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Two Days, Three Crashes, Four Dead, Four Missing

Monday, a pilot and passenger were killed after the Mexican plane took off from Nuevo Leon and crashed in Veracruz.

On Tuesday, a Cessna took off from Mina International and crashed in Tampico, Tamaulipas, killing the pilot and passenger.

Also on Tuesday, a jet en route to Cozumel crashed in the Atlantic. All four of those aboard were recovered three miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale.

Initially, in two days there were three crashes, four fatalities and four missing. However two bodies have been found—pilot Josué Buendía Moreno and nurse Mariana González Isunza,—bringing the total dead to 6. Two Mexican men—pilot Hiram Galván de la O and Doctor Fernando Senties Nieto—are still missing off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. The search of the 4,000 square miles debris field has been called off. Over 1000 lbs of wreckage has been recovered.

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Six Die in Crash in France


On November 19, 2013, an Aircraft Guaranty Corp Trustee Socata TBM-700 was en route from Annecy – Haute-Savoie – Mont Blanc Airport with five men and one woman aboard when it developed problems. There were no survivors. They were all employed by part of the Vivialys, a real estate agency.

The plane was en route from Annecy to Toussus-le-Noble when it crashed ten miles south of Auxerre after 11:00 am (1000 GMT) in a field near the village of Mouffy. Some reports say “There was heavy fog” at the time of the crash and a witness heard “a strange whistling noise”. The debris field is spread in a radius of 1000 feet.

The aircraft was registered in the United States. The BEA, France’s Accident Investigation Bureau, sent four investigators.

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Honduras Crash in Rio Abajo

A Bell 407 helicopter carrying Honduran political candidate Juan Hernandez to a rally in Juticalpa developed mechanical problems.

The helicopter made noises indicating problems, fell, and lost its tail in Rio Abajo, Guaymaca. No injuries were reported of the six aboard: Hernandez, wife Ana Garcia, the president of Honduras, Rafael Leonardo Callejas, mayor of Tegucigalpa, Ricardo Alvarez and campaign coordinator, Oscar Alvarez.

The helicopter crashed from low altitude. No cause has been determined for the accident. Hernandez continued on the campaign trail in another chopper.

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Grand Caravan Crashes in Sierra de La Giganta Mountains, 14 Dead

The pilot and thirteen passengers of a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan took off on Monday from Loreto to Ciudad Constitución Airport but lost contact with air traffic control after takeoff, and subsequently all died in a crash in the Sierra de La Giganta mountains. Their deaths were confirmed when the wreckage was located on October 16.

The Aereo Service Guerrero Cessna Grand Caravan had a license plate XA-TXM.

Passenger list
Eleazar Inzunza,
Esther Cota,
Evelia López López,
Israel Merino Parra,
Reyes Moreno Gastelum,
Joan Efrain Moreno Medrano,
Arturo Pérez Inzunza,
Alejandro Rosas,
Andrea Rosas,
Marco Rosas,
Ramona González Armenta,
Rosy Ornelas,
Carmen Rojas López,
Jesús Antonio Cárdenas Torre,
José Manuel Duarte

Sikorsky Hits Gangnam High Rise

On Nov 16, 2013, a helicopter took off from Soeul Gimpo Airport en route to Jamsil-Dong to pick up LG employees. The LG Electronics Sikorsky S-76C++ helicopter flew into a high rise in Seoul.

Two pilots aboard the helicopter died after their propellor struck the 30 story high rise. No one in the building sustained injury.

Captain Park In-kyu and co-pilot Koh Jong-jin, were employed by LG. The weather conditions at the were foggy, with limited visibility.

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Mitsubishi Crash under investigation

On November 10, 2013, a Intermountain Powersports Inc Mitsubishi MU-2B-25 took off from Salina Kansas. The pilot was over the woods in Oklahoma when he contacted ATC about engine trouble just before he crashed in a field five miles north of Tulsa International Airport. The incident which occurred around 3:45 p.m. may have been the pilot’s first training flight on his recently purchased plane, though there appears to have been some training in Kansas. The plane lost an engine en route.

The pilot died in the crash on approach to the airport. He was Perry Inhofe, an orthopedic surgeon and the son of Senator James Inhofe.

