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Bravo Airways Flight Suffers Runway Excursion at Ukraine’s Igor Sikorsky International Airport

Bravo Airways flight BAY-4406 suffered a runway excursion on landing at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport, Ukraine, on June 14th.

The incident happened when the plane was coming from Antalya, Turkey.

The plane came to stop on soft ground and was evacuated via emergency slides.

All one hundred sixty-nine passengers and six crew members remained unharmed.

Israir Airlines Flight Evacuated at Budapest Airport

Israir Airlines flight 6H-716 was evacuated at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, Hungary, on March 23rd.

The plane was preparing to depart for Tel Aviv, Israel, when a nearby tow tug began emitting smoke.

The evacuation slides were deployed as the smoke entered the aircraft cabin.

One passenger fell off the emergency slide and sustained serious injuries.

All other passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

Smoke From APU Prompts Evacuation of Bhutan Airlines Plane at Kolkata Airport

Bhutan Airlines flight B3-700 was evacuated at Kolkata Airport in West Bengal, India, on September 9th.

The Airbus A319-100 plane was preparing to depart for Bangkok, Thailand, when smoke was noticed emanating from the APU.

The crew initiated an emergency evacuation.

About twenty people were injured and were treated at the airport.

Fire in Cockpit Cancels Flight

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What: Egyptair Boeing 777-200 en route from Cairo Egypt to Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Where: Cairo
When: July 29 2011
Who: 291 passengers, 7 hospitalized
Why: After passengers boarded but before takeoff, the cockpit experienced a fire. Smoke leaked into the cabin, but luggage was intact.

Passengers exited via sides, with five injuries resulting. Two firemen were hospitalized with smoke inhalation.

Emergency Landing: Safety for Tripoli Evacuation

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What: Air India Airbus A330-200 en route from Tripoli to Delhi
Where: Malta
When: Mar 6th 2011
Why: After taking off from Tripoli, the landing gear failed to retract. The pilot diverted to Malta and made a safe landing.

So far, of 18,000 Indians expats, 9,200 people had been evacuated from Tripoli. Egypt Air has also been making chartered flights to bring Indian citizens back home in “Operation Safe Homecoming.” As of Mar 2, Air India had retrieved 6 flights worth of passengers.

Urgent Evacuation From Politically Unstable Area

DUBAI, UAE, February 7, 2011 — In the past few weeks the world watched with pride and shock as the citizens of Middle Eastern Egypt stood up in unison to the almost thirty years of dictatorship from the existing government.

This political unrest caused a panic among expats in the country and official consulates began making arrangements for the evacuation of their citizens in Egypt.

Air Charter International was commissioned to transport these passengers from Alexandria to Prague and Washington DC. The Commercial Sales team at Air Charter International worked 24/7 on making sure that all passengers were transported safely out of Egypt.
“Because of the urgency of the situation, it was imperative that we get our clients out of Egypt immediately,” said Commercial Sales Manager Claire Brugirard. The first flight to Prague departed on the 31st of January and the second flight to Washington DC departed on the 1st of February.

“Since the first priority was to get the passengers to a safe point outside Egypt, both flights were sent to Prague,” said Ms. Brugirard. She further explained that the second flight reached Prague and was then rerouted to Washington DC from there.

Air Charter International’s Commercial Sales team sourced a Boeing 737-800 for the journey. “We sourced two of these proven passenger aircraft for the trip because they were the safest and most economical for our clients.”

Ms. Brugirard further stated that the Boeing 737-800 is also spacious enough to accommodate last minute passengers, common during emergency evacuations.

“It happened on these flights as well. On the first flight we had an additional 13 passengers and on the second we had 1 more passenger, all which joined at the last minute. In anticipation of these additional passengers we enlisted a B737-800 for these flights.”
The Commercial Sales team at Air Charter International did encounter some challenges while organizing these flights. “Due to the ongoing political unrest in Egypt, there was difficulty in establishing a steady communication with the local authorities.”

This, Ms. Brugirard explained, made obtaining permits, that were also requested on short notice extremely difficult. “Our team worked around the clock to ensure that all the paperwork was in order so that the US citizens and students were safely evacuated out of Egypt.”

Experts in crisis management, Air Charter International’s Commercial Sales team monitored both emergency charter flights from start to finish. “At all times we kept an eye on status of these flights and the clients fully informed on their progress.”

Chaos on Aero Contractors in Lagos

Not the 500. Pictured: Boeing 737-322 exAero Contractors Nigeria lease
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What: Aero Contractors Boeing 737-500 en route from Port Harcourt to Lagos
Where: Nigeria
When: Oct 24 2010
Who: 84 passengers, 15 injuries
Why: Passengers were complaining of pressure problems resulting in ear pain. Passengers reportedly “ran amuck” in the cabin when they saw smoke, apparently resulting in injury.

Officially, ten minutes before arrival in Lagos, a smoke problem in the cabin was reported to ATC. The crew reported the smoke, and made a safe landing at Murtala Muhammed International Airport with emergency on standby at 6:30 pm. Passengers evacuated, resulting in fifteen injuries. Passenger’s luggage was not released until 8:30 pm

According to maintenance, the smoke problem was mist and condensation from the air conditioning which had been switched to manual.

Aero Emergency Pandemonium Causes Evacuation Injuries

What: Aero B737-500 en route from Yenagoa to Abuja
Where: Murtala Muhammed Airport Lagos, Nigeria
When: Oct 24 2010
Who: 84 passengers
Why: On approach to lagos, the plane made a reportedly “terrifying” noise and began emitting smoke in the cabin. The pilot managed the landing and directed the crew to assist with evacuations. The passengers panicked, causing a number of injuries as they jumped out of the emergency exits.

UA Boeing Evacuated During Fire

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What: United Airlines Boeing 767 en route from London to Chicago
Where: Chicago
When: August 4, 2010
Who: 178 passengers and 12 crew, 7 injuries
Why: On landing in Chicago, the left main gear caught on fire. As the plane waited on the runway, the fire was put out by fire crews who sprayed the gear and surrounding areas with fire retardant.

Emergency slides were deployed, and half the passengers evacuated via them, which is where the injuries occurred. After the fire was out, the slides were no longer used. About five were hospitalized after suffering minor injuries during the evacuation. Some individuals were treated at the airport and released.

Airbus Evacuation in Ft. Lauderdale

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What: Spirit Airlines Airbus A319-100 en route from Cartagena Colombia to Ft. Lauderdale
Where: Ft. Lauderdale
When: May 30th 2010
Who: 90 passengers and 5 crew
Why: On landing, while still on the runway, smoke permeated the cabin, forcing evacuation on to the runway. Three passengers were hospitalized due to injuries during the evacuation.

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