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Sun Express Germany makes Crash Landing in Germany

Sun expressSun Express Germany flight XG-3264 made a crash landing at Stuttgart Airport, Germany, on July 31st.

The Boeing 737-800 en-route from Varna, Bulgaria, was on the taxiway when it failed to follow the turn and hit the grass between taxiway and runway.

The plane received minor damage.

No one was injured.

Ryanair Plane makes Safe Landing in Netherlands

RyanairRyanair flight FR-3100 made a safe emergency landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands, on June 10.

The Boeing 737-800, flying from Dublin, Ireland, was about to land when the crew assumed a problem with its brakes and slowed it down. The airplane became disabled on the taxiway due to a blown tyre.

The plane landed safely.

No one was injured.

Delta Airlines Plane Rejects Takeoff in Georgia after Tyre Burst

250px-Delta_logo.svgDelta Airlines flight DL-1303 had to reject takeoff at Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia, on June 5th.

The McDonnell Douglas- 88 was accelerating to takeoff for Tulsa, Oklahoma, when the tower informed the crew that they had burst a tyre.

The plane returned to the taxiway for inspection.

It was later reported that the aircraft had also ingested tyre debris into its engine.

Mesa Airlines Plane Rejects Takeoff in Texas

Mesa AirlinesMesa Airlines flight YV-5631/ AA-5631 had to abort takeoff at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas, Texas, on April 20th.

The Canadair CRJ-900 was about to takeoff for Columbia, South Carolina, when the crew had to abort taking off due to a flight control issue.

The plane remained on the taxiway, and resumed flight after 40 minutes.

Small Planet Airlines Airbus Veers Off Runway at Birmingham Airport

A Small Planet Airlines Airbus A320 veered off the runway at Birmingham Airport in England, on February 21.

According to an airport spokesperson, “Birmingham Airport can confirm that an A320 aircraft belonging to charter company, Small Planet, has maneuvered off the taxiway into grass after landing from Paderborn at 1320 today.”

None of the 180 people aboard reported any injuries.

The incident is being investigated.

Southwest Airlines Jet Veers off Taxiway at Nashville International Airport

southwest_airlines_logoA Southwest airline plane, performing flight WN-31, veered off a taxiway at Nashville International Airport, Tennessee, on December 15.

According to FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen, “Southwest Airlines 31, a Boeing 737 aircraft, rolled off a taxiway into the grass and got stuck while taxiing to its gate at Nashville International Airport at 5:30 p.m. Central Time.”

There were 133 passengers aboard at the time; 8 of them suffered minor injuries.

The plane had come in from William P. Hobby international airport, Houston, Texas. Three Notams were issued following the occurrence.
On Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 1725 central standard time, Southwest Airlines flight 31, a Boeing 737, N649SW, departed taxiway T4 and came to rest in a ditch at the Nashville International Airport, (BNA), Nashville, Tennessee. The passengers evacuated via the emergency slides. The aircraft was substantially damaged and nine passengers sustained minor injuries. The flight was a regularly scheduled passenger flight from the William P Hobby Airport (HOU), Houston, Texas. Night visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident.

Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Millville Municipal Airport

A 1960 Piper Comanche single-engine plane made an emergency landing at Millville Municipal Airport, Cumberland County, New Jersey, on December 4.

Authorities said the plane was taking off when it lost power and landed on its belly on the grass near a taxiway.

There were two people aboard at the time, including the pilot Roger Buck of Berlin and his passenger Roland Arthur of Lumberton. Buck sustained minor injuries in the incident while Arthur remained unhurt.

The plane, registered to Buck, was significantly damaged.

The FAA is investigating.

Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Delta County Airport

A small plane made an emergency landing at Delta County Airport in Michigan, on November 3.

Authorities said the single-engine experimental Kitfox plane had to perform an emergency landing due to gearbox failure that stopped propeller movement.

The plane landed on the north side of the ramp and ended up into a ditch between taxiway and runway.

The pilot remained uninjured.

The NTSB is investigating.

Ryanair Jets Collide at Dublin Airport

RyanairTwo Ryanair jets collided on a taxiway intersection at Dublin Airport, Ireland, shortly before 7 a.m. on October 7.

According to a statement released by the airline, “Two of our aircraft were taxiing slowly to the runway at Dublin Airport this morning…The winglet of one aircraft appears to have scraped the tail of the other…Both aircraft were under the instruction of Dublin Airport Air Traffic Control at the time.”

The statement further said, “There was no impact on customers on board and Ryanair contacted the IAA and worked with them to return both aircraft to stand…Affected customers disembarked, were provided with refreshment vouchers and boarded two replacement aircraft, which departed to Brussels Charleroi and Edinburgh later this morning…Ryanair apologises sincerely to customers for any inconvenience.”

The emergency personnel were called at the scene after the incident and the airport operations were temporarily halted. However, the officials confirmed that normal operations at Dublin airport were resumed shortly afterwards.

Both the Boeing 737 aircrafts are currently being repaired.

The Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) will investigate the incident.

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