National Transportation Safety Board investigators are investigating with FAA, Mitsubishi and Honeywell.

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Cirrus Crash Report Released

The NTSB has released a report on the Sept. 25 Cirrus SR20 plane crash that killed Dr. Narayan Venguswamy, a Kentucky surgeon, and his wife, Jay Venguswamy.

The plane touched down several times before it finally left the runway, veered left, descended and struck a tree, light pole and bank parking lot. Narayan Venguswamy was hospitalized at Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital and then Loyola University Medical Center, where he died of burns. Jay died at the scene.

The Preliminary Report is below:

NTSB Identification: CEN13FA558
14 CFR Part 91: General Aviation
Accident occurred Wednesday, September 25, 2013 in Bolingbrook, IL
Aircraft: CIRRUS DESIGN CORP SR20, registration: N406DC
Injuries: 2 Fatal.
This is preliminary information, subject to change, and may contain errors. Any errors in this report will be corrected when the final report has been completed. NTSB investigators either traveled in support of this investigation or conducted a significant amount of investigative work without any travel, and used data obtained from various sources to prepare this aircraft accident report.

On September 25, 2013, about 1715 central daylight time, a Cirrus SR20 airplane, N406DC, impacted terrain after executing a go-around near Bolingbrook’s Clow International Airport, (1C5), Bolingbrook, Illinois. The pilot and one passenger were fatally injured. The airplane was destroyed. The airplane was registered to GDK International LLC and operated by a private individual under the provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 as a personal flight. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the flight, which operated without a flight plan. The flight originated from Georgetown Scott County Airport (27K), Georgetown, Kentucky about 1500 and was destined for 1C5.

The airplane was captured on 1C5 airport surveillance cameras while attempting to land. A review of the video showed that the airplane touched down multiple times about half way down the runway. The airplane was observed making a left turn after takeoff, descending, and then proceeding out of camera view.

Witnesses reported seeing the airplane depart the runway and make a left turn at a low altitude. The airplane continued to descend, struck a tree and a light pole before impacting a parking lot and sidewalk. A post impact fire ensued and consumed most of the airplane.

The automated weather reporting station at Lewis University Airport which was 5 miles south of the accident site reported at 1715: wind from 070 degrees at 8 knots, 10 miles visibility, clear sky, temperature 21 degrees Celsius (C), dew point 9 degrees C, and a barometric pressure 29.94 inches of mercury.

During the on-scene examination investigators confirmed flight control continuity and that the flaps were in the retracted position. The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) rocket and parachute were found in the main wreckage. The position of the CAPS activation handle could not be verified due to thermal damage. The parachute was found in a packed state and received thermal damage. The CAPS activation cable was examined and no stretching was found.

The airframe and engine were retained for further examination.

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Cessna Crash Kills Hunter, Pilot

A Cessna U206F Stationair owned/operated by Wilderness Aircraft I LLC went missing east of Donnelly, Idaho while en route from McCall Municipal Airport and the Salmon River Basin. Three planes had been making the 12 minute flight but only two made it to the destination. The Idaho Army National Guard helicopter who were searching in an inaccessible area cancelled due to bad weather and mountain snow. The search resumed on Thursday when the wreckage was found on the side of a steep mountain.

The pilot and two passengers were going to the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.

Hikers to the wreckage discovered that pilot Dan Wilson and passengers Steve Hall and Mike Wolf had not survived the crash. It took rescue workers two hours to hike to the wreckage 7,800 feet up the mountain.

The NTSB will be investigating.

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Student Pilot Crash in Jalisco Mexico

On an October 30, 2013 training flight, a Centro de Capacitacion Aereo Michoacan Cessna 152 out of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport lost power over Cajititian lake.

The pilot made a crash landing beside the lake. The pilot Andres Gonzalez, 20, tried to land in an unpopulated area when the plane developed a mechanical problem in the engine.

Emergency responders included firefighters and paramedics from Tiajomulco and El Salto. Gonzalez suffered only minor injuries.

la Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (Civil Aviation Directorate) will be investigating the incident in Cajititlán, Jalisco, Mexico.

