missing plane. Although the news said that no distress call was reported, EgyptAir tweeted (in Arabic) that a distress signal was sent from the plane’s emergency devices. Egypt Civil Aviation Ministry says contact was lost with Egyptair Flight #MS804 10 miles inside Egyptian airspace.

The first officer had 2,675 hours, and the captain had 6,275 hours in all, and 2,101 hours on type.

Contact numbers for the families are: 0800 7777 0000 from any landline in Egypt and + 202 2598 9320 outside Egypt or any mobile in Egypt.

At 02:33 local time, the flight was enroute at FL370 over the Mediterranan Sea, 130nm north of Alexandria,Egypt and about 210nm NNW of Cairo when the transponder signals stopped.

Saudi Arabian Airlines Plane Diverts to Cairo Due to Loss of Cabin Pressure

Saudi Arabian AirlinesSaudi Arabian Airlines flight SV-366 had to divert and make an emergency landing in Cairo, Egypt, on April 12th.

The Airbus A330-300, en-route from Tunis, Tunisia, to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was diverted after it lost cabin pressure.

The plane landed uneventfully. All 295 people aboard remained safe.

The airline arranged a replacement plane for the passengers.

British Airways Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Egypt after Passenger Falls Sick

British airwaysBritish Airways plane had to divert and make emergency landing at Cairo International Airport, Cairo, Egypt, on April 14th.

The aircraft en-route from Hurgahada, Egypt to London, UK, had to return shortly afterwards after a female passenger onboard fell sick.

The plane landed uneventfully.

The passenger was given medical assistance, and the plane resumed its flight.

Seven EgyptAir Planes Divert and Make Emergency Landing in Egypt

EgyptAirEgyptAir flights 631, 650, 664, 834, 921, 959, 969 had to divert and make emergency landing at Sharm El-Sheikh and El-Ghardaga Airports, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, on April 3rd.

According to sources, the planes en-route to China, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea and India were mid-air when they were told to divert due to low visibility in the air.

All seven planes landed safely. The passengers onboard remained unharmed.

Metrojet Flight 9268 Crash: Egypt’s Investigation Committee Refers Case to Attorney General

imagesEgypt’s independent investigation committee into the Metrojet flight 9268 crash has referred the case to the attorney general.

The committee said on March 17th that the decision was made after they received an official report from Russia suggesting that “criminal activity” was behind the deadly crash that killed all 224 people aboard.

The plane, heading to St. Petersburg, Russia, went down in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on 31st October last year.

Metrojet Flight 9268 Crash: Egyptian President Says the Plane was Deliberately Downed

Egyptian authorities have said for the first time that the Russian commercial jet that crashed on 31st October last year in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula was deliberately downed by terrorists.

Metrojet flight 9268 was heading to St. Petersburg, Russia, when it went down, killing all 224 people on-board. Islamic State had immediately claimed the responsibility, and Moscow’s investigation report had also claimed that a bomb downed the plane. However, the local authorities previously rejected these claims and maintained that a technical fault caused the accident.

In a television speech on February 24th, the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said, “Has terrorism ended? No it has not, but it will if we unite. Whoever downed the Russian plane, what did he mean? He meant to hit tourism, and to hit relations with Russia.”

Sisi’s comments are the first official indication from Egypt that the plane was deliberately crashed.

Egyptian Government Hires International Firm to Audit Airport Security

In the wake of Metrojet flight 9268 crash, the Egyptian government has hired a London-based consultancy firm for auditing its airport security.

The firm ‘Control Risks’ will start by inspecting the airports in Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh.

According to Egypt’s Civil Aviation Minister Hossam Kamal, “All Egyptian airports apply international standards in airport security… The air transport industry globally is facing several challenges… Airport security has risen to the top of these challenges, especially with the upsurge of terrorism in different parts of the world.”

Control Risks’ chief executive for Middle East and North Africa Andreas Carleton-Smith said, “There will be a comprehensive assessment, and this supports extensive work already undertaken in recent months by Egyptian and international government experts…We will be starting work directly to take forward this critical initiative.”

