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Enter Air Plane Aborts Landing after Getting Caught in Crosswinds at Salzburg Airport

Enter Air flight E4-503 aborted landing at Salzburg Airport, Austria, on October 29th.

The Boeing 737-800 plane flying from Frankfurt, Germany, was attempting to land in Salzburg amid heavy winds brought by Storm Herwart. However, as the plane was on very short final to the runway, it got caught in the crosswinds and touched down hard.

The crew subsequently went around and decided to return to Frankfurt.

No Injuries were reported.

Transavia Plane Makes Hard Landing at Marrakesh Menara Airport

Transavia flight HV-5753 made a hard landing at Marrakesh Menara Airport, Morocco, on October 10th.

The Boeing 737-800 plane flying from Amsterdam, Netherlands, was on final approach to Marrakesh when the crew aborted the approach due to gusting winds.

The plane subsequently positioned for another approach but touched down hard.

No injuries were reported.

Emergency Sun Country Diversion to Detroit

On April 18, 2013, on landing in Lansing Michigan, a Boeing 737 owned by SUN COUNTRY suffered an incident. Almost landing, actually. We presume gusty conditions.

On approach, a wing struck the runway.

The crew aborted the landing, and diverted to Detroit where they made a safe landing.

There were no injuries reported and the degree of damage to the wing and the rest of the plane has not been released.

Embraer Flaps Issue, Landing at Grand Rapids Aborted

What: American Eagle Embraer ERJ-145 en route from Dallas Ft. Worth,TX to Grand Rapids
Where: Grand Rapids
When: Jan 1st 2012
Who: 46 aboard
Why: On approach to Grand Rapids, the Embraer developed problems with the flaps. The pilots had to abort their first and second approach.

Due to braking conditions, pilots diverted to Chicago, and made a fast but otherwise safe landing.

No notation if/how passengers were provided transportation from Chicago to Grand Rapids.

Iran Air Sans Nose Gear

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Contact photographer Aleksey Lisitsyn

What: Iran Air Boeing 727-200 en route from Moscow Sheremetyevo (Russia) to Tehran Imam Khomeini
Where: Tehran
When: Oct 18th 2011
Who: 94 passengers and 19 crew
Why: On approach to Imam Khomeini Airport, the crew aborted the approach due to a landing gear issue. The crew diverted the flight to Mehrabad Airport (also in Tehran).

The fly by at Mehrabad indicated the nose gear issue was actual, and not an indicator problem.

The crew landed without the nose gear on the main gear, and the runway had been foamed. There were no reported injuries.

In George’s Point of View

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance!

Hard Landing in Cairo by Egyptair

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Contact photographer Giovanni Verbeeck

What: Egyptair Airbus A321-200 en route from Brussels (Belgium) to Cairo (Egypt)
Where: Cairo
When: Apr 1st 2011
Who: 76 passengers
Why: On landing at Cairo, the crew aborted the initial approach on receipt of an unsafe gear indication.The plane rotated with the airport to the right, and leveled off.

The cabin crew announced the flight would be landing later due to traffic then made a hard landing on runway 23L. The plane rolled out, with firetrucks on standby. The landing gear was examined on the runway.

Misdirected Landing Aborted at Narita

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Contact photographer Wang

What: Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300 en route from Tokyo Narita to Osaka
Where: Osaka
When: Aug 30th 2010
Why: The Qatar Airways had a normal flight; however on approach to its destination, the plane headed for a runway which was closed. The flight did a go-round (if one would call it that?) and approached the open runway, and made a safe landing.

Inquiring minds wonder at the source of the misdirection but so far, no one’s telling.

Singapore: Jetstar makes 2nd Pass

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Contact photographer George Canciani

What: Jetstar Airbus A321-200 en route from Darwin, NT to Singapore
Where: Singapore on May 26th 2010
When: May 26th 2010
Who: 167 passengers
Why: On approach to Singapore, the flight had to make a second go-round due to a warning. The flight landed safely. Allegations have been made that the pilot was “texting” at the time.

George’s Point of View

Dubious about the report of “texting.” I find it highly unlikely that the pilot was texting. If that were the case, we’d have already heard about how he was fired. It is highly unlikely that Jetstar would tolerate that behavior.

