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Crash in Bank Lot

On Sept 25, Kentucky doctor and his wife who were flying a GDK International LLC-owned Cirrus SR20 G2 to the Chicago area to attend a medical conference when their plane struck a tree, a light post and several cars in Bolingbrook. The pilot had aborted a landing, and never completed the go-around back to the airport

The wrecked plane ended up in a Chase Bank parking lot.

The plane was consumed by fire. The surgeon, Dr. Narayan Venguswamy made it out of the plane but he was burning

Witnesses tried to stifle the flames with a sweatshirt. He was hospitalized at Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital then Loyola University Medical center, where he died.

His wife died at the scene. Several cares in the parking lot also caught fire.

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Medical Helicopter Emergency Landing Takes out Windshield

photographer Jerome Mervelet
A medical evacuation helicopter, ADAC-Luftrettung Eurocopter EC 135 P2 was making a street landing in Germany when it struck a car.

The tail of the chopper struck an Opel Corsa’s window. The car was parked in a parking lot at the Ochsenfurt train station.

No people were injured.

The pilot and the on board doctor noticed the damaged windshield after landing. Damage to the vehicle is estimated at 2000 euros.

There appears to be insignificant damage to the helicopter but it is slated for inspection of the right stabilizing fin on the tail boom.

Cessna Street Landing As Electrical Quits

On Jan 31, 2013, a Cessna R172K was en route from Governor Francisco Gabrielli International Airport (El Plumerillo International Airport, ) in Mendoza Argentina to San Carlos de Bariloche Airport in San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina when it suffered a loss of electrical power.

Pilot Rodolfo Smith made a safe emergency landing near Villa La Angostura.

Pilots made an emergency landing on Route 40 Rincon Chico Zone, The passengers had planned to visit Bariloche and fly on to Chile. Individuals from an Aeroclub and ANAC came to assist.

Repairs to the electrical system were made and the plane took off to complete its journey. The passengers were en route to a festival in Chile.

Emergency Landing on Florida Interstate

What: Piper PA 32 en route from Davis Island
Where: I-75 at Gibsonton Drive, Florida
When: August 23, 2012
Who: 3 aboard
Why: The pilot, Charles Pulliam took off from Davis Island en route to Opa Locka AIrport, but began losing oil and had to make an emergency landing. He struck a power line but managed to land on the shoulder of I-75 Northbound. His right wing was cut off halfway after striking a road sign, but neither Pulliam nor his two passengers were injured.
See Video below

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Emergency Landing on Route 67

What: Homebuilt Europa en route from Gillespie Field
Where: Route 67 in Santee
When: July 21, 2012
Who: Pilot
Why: When his engine locked up in a turn after taking off from Gillespie Field, pilot Wayne Oehler of El Cajon made an emergency landing on to the freeway near Riverton road. A California Highway Patrol officer saw the plane in distress and flying low, and cleared the road.

Street Landing in Big Easy

What: Single engine 1960 Piper Tri-Pacer en route from Lakefront Airport to St. Charles Parish
Where: Harrison Avenue and West End, New Orleans
When: April 16, 2011, 2:15 pm
Who: pilot
Why: Pilot Houston Hunter had dropped off his grandson at Lakefront Airport in New Orleans and was en route to Ama Airport in St. Charles Parish when he had mechanical problems and lost power. The pilot turned and tried to return to Lakefront, but had to make an emergency landing on the boulevard median, striking a minivan. Hunter injured his arm. There were three adults and two children in the van but no one was injured.

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Maryland: Monocacy National Battlefield Landing

What: Cessna 182
Where: Monocacy National Battlefield
When: March 30, 2010
Who: Pilot, Bethany Chase, 40, of Germantown, Md and passenger Gregory Windham 57, of Olney
Why: The pilot was making traffic surveys. She intended to land at Montgomery Airport, but there was a problem there with wind shear, and she redirected to Frederick Municipal airport, but her plane lost power. The plane flipped, and landed on Urbana Pike. No one was injured seriously. The passenger refused treatment, and the pilot was hospitalized with minor injuries.

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Police Chopper Lands on Street

What: Fresno Police helicopter
When: 9:00 PM Sunday night.
Where: just off a runway at Fresno’s Chandler Airport. When:
Why: The copter was following a hit and run suspect when the oil light on the instrument panel came on. No injuries.

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Ultralight Lands on public Street

What: ultra-light plane from the Keswick Dam area half a mile away from Benton Airpark,
Where: emergency landing on Eureka Way. Redding
When: Sunday Afternoon 1-18
Who: pilot Ron Lim and passenger
Why: Lim was on his third flight of the day when his engine died. He managed to avoid power lines and made a perfect landing–on the right shoulder of a public street.

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