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Passenger Plane Crashes in Cuba; Over 100 Dead

A Boeing 737-200 plane, performing flight CU-972 on behalf of Cubana de Aviacion, crashed in Havana, Cuba, on May 18th.

The incident happened shortly after the plane took off from Jose Marti International Airport in Havana.

There were one hundred and five passengers and six crew members aboard at the time. Authorities said only three passengers survived and were shifted to hospitals in critical condition.

The flight was heading to Holguin, Cuba.

Avianca Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Cuba

Avianca flight AV-9 had to divert and make an emergency landing in Havana, Cuba, on January 9th.

The Airbus A320-200 plane heading from Miami, Florida, to Bogota, Colombia, was diverted after the crew needed to shut down one of the engines.

The plane landed safely. All one hundred and fifty passengers and six crew members remained unharmed.

Copa Airlines Flight Rejects Take Off from Santa Clara, Cuba

Copa Airlines flight CM-238 had to reject take off from Santa Clara, Cuba, on December 11th.

The plane was accelerating to take off for Panama City, Panama, when its left.

engine emitted a loud bang and smoke was noticed in the cabin.

The crew subsequently rejected take off and deployed slides for an emergency evacuation.

All 88 passengers and 5 crew members remained unharmed.

19 Haitian Politicos Make Cuban Emergency Landing

What: Aerolineas Mas turbo prop en route to Havana
Where: Camaguey Cuba
When: Nov 15, 2011
Who: 19 Haitians aboard
Why: While en route, the turbo prop experienced problems with the air conditioning system and had to divert to Camaguey Cuba. This is a few days after a chopper had to make an unplanned emergency landing in Port-au-Prince (Saturday.)

No injuries were reported.

Cuban Flight Crashes; All aboard are Lost

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Contact photographer Teemu Tuuri

What: Aerocaribbean ATR-72-500 en route from Santiago to Havana
Where: Guasimal, Sancti Spiritus Cuba
When: Nov 4 2010
Who: with 61 passengers and 7 crew
Why: The last flight to leave Santiago before the airport closed due to tropical storm Tomas disappeared from radio contact at 5:42 pm while over Guasimal not far from the Zaza Reservoir. The crew made an emergency call at 5:42. 40 cubans were aboard and 28 non-cubans (9 Argentinian, 7 Mexican, 3 Dutch, 1 French, 2 German, 2 Austrian, 1 Italian, 1 Spanish, 1 Venezuelan, and 1 Japanese).

A hospital worker said “The plane made several abrupt movements before crashing to the ground.” Rescuers hiked in through thick vegetation (using bulldozers to get through the vegetation to find the plane shattered and in flames and no survivors.

Tropical storm Tomas developed into a hurricane. Cuba declared a state of alert.

The ongoing investigation has not ruled that weather is the definitive factor because the storm had not reached Cuba at the time of the crash.

Cuban state airline Cubana de Aviacion owns Aerocaribbean. The flight normally flies twice a week from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to Santiago de Cuba to Havana

Skyservice Airbus Hard Landing in Cuba

Pictured: The Airbus in the incident, photo taken a year ago in Toronto
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What: Skyservice Airbus A320-200 en route from Toronto to Varadero Cuba
Where: Varadero
When: Jan 31 2010
Why: While landing during high rain with little visibility, the flight made a hard landing and blew three tires. The passengers disembarked safely, and there were no injuries reported, except to the plane.

Empresa Emergency Landing in Santo Domingo

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What: Empresa Aerocaribbean SA Boeing 737-200 en route from Caracas Venezuela to Santiago Cuba
Where: Santo Domingo
When: Dec 10th 2009
Who: 90 passengers and 9 crew
Why: While en route, the flight developed oil filter trouble in the right engine.

Gushing black smoke, the plane made an emergency landing in Santo Domingo where maintenance took care of the problem. In six hours, passengers continued to their destination on the same plane.

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