Nashville: Cessna Crash

On October 29, 2013, a Windsor Flying Club Cessna 172R Skyhawk crash landed at Nashville International Airport, killing the pilot. There was dense fog early Tuesday morning when the crash occurred, and the airport was closed. The crash occurred some time between 2:00 a.m. (the final sweep of the runways) and its discovery at 8:45 a.m. by a taxiing jet pilot.

The plane is one of three belonging to Canada’s Windsor Flying Club school fleet.

National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Peter Knudson said that the plane sat on the runway for hours before it was discovered Tuesday morning. The crash apparently occurred Monday night. Metro Police, Metro Fire and Metro OEM, the medical examiner, and an accident investigator from National Transportation Safety Board responded belatedly. The accident occurred on Runway 2, which was closed on discovery of the wreckage. Operations at the rest of the airport continued as usual.

The FAA is on the scene. The pilot was in his mid forties, was night-rated but not instrument-rated (i.e. he was not cleared to fly in low visibility like the dense fog that blanketed Nashville.) His name has not been released. He rented the plane from Monday 8.pm. to Tuesday noon.

The investigation has not yet determined if the pilot made the required contact with ATC. The plane as no flight data recorder but it does have gps and current instrumentation.

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Nashville Airport Statement

As reported yesterday by Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA), a small single-engine Cessna-172 crashed at Nashville International Airport on Tuesday, October 29, 2013. The Airport Emergency Plan requires MNAA to notify the National Transportation Safety Board in the event of an accident and the NTSB begins an investigation to determine the probable cause of the accident and other facts related to it. This investigation is now underway and the NTSB will issue a preliminary report in 10 days and a final report in 9 – 12 months.

Importantly, the time of the crash has not been determined and reports to the contrary are not factual. These facts will be determined as part of the NTSB investigation.

Following is a statement from MNAA:

“The MNAA’s top priority is the safety and security of all operations at the airport. As an FAA certificated airport, MNAA is required to comply with the FAA’s safety standards. MNAA has long maintained a strong record of safety and follows stringent federal safety regulations. We are inspected annually by FAA safety inspectors to ensure compliance. We uphold these regulations every day, including yesterday. We have inspectors and crash, fire and rescue personnel on duty 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to respond in the event of any emergency.

“MNAA is working collaboratively with the FAA and NTSB as they investigate the accident and determine the facts. It would be premature to comment about any facts involving this accident until the NTSB completes its investigation. All of us at the airport express heartfelt condolences to the family of the pilot involved in this accident.”

Australia Ground Collision

On landing on Oct 24, 2013 at Hamilton Airport, a training flight in a Waikato Aero Club Tecnam P2008 struck a parked Cessna 172. The twenty-five year old student pilot, parked vehicle and training vehicle all suffered injury. The parked Cessna sustained the most damage.

Witnesses say that the pilot managed to get the plane under control as he was landing, reducing the severity of the incident. Impact occurred at low speed.

The plane came down hard, damaging the Tecnam’s undercarriage, and the pilot’s nose and back. The pilot is suffering from shock.

This is the first incident in the year old plane the student was flying. He was hospitalized at Waikato Hospital.

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Cessna Flips on Runway Excursion

A privately owned Cessna 210 airplane #N6942R flipped over after running off the Lodi runway during a landing excursion at 3 p.m. On October 23, 2013. The pilot reported no injury. The plane had substantial damage.

The Woodbridge Fire Dept responded to the scene.


The plane’s registration is N6942R and the owner is AWAN MAQSOOD.

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Fatal Crash during Secunda Airshow

Photographer Gary Shephard

A Red Bull Extra 300 aircraft crashed on October 12 during a Secunda airshow in Mpumalanga.

The engine appeared to stall when the pilot came out of a dive. The plane leveled out, made it to the ground and skidded seventy meters. When the plane caught fire, the pilot, Glen Dell, had to be helped from the cockpit. Reports indicated that he was airlifted and hospitalized at Mediclinic with burns and other injuries then transferred to Glenwood hospital/Netcare Sunninghill Hospital for burn care, but succumbed to the injuries.

The plane was a Extra 330LC, which is a Lycoming AEIO-580 powered two-seat competition aircraft, a type of Aerobatic monoplane, designed in 1987 by Walter Extra, an award-winning German aerobatic pilot and built by Extra Flugzeugbau.