Saudi Cargo Jet Diverts to Cairo International Airport

A Saudi cargo plane had to divert and make an emergency landing at Cairo International Airport, Egypt, on December 3.

The plane was heading from Italy to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, when the pilot noticed that the fuel level is alarmingly low and decided to divert.

The plane landed safely.

Authorities said the plane was able to resume its journey after refuelling.

Military Plane Crashed in Egypt; 6 Killed, 1 injured

An armed forces reconnaissance aircraft crashed near an airport in Fayoum, Egypt, on September 21.

The authorities said that the accident happened due to technical malfunction.

According to Army Spokesman Mohamed Samir, 6 people were killed in the crash while one was seriously injured.

Minister of Defence, Sedki Sobhi, ordered the formation of an investigation committee to determine the cause of the crash.

19 Die in Egyptian Balloon Fire

On Feb 26, 2013, a Sky Cruise Egyptian Airship Balloon, an Ultra Magic N-425 hot air balloon, was on a tourist flight and crashed. The balloon caught fire while being tied down. Original reports said there were eighteen fatalities, and two injured tourists. One of the injured tourists died at the hospital on the operating table.

The pilot and one tourist survived.

Three British, two French, one Hungarian, nine Hong Kong, one Egyptian and four Japanese tourists died when the balloon caught fire and fell into a field.

Two people, including the pilot jumped out before impact. The pilot, who jumped at about 33-49ft is being treated for burns.

Luxor has banned all balloon flight.

Sky Cruise said a gas cylinder exploded on board. Crews were anchoring the balloon when the ropes entangled with the gas system powering balloon, severed the connection, and the gas caught fire.

The British foreign office made this statement:
We can confirm the tragic deaths of 2 British Nationals and 1 British resident following a hot air balloon crash in Luxor, Egypt earlier today. The next of kin have been informed and our thoughts are with them and their families at this difficult time. We are providing them with consular assistance. We can also confirm that one other British National was involved and is in a stable condition.

We have had consular officials in Luxor since early this morning who have been focussed on providing consular assistance and supporting the Egyptian authorities. Our Ambassador to Egypt has met the injured British National and has offered our assistance”.

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What: Egyptair Airbus A320-200 en route from Cairo to Kuwait
Where: Egypt
When: Dec 3, 2012
Who: 90 aboard
Why: We have avoided this report for as long as possible, but finally decided to get it out of the way, since our mailboxes and emails are FULL of reports of:
“Snake on a plane forces emergency landing”
“Cobra Forces EgyptAir Flight to Make Emergency Landing”
“Flight Crew Finds reptile”
“Real Life Snake on a plane”
“Egyptian Cobra Bites Akram Abdul Latfi, Egypt Air Passenger”
“Cobra upgraded to First Class on Flight**”

Here’s the story: Akram Abdul Latif who was aboard this Egyptair flight was bitten by a snake. Actual snake on a plane, not the terrible movie. The Jordan Times says the snake was a cobra and that Latif owns a reptile shop where he was taking it. The snake had gotten out and the pet shop owner was bitten in the hand while trying to return the snake to the carry-on (as so many are theoretically and realistically bitten while trying to get anything back in the bag.)

The flight was diverted to Al Bahr Al Ahmar where first aid was administered to the man, and apparently none to the snake, who died. Actually, the snake did not die; it apparently was with Latif when he was refusing medical treatment. Some of the reports infer Latif was allowed to bring the snake to his shop in Kuwait. Without a crystal ball, I can’t say whether or not reports will be full of “Kuwait Reptile Store Owner Jailed for Smuggling” but according to “Newsfix” the cobra was corralled and confiscated by the cops. No one indicates if the snake was returned to Latif, or if a snake license, fine or a “snake coralling fee” was levied.