Chandigarh: Aborted Landing

What: Chartered flight en route from Chandigarh to Shimla
Where: Chandigarh
When: June 6, 2010
Who: pilot, co pilot
Why: The plane flew successfully to Shimla airport to pick up VIP passengers but could not land, so it returned to Chandigarh. The problem is reported to be an undisclosed problem in the engine–although the runway at Shimla has been damaged due to erosion and has shrunken from 4,100 to 3,800 feet. The crew made it safely back to Chandigarh for a safe landing

Dublin: Continental Airlines Emergency Landing

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Contact photographer Ben Wang

What: Continental Airlines Boeing 757-200 en route from Dublin to Newark
Where: Dublin
When: Mar 18 2010
Who: 162 passengers
Why: After takeoff, the transatlantic flight developed a pressurization problem; and after burning off fuel, on return to Dublin, the flight ran into wind shear (strong crosswinds) resulting in a couple of go-arounds. They were back on the ground about 2 hours after takeoff. The flight was not cancelled until the 19th, and by that time, most passengers had already rebooked. Some passengers aboard that flight have expressed dissatisfaction in their situation, although hotel accommodations were provided.

The Irish equivalent of the NTSB (AAIU) said the problems were due to a failed Pressure Regulating and Shut Off valve in the right engine’s bleed air system.

Hydraulics Divert Aer Lingus Airbus to Shannon

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Contact photographer Klaus Ecker

What: Aer Lingus Airbus A321-200 en route from London to Cork
Where: Shannon Ireland
When: Mar 21, 2010
Who: 181 passengers
Why: While on approach to Cork, an indicator light revealed a hydraulic issue. After two aborted approaches, the flight diverted to Shannon, and made a safe landing. It was towed off the runway. An alternative flight was provided for the passengers several hours later.

Hopefully Aer Lingus planned (230) job cutback will not also result in a cutback in safety.

US Airways/PSA Airline Runway Overrun

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Contact photographer Charin deSilva

What: US Airways/PSA Airlines Canadair CRJ-200 en route from Charleston West Virginia to Charlotte, North Carolina
Where: Charleston
When: Jan 19th 2010
Who: 30 passengers and 3 crew
Why: During takeoff, the pilot overran runway 23. The takeoff was aborted as the pilot responded to a warning signal, coming to a stop before a steep drop at the runway’s end. We don’t know the extent of damage but it is expensive, especially to the EMAS (and the plane!), but apparently there were no reported injuries. EMAS is credited for saving the lives of the crew and passengers as when the pilot braked during take-off, the plane impacted the Engineered Material Arresting System.

The Yeager Airport EMAS is a system of concrete blocks designed to collaps to bring a plane to a safe stop.

Landing Gear Issues Abort Skynet Landing

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Contact photographer K.H.Yim

What: Skynet Asia Airways Boeing 737-400 en route from Miyazaki to Tokyo
Where: Tokyo
When: Jan 17th 2010
Who: 133 aboard
Why: The flight was landing, and aborted the landing on receipt of a right main gear error. The flyby and visual inspection indicated partial extension; the flight however landed safely after being manually extended in spite of persistent error messages.

Hendrick Motor Sports

Pictured: A Beech 200 Super King Air
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Contact photographer Carlos Barbosa

What: Hendrick Motorsports Beechcraft Super King Air 200
Where: Bull Mountain, seven miles from Blue Ridge Airport,
When: October 24 2004
Who: 2 pilots 10 passengers
Why: On October 24 2004, en route to theNextel Cup Series, a Beechcraft Super King Air 200 owned by Hendrick Motorsports crashed in fog into Bull Mountain, seven miles from Blue Ridge Airport, carrying two pilots and ten passengers. Fatalities included Jon Hendrick and his twin daughters,and Ricky Hendrick. The plane missed its first landing attempt before veering off course and crashing; and the plane had not climbed to its temporarily assigned altitude of 2,600 feet; it instead descended to 1,800 feet before crashing. The cause was ruled failure to use an instrument approach and pilot error

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