Dell had 25,000 hours flying experience on 250 aircraft, held a zero foot aerobatic display waiver, which is awarded to pilots with proven competency and reputation reflecting display pilot expertise. In 2004, Glen finished first overall at the 6th Advanced World Aerobatic Championships, becoming the first South African to win. He had competed several times in the Red Bull Air Race but had announced he was returning to South African Airlines.

The Civil Aviation Authority is investigating the cause of the crash.
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Mooney Missing

A Mooney en route from Palm Springs to San Diego Gillespie Field went missing on Wednesday October 9. The sheriff’s deputies helicopter search was suspended Wednesday due to gusty winds, and was found on Thursday at 1:00 a.m.

The search for the plane registered to Andrew Thulin, of San Diego was centered four miles northeast of Julian, near the Volcan Mountain Wilderness. Emergency responders and searchers included US Border Patrol, deputies from Julian, and sheriff’s search and rescue.

Rescuers pinged the pilot’s phone to locate the wreckage and the bodies of a man and woman.

Galveston Ultralight Crash Kills Pilot

After 11am near Santa Fe on Oct 8, 2013, Roger Brown’s first flight on the ultra-light 67 killed him. The ultralight plane crashed in Galveston County, tearing the tail off.

Brown took off from his property. According to witnesses, he was looking for somewhere to land when he crashed in an unincorporated area Santa Fe. Brown had radio equipment aboard but apparently had no time to send out a mayday.

The Galveston County Sheriff Office and the Santa Fe police responded to the scene

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Cessna Crash in Arizona

A Cessna 340A en route from Laughlin-Bullhead International Airport to Ernest A. Love Field Airport when it clipped trees and a radio tower during a low pass at the Gunsite Training Academy. There are four fatalities.

Passengers were going to Gunsite Firearms Training Academy when the plane struck a radio tower and crashed. Witnesses heard the plane whining before it crashed.

Respondents include Chino Valley Fire and Yavapai County Sheriff’s department.

The names of the victims have not been released. The FAA is investigating.

Cessna Accident in Santa Monica

A hangar collapsed in flames after a twin-engine Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2 owned by Creative Real Estate Exchange veered into it while landing at Santa Monica Municipal Airport.

The Cessna had flown from Hailey, Idaho and landed in Santa Monica at 6:20 pm.

Witnesses said it looked like a normal landing till it veered off course. The burning plane made three explosions. The number of people aboard the plane has not been released, but it is reported as “unsurvivable.”

Crash in Bank Lot

On Sept 25, Kentucky doctor and his wife who were flying a GDK International LLC-owned Cirrus SR20 G2 to the Chicago area to attend a medical conference when their plane struck a tree, a light post and several cars in Bolingbrook. The pilot had aborted a landing, and never completed the go-around back to the airport

The wrecked plane ended up in a Chase Bank parking lot.

The plane was consumed by fire. The surgeon, Dr. Narayan Venguswamy made it out of the plane but he was burning

Witnesses tried to stifle the flames with a sweatshirt. He was hospitalized at Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital then Loyola University Medical center, where he died.

His wife died at the scene. Several cares in the parking lot also caught fire.

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Four Dead in Passenger Plane Crash, Lyon

Photographer Rolando Criniti

A privately owned Cessna 421C Golden Eagle en route from Lyon Bron Airport to Aix-Les-Milles/Aix En Provence Airport took off then crashed near Lyon, France. The four passengers, one of whom ejected) died in the crash.

The plane crashed in a field near the end of the runway. Fifty firefighters and sixteen vehicles, nvestigators from the RCMP Air Transport and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, responded to the scene. Four charred bodies were found in the plane, one without. Prefect Stéphane Rouvé and Lyon Prosecutor Marc Cinamonti visited the wreckage.

The names of the passengers have not been released.

Missing Helicopter Found, Confirmed Death of Margarita Afanaskin

On Sept 14, 2013, an Agusta Westland AW119 Koala en route from Chinggis Khaan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to Myakinino in Krasnogorsk, Moscow went missing near Tver Oblast. The last conversation between the pilot and ATC took place at 13:14 when the plane was flying over Staritskogo in heavy rain with low visibility. There are conflicting reports that the helicopter landed at a lumberjack festival with a number of people aboard, and that the commander of the aircraft was 30-year-old helicopter champion of Europe and Russia, Margarita Afanaskin was flying the helicopter to a Yakhroma airfield when the helicopter went missing. This has not been confirmed.