One can not help but picture the plane landing, a bouncer tossing Latif, his bag and beast out on their respective keisters*, the plane closing up and zipping down the runway before Latif can get back on.

* For the sake of the paragraph, we are endowing both the snake and the bag with honorary keisters, as they are not provided their own by nature.
** Honors for the best title of an article about the snake on a plane
*** The snake photo is clipped from the youtube video
**** No snakes were harmed in the writing of this article
*****[insert your own] Etc.

Fire in Cockpit Cancels Flight

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Contact photographer Jason Wood

What: Egyptair Boeing 777-200 en route from Cairo Egypt to Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Where: Cairo
When: July 29 2011
Who: 291 passengers, 7 hospitalized
Why: After passengers boarded but before takeoff, the cockpit experienced a fire. Smoke leaked into the cabin, but luggage was intact.

Passengers exited via sides, with five injuries resulting. Two firemen were hospitalized with smoke inhalation.

Hard Landing in Cairo by Egyptair

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Contact photographer Giovanni Verbeeck

What: Egyptair Airbus A321-200 en route from Brussels (Belgium) to Cairo (Egypt)
Where: Cairo
When: Apr 1st 2011
Who: 76 passengers
Why: On landing at Cairo, the crew aborted the initial approach on receipt of an unsafe gear indication.The plane rotated with the airport to the right, and leveled off.

The cabin crew announced the flight would be landing later due to traffic then made a hard landing on runway 23L. The plane rolled out, with firetrucks on standby. The landing gear was examined on the runway.

Air Charter International Takes Victims Out of Egypt

DUBAI, UAE, February 16, 2011 — As the morning dawns on another day of anger and dissension in Egypt, expats in the country in fear for their lives are making arrangements to flee.

Air Charter International has been key in aiding the innocent victims of this political unrest by getting them safely out of Egypt. “To date we have chartered numerous rescue flights out of Egypt over a span of a few days,” said Claire Brugirard, Commercial Sales Manager at Air Charter International.

She stated that all of these were executive and passenger evacuations out of Egypt. “Given the state of affairs in the country at the moment, our team faced several challenges in providing emergency response.”

However, Mrs. Brugirard reiterated that with their extensive experience in the Middle East and by working around the clock, they were able to take over 1000 passengers to safety.
“When we learned of what was happening in Egypt, our team quickly compiled a list of aircraft that could be useful in this situation. So when clients called us we were instantly able to provide information on all the most suitable available aircraft.”

Mrs. Brugirard said that Air Charter International sourced a number of suitable and reliable aircraft ideal for emergency evacuation.

For this level of crisis management, Air Charter International chartered B737-800, B737-400, Hawker 800 and King Air 200. “We chose these aircraft because they were the most economical and ideal for the range of destinations which expatriates were being evacuated to.”

Air Charter International successfully evacuated over a 1000 passengers to areas such as Amman, Prague, Dubai and Washington DC.

“Our dedicated sales team worked 24 hours a day to ensure that every single person that chartered with us got to their destination safely and comfortably. We were glad to do our part in helping the innocent victims of this sudden violence.”

Urgent Evacuation From Politically Unstable Area

DUBAI, UAE, February 7, 2011 — In the past few weeks the world watched with pride and shock as the citizens of Middle Eastern Egypt stood up in unison to the almost thirty years of dictatorship from the existing government.

This political unrest caused a panic among expats in the country and official consulates began making arrangements for the evacuation of their citizens in Egypt.

Air Charter International was commissioned to transport these passengers from Alexandria to Prague and Washington DC. The Commercial Sales team at Air Charter International worked 24/7 on making sure that all passengers were transported safely out of Egypt.
“Because of the urgency of the situation, it was imperative that we get our clients out of Egypt immediately,” said Commercial Sales Manager Claire Brugirard. The first flight to Prague departed on the 31st of January and the second flight to Washington DC departed on the 1st of February.

“Since the first priority was to get the passengers to a safe point outside Egypt, both flights were sent to Prague,” said Ms. Brugirard. She further explained that the second flight reached Prague and was then rerouted to Washington DC from there.

