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Qeshm Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Iran

Qeshm Airlines flight 2264 had to divert and make an emergency landing in Yazd, Iran, on February 13th.

Director general of Kerman province’s airports Ali Qasemzadeh said the plane heading from Najaf, Iraq, to Kerman, Iran, was diverted “due to unstable conditions of a passenger.”

The plane landed safely.

Air India Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Jaipur

Air India flight AI-436 had to divert and make an emergency landing in Jaipur, India, on February 6th.

The plane flying from Bhopal to Delhi, India, was diverted due to poor weather conditions in Delhi. However, as the plane approached Jaipur, the crew requested a priority landing reporting low fuel indications.

The plane landed safely. All 122 passengers and 7 crew members remained unharmed.

Cathay Pacific Flight Diverts to Seattle due to Adverse Weather Conditions

Cathay Pacific flight CX-888 had to divert and make an emergency landing in Seattle, Washington, on February 4th.

The Boeing 777-300 plane heading from Hong Kong, China, to Vancouver, Canada, was diverted due to adverse weather conditions in Vancouver.

The plane landed safely. All 155 passengers aboard remained unharmed.

Flybe Plane Diverts to Birmingham

flybeFlybe flight BE-1274 made an emergency landing in Birmingham, England, on August 29th.

The plane flying from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Manchester, England, was diverted after the crew became aware that one of the tires had burst during departure. An airline spokesperson said the plane was diverted as a “precautionary measure to take into consideration more favorable wind conditions”

The plane landed safely. All 76 people aboard remained unhurt.

Pawan Hans Helicopter Makes Precautionary Landing in India due to Bad Weather

A Pawan Hans chopper had to divert and make a precautionary landing in Kelva, Palghar, Maharashtra, India, on August 27th.

The Bell 407 flying from Vedodara, Gujrat to Juhu, Mumbai, was diverted due to bad weather conditions.

The helicopter landed safely. All 6 people onboard remained unharmed.

ASL Airlines Hungary Plane Overruns Runway in Italy

ASLASL Airlines Hungary flight QY-7332 overran the runway upon landing at Orio al Serio International Airport, Orio al Serio, Bergamo, Italy, on August 5th.

The Boeing 737-400 flying from France had landed on Orio al Serio’s runway in bad weather conditions and overran the end of the runway.

The aircraft received substantial damage.

The 2 people aboard remained unharmed.

The incident remains under investigation.

Porter Airlines Plane Diverts to Canada due to Inappropriate Weather

porterPorter Airlines flight PD-139 had to divert and make an emergency landing Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada, on July 1st.

The de Havilland Dash 8-400, flying from Ontario, Canada, to New Jersey, had to divert due to inappropriate weather conditions.

The plane landed safely.

All the passengers aboard remained unhurt.


17 Soldiers Killed after Military Helicopter Crashes in Colombia

A military helicopter crashed near the town of Pensilvania in Caldas Department of Colombia, on June 26th.

The helicopter went down while it was travelling from Quibdo city to the military base at Tolemaida.

Seventeen soldiers were killed in the crash. According to President Juan Manuel Santos, “The soldiers were in the region of Uraba on a reconnaissance flight, many of them were experts in drone aircraft, others were supporting military operations against the National Liberation Army guerrillas.”

It is believed that the accident happened due to poor weather conditions.

Jet Airways Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Lucknow

Jet AirwaysJet Airways flight 2828 made an emergency landing at Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport in Lucknow, India, on April 27th.

Authorities said the plane, flying from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, had reached its scheduled destination in New Delhi on time but the ATC advised the pilots to divert to Lucknow due to poor weather conditions. Shortly before reaching the airport in Lucknow, the pilots received low fuel indication and declared an emergency.

The plane landed safely. Everyone aboard remained unhurt.

Venezuela National Guard Helicopter Crashes in Colombia

plane crashA Venezuela National Guard helicopter crashed onto a parking lot in Paraguachon, La Guajira, Colombia, on December 28.

Delcy Rodriguez, Venezuela’s top diplomat, said, “Adverse weather conditions led to this unfortunate accident. We thank Colombian authorities who provided support to the officers.”

There were two people aboard the Bell helicopter at the time; including the pilot and the co-pilot. Both of them were injured in the crash. They were taken to hospitals in Venezuela.

Colombia’s Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas said, “”We will proceed through diplomatic channels with the government of Venezuela to establish where the wreckage will be sent.”

Royal Jordanian Airlines Jet Makes Emergency Landing in Israel

Royal Jordanian AirlinesRoyal Jordanian Airlines flight RJA611 had to make an emergency landing at Ben Gurion International airport in Israel, on November 3.

According to the airline, the Airbus A320 was en-route from Dubai to Amman, Jordan when it was diverted due to poor weather conditions.

The plane landed uneventfully. Everyone aboard remained unhurt.

Authorities said the plane resumed its journey shortly afterwards after refueling.

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