The search team involved more than 100 people from diverse agencies, including the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry: 25 people 5 units from the Federal Air Transport Agency; 6 people, 3 units and participating police officers, foresters, volunteers. The rescue hotline released at the time was (4822) 39-99-99.?. Four Robinson helicopters and a Mi-8 helicopter searched Saturday.

The search continued through the end of the fourteenth, and resumed the morning of the fifteenth.

At 18:11 on September 16, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that helicopters in the area of ??the village Selco Staritskogo district of Tver region, from the air sighted the possible wreckage of the vehicle. Ground forces confirmed the bodies of a man and a woman whose names were not initially released; but since then the pilot was confirmed, and the passenger of the helicopter was the head of a department of the Federal Forestry Agency, Sergei Medvedev.

Engine Falls Off of Plane

Here’s something we don’t hear too often:

A plane’s propeller blade broke off, vibrated and the plane’s engine broke and fell off during flight. People survived this, so we can presume the flight didn’t get too high.

On Sept 10, 2013, a Vintage Wings of Canada Boeing PT-27 Stearman took off and crashed with two aboard.

The plane crashed right after takeoff from McGill Airfield. The two aboard the plane suffered minor injuries.

Fire trucks and ambulances responded to the scene.

Photo found on Twitter

The incident is being investigated by Canadian Transportation Safety board.

Canadian Aviation Daily Reporting System reported this as:

A Vintage Wings of Canada Boeing B75N1 (C-GKUE) from Brandon, MB (CYBR) to St. Andrews, MB (CYAV) crashed on departure from runway 26 at CYBR. Emergency services and RCMP responded. RCC, TSB, NOC and CACO all advised.

Update AOR 166176-V1: A Vintage Wings of Canada Boeing B75N1 (C-GKUE) from Brandon, MB (CYBR) to St. Andrews, MB (CYAV) departed runway 26 and shortly after take-off the engine was observed detached from the aircraft. Aircraft went vertical and then crashed onto the runway. ARFF responded in 2 minutes. Runway 08/26 closed at 1807Z. As a result, Westjet Encore (WJE3242) DH8D diverted to Winnipeg, MB and a private M20P returned to Portage La Prairie, MB. Runway was re-opened at 1950Z.

New Mexico Helicopter Crash

A Robinson R44 II with three aboard crashed near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico just before noon in Sierra County near State Road 187 between Las Palomas and Caballo.

There was no fire, but the three people aboard died in the crash. The victims were 78-year-old Duane Zietlow, of Elephant Butte; 61-year-old William Brownfield, of Caballo; and 34-year-old pilot Ebenezer Priebe, of Tucson, Arizona.

The helicopter may have struck a power line.

Six Fatalities in Cessna Crash in Paraguay, Four Unidentified

On August 30, 2013, a privately owned Cessna 210 crashed in Ypehû Paraguay en route from Silvio Pettirossi airport to Mariscal Estigarribia, Chaco.

The pilot and five passengers died at the scene. Several of the victims were thrown from the plane.

The wreckage was discovered at ten pm.

Moacir Antonio Kuschel and his son Adriano Kuschel were identified, both Brazilian residents of San Alberto del Department of Alto Parana. Four victims remain unidentified. It is believed that Adriano Kuschel was piloting the plane. The Kuschels produced soy. One of the passengers is presumed to be Spanish.

The Cessna had developed engine problems, and crashed in a remote area, a wheat field difficult to access, five miles from Ypehû Paraguay. The beacon was activated at 19.22 hrs, which began the search.

Prosecutor José Zarza will be investigating.

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Small Plane Crashes in Alaska

On August 29, 2013, a Champion 7ECA Citabria crashed north of Sutton, AK while on a a moose scouting flight.

The flight was reported overdue at 9:45 p.m.

The wreck was located on Friday by an Alaska Air National Guard helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft around 4 a.m.

The names of the victims have been released:

Adam Norton, 30, and Derrik Swanson, 31

Recovery was hampered by weather and rustic conditions.

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