Air Charter International’s Commercial Sales team sourced a Boeing 737-800 for the journey. “We sourced two of these proven passenger aircraft for the trip because they were the safest and most economical for our clients.”

Ms. Brugirard further stated that the Boeing 737-800 is also spacious enough to accommodate last minute passengers, common during emergency evacuations.

“It happened on these flights as well. On the first flight we had an additional 13 passengers and on the second we had 1 more passenger, all which joined at the last minute. In anticipation of these additional passengers we enlisted a B737-800 for these flights.”
The Commercial Sales team at Air Charter International did encounter some challenges while organizing these flights. “Due to the ongoing political unrest in Egypt, there was difficulty in establishing a steady communication with the local authorities.”

This, Ms. Brugirard explained, made obtaining permits, that were also requested on short notice extremely difficult. “Our team worked around the clock to ensure that all the paperwork was in order so that the US citizens and students were safely evacuated out of Egypt.”

Experts in crisis management, Air Charter International’s Commercial Sales team monitored both emergency charter flights from start to finish. “At all times we kept an eye on status of these flights and the clients fully informed on their progress.”

Midwest Airlines Boeing Emergency Landing in Estonia

The former Romanian low cost carrier Blue Air EI-EOP was delivered from Shannon to Cairo on December 17 and registered SU-MWF
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Contact photographerTrevor Mulkerrins

What: Midwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 en route from Sharm el Sheikh Egypt to Tallinn Estonia
Where: Sharm el Sheikh
When: Jan 15th 2011
Who: 180 passengers
Why: While en route, the plane developed pressurization problems that caused passengers significant distress, including ear pain.

Pilots returned the plane to Tallinn where it made a safe landing and the pressurization problems were worked on by maintenance crews.

Hydraulic Failure on Egypt Air Airbus

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Contact photographer Kurt Greul

What: Egypt Air Airbus A321-200 en route from Cairo to Tripoli
Where: Benghazi
When: Oct 5 2010
Why: While en route, the plane experienced a hydraulic failure. The flight diverted to Benghazi, where they were able to make a safe landing after manually deploying landing gear.

Cairo: Windshield Crack Downs Airbus

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Contact photographer Gábor Vilmányi

What: Eurofly Airbus A330-200 en route from Mauritius to Rome
Where: Cairo
When: Oct 5th 2009
Who: 245 passengers
Why: When a crack developed in a cockpit window, the plane diverted to Cairo for a safe landing, where passengers debarked and transferred to alternative planes.

No injuries were reported.


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What: Vladivostok Tupolev TU-204-300from Vladivostok to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Russia
Where: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
When: Sep 21st 2009
Who: 95 passengers and 5 crew
Why: On approach to Sakhalinsk, the flight underwent a “switch-off” of the right engine, but landed safely.

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Contact photographer Siegi N.

What: Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 en route from Frankfurt to New York JFK,NY
Where: southwest of Iceland
When: Sep 19th 2009
Who: 334 passengers
Why: After finding an oil leak over Iceland, the plane returned to Frankfurt; an alternative flight was provided for passengers who arrived in NY after a delay of less than 10 hours.

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Contact photographer Von Wedelstaedt

What: Egyptair Boeing 777-200 en route from London to Cairo
Where: near London
When: Sep 23rd 2009
Who: 234 passengers
Why: Due to an undisclosed technical failure, the flight returned to Heathrow. The flight was cancelled and passengers were provided accommodations.

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Contact Maciej Klatt

What: SAS Scandinavian Airlines Boeing 737-600 en route from Dusseldorf to Stockholm
Where: Dusseldorf
When: Sep 22nd 2009
Why: The flight reported engine problems after takeoff. Passengers were rebooked on other flights. Unverified passenger quotations posted on the Aviation Safety net indicate the crew may have known ahead of time there were issues; and they were attempting to fly the plane back to its base for repairs.

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