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Copa Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Panama City

Copa Airlines flight CM-358 had to return and make an emergency landing in Panama City, Panama, on January 31st.

The Boeing 737-800 plane took off for Guatemala City, Guatemala, but had to turn back after a bird strike caused engine issues.

The plane landed back safely. All one hundred and fifty-one people aboard remained unharmed.

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Copa Airlines Flight Diverts to Mexico City After Auto-Pilot Failure

Copa Airlines flight CM-156 had to divert and make an emergency landing in Mexico City, Mexico, on October 18th.

The plane heading from Monterrey, Mexico, to Panama City, Panama, was diverted due to the autopilot failure.

The plane landed safely. All sixty-nine passengers and five crew members remained unharmed.

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Copa Airlines Plane Suffers Hydraulic Leak After Landing In Nicaragua

Copa Airlines flight CM-106 suffered a hydraulic leak on landing at Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in Managua, Nicaragua, on March 23rd.

The incident happened when the Boeing 737-700 plane was coming from Panama City, Panama.

The plane became disabled on the runway. All one hundred and twenty-one passengers and six crew members remained unharmed.

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Copa Airlines Flight Rejects Take Off from Santa Clara, Cuba

Copa Airlines flight CM-238 had to reject take off from Santa Clara, Cuba, on December 11th.

The plane was accelerating to take off for Panama City, Panama, when its left.

engine emitted a loud bang and smoke was noticed in the cabin.

The crew subsequently rejected take off and deployed slides for an emergency evacuation.

All 88 passengers and 5 crew members remained unharmed.

Copa Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Costa Rica

Copa AirlinesA Copa Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing at Juan Santamaria International Airport in Costa Rica, at around 10 a.m. on November 30.

The pilot declared emergency after a fuel leak alarm went off, indicating fuel leakage from the aircraft’s left wing.

The plane landed uneventfully and none of the 118 people aboard was harmed.

The aircraft was taken for examination.

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Stormy Weather Leads to Emergency Landing in Tocumen

On May 21, 2013, a Copa Airlines Boeing 737-7V3 a flight from Guayaquil, Ecuador landed in the rain at Tocumen International Airport in Panama.

The plane skidded off the runway, and sustained damage getting mired in soft ground.

Engine 2 sustained damage as the right engine impacted soft ground

The plane was towed to the gate.

107 passengers were aboard the flight, and none of them were seriously injured, according to paramedic teams that responded to the accident. The incident also caused delays at the airport, forcing at least one flight to divert to another airport.

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Boeing Delivers Copa Air 1st 737 BoeingSky Interior

Copa becomes first Latin America carrier to fly with the new cutting-edge interior

SEATTLE, March 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing (NYSE: BA) today delivered a Next-Generation 737 with the new Boeing Sky Interior to Copa Airlines – the first Latin American carrier to take delivery of Boeing’s innovative interior.

“We are proud to bring this state-of-the art technology and unmatched passenger experience to our valued customers,” said Pedro Heilbron, CEO of Copa Airlines. “This new interior represents yet another example of our progressive leadership in the Americas and will enhance the world-class service for which Copa Airlines has become known.”

The Boeing Sky Interior introduces new cove lighting and curving architecture that create a distinctive entry way. Passengers will enjoy a more open cabin and a soft blue sky overhead simulated by light-emitting diode (LED) lighting. The new interior also brings new, modern, sculpted sidewalls and window reveals to draw passengers’ eyes to the view outside the window as well as larger stowage bins allowing passengers the ability to store their luggage closer to their seats.

The 737 Boeing Sky Interior is the latest in a series of enhancements designed to improve the Next-Generation 737 for both airlines and passengers. The next to come will be a package of performance improvements that will reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 2 percent – making the airplane a full 7 percent more efficient than the first Next-Generation 737s delivered. The performance improvements to the airframe and engine are in certification test, and will be phased into production between mid-2011 and early 2012.

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Copa Airlines Announces 2011 Expansion Plans: New Destinations, More Frequencies and Improved Schedules

With the addition of three new destinations as of June 2011, the airline will serve 55 destinations in 27 countries on the American continent, with a total of 180 daily flights from the Hub of the Americas at Tocumen Airport in Panama City, Panama

PANAMA CITY, Jan. 21, 2011 — Copa Airlines, subsidiary of Copa Holdings, S.A. (NYSE: CPA) announced today that as of June 2011 it will increase daily flight frequencies to several countries in its extensive route network, offer more convenient schedules and begin service to three new destinations: Toronto, Canada; Porto Alegre, Brazil; and Nassau, Bahamas.

“Thanks to these new destinations and the increase in frequencies from our Hub of the Americas in Panama City, Copa Airlines continues to expand its coverage and reaffirm its leadership in Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Pedro Heilbron, CEO. “Copa offers flights to more international destinations than any other airline from any other hub in the Region.”

“The Hub of the Americas continues to be the most efficient and convenient connection point on the continent,” Heilbron added. “The increase in flight frequencies will allow us to significantly improve our daily arrival and departure schedules to offer better connectivity, more flight options and more frequent connections throughout the day. In fact some destination will now have up to six daily frequencies.”

In 2010 Copa Airlines transported more than 5.2 million passengers via the region’s most complete route network through the Hub of the Americas. The airline’s on-time performance of greater than 90 percent (measured by industry standards established by the U.S. Department of Transportation), puts the airline in a leadership position in Latin America and among the best in the world. The arrival of 10 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft this year will signal even greater growth.


Copa Airlines’ transition as of June 15 from a four-bank to a six-bank operational system (groups of connecting schedules) will allow the airline to better utilize Tocumen Airport’s existing infrastructure as well as offer passengers more and better scheduling options.

As of June 15, the Hub of the Americas at Tocumen Airport will add to its existing flight banks, currently two in the morning and two in the afternoon, a group of early-morning departures – ideal for travelers who want to arrive at their destination early in the day – and a group of afternoon departures.

These operational changes also translate to significant improvements in Copa Airlines’ flight schedules to major destinations on the American continent, such as New York’s JFK Airport and Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C., as well as to South America’s principal cities.
Opportunities for connection will increase throughout Copa’s extensive route network as well, resulting in shorter connecting times, giving the Panamanian airline a firm foothold as the best choice for connectivity and convenient travel schedules.

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