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Travel Service Polska Flight Returns to Wroclaw due to Fuel System Problem

Travel Service Polska flight QS-7222 had to return and make an emergency landing in Wroclaw, Poland, on September 23rd.

The plane took off for Bodrum, Turkey, but had to turn back due to an issue with the fuel system.

The plane landed safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

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Travel Service Flight Makes Emergency Landing due to Cabin Fire Indication

Travel Service flight QS-1580 made an emergency landing in Burgas, Bulgaria, on August 1st.

The Boeing 737-800 plane flying from Bratislava, Slovakia, was on approach to Burgas when the crew declared an emergency due to a cabin fire indication.

The plane continued for a safe landing. All one hundred and seventy-eight people aboard remained unharmed.

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Travel Service Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing due to Flaps Issue

Travel Service Airlines flight QS-7333 had to make an emergency landing in Katowice, Poland, on January 23rd.

The Boeing 737-800 plane flying from Fuerteventura, Spain, was on final approach to Katowice when the crew reported a flaps issue and went around.

The plane landed safely on second approach. All 187 passengers and 6 crew members remained unharmed.

Ak Bars Aero/Tatarstan Fatal Flight update

Handout photo of wreckage at the site of a Boeing 737-500 crash at Kazan airport

On November 17, 2013 at 6:23 pm, Flight 363, an Ak Bars Aero/Tatarstan Boeing 737-500 en route from Moscow to Kazan, made several go-arounds, and more than one landing pass. On the second (?) attempt, an hour after takeoff, it crashed on landing at Kazan. On touchdown, the jet’s nose hit the ground.

The plane caught fire on impact after a fuel tank caught fire. None of the 44 passengers or 6 crew survived the fire.

The leased 23 year old plane was registered as VQ-BBN.
The Metars were reported as:

UWKD 171530Z 23008G11MPS 5000 -RASN OVC007 03/03 Q0993 R29/2/0055 NOSIG RMK QFE734/0979
UWKD 171500Z 23009G12MPS 9999 -RASN OVC008 03/02 Q0994 R29/2/0055 NOSIG RMK QFE735/0980

METAR UWKD 17th @ 1530Z, wind from 230 at 8, gusting to 11 MPS, visibility 5000′, Weather: light rain snow, Sky: overcast at 700, temperature 3, dewpoint 3, altimeter 0993 mb, r29 / 2 / 0055 nosig remarks: qfe734 / 0979

On the ground, an official was quoted saying “The visibility was five thousand meters, the runway was dry. You cannot even imagine better conditions.”

A4677/13 – AD CLSD DUE TO TECR. 17 NOV 18:20 2013 UNTIL 18 NOV 08:00 2013. CREATED: 17 NOV 18:29 2013

Transport Prosecution Office has opened a criminal investigation.

Passenger list (EN)

With the Boeing 737-500 aircraft operating the flight U9 363 on the route Moscow – Kazan during landing 19:25 (GMT) accident.
On board were 44 passengers and 6 crew members.
The circumstances are being investigated.

Airline “Tatarstan” brings his deep condolences to the families and friends of the victims.

A preliminary list of registered on the flight.

Surname Name Date of birth
Akulinina Natalia 21.08.1987
Antonov Alexander 01.01.1957
Artashina Daria 07.09.2002
Ahmetshina Alia 23.07.1990
Baranova Jana 15.08.1987
Bull Donna Carolina 02/14/1960
Burdin Yuri 25.12.1967
Vaprenttsev Denis 02.10.1984
Hajiyev Diana 10.05.1955
Guzhiev Rustam 02/27/1982
Drantusova Natalia 04.05.1971
Zaripov Venus 07.09.1988
Zaripov Albina 21.01.1980
Zgurtskaya Victoria 08/30/1969
Ivashkevich Irene 20.09.1979
Kamashev Mstislav 15.10.1986
Kashapova Alina 27.06.1998
Knyazev Eugene 07/02/1955
Kuznetsova Helena 11.06.1971
Kucherov Anna 18.04.1990
Lyashin Yuri 12.04.1976
Makarov Gennady 31/10/1965
Mangusheva Tatiana 09/17/1949
Minnihanov Irek 04.03.1989
Morozova Olga 08.02.1960
Muzychuk Dmitry 30.05.1986
Nazyarov Ruslan 17.09.1973
Oshurkova Margaret 06/22/1958
Parkhomenko Novel 20.02.1986
Prokofiev Paul 15.01.1974
Rashitova Gulnara 15.07.1991
Sadrutdinov Ayrat 16.02.1984
Safin Damask 05/24/1986
Safiullin Diana 09.10.1989
Sibgatullin Abdullah 20/12/1926
Sibgatullina Maria 01/13/1926
Skvortsov Ellina 08.06.1976
Smolenttsev Nicholas 04/19/1964
Smolenttseva Helena 05/29/1966
Sterkhova Anastasia 23.01.1990
Fazleeva Mignonette 07/12/1959
Khafizova Alina 10.09.1987
Shchukin Victoria 01.10.1977
Yankilyaykis Alexander 03.02.1977

Surname Name Patronymic Date of birth Position

  • Salihov Rustem Gabdrahmanovich 11.06.1966 KBC
  • Gutsul Victor Nikiforovich 12/06/1966 Co-pilot
  • Zarifullina Nuria Dafiyatovna 30.19.1957 senior flight attendant
  • Garifullina Inga Rafailevna 06.02.1971 Flight attendant
  • Kabanov Olga Stanislavovna 22.04.1988 Flight attendant
  • Hajdarov Damir Fardatovich 20/09/1987 Flight attendant

In connection with the aviation accident of the flight U9-363 on November 17, the airline “Tatarstan” organizes delivery of close relatives (parents, spouses, children) affected in Kazan.

On the issue of delivery, please contact the working group created on the basis TSNOP.

Senior Group: Shalymova Svetlana Vitalyevna.
+7 (843) 267-88-04, 537 -97-52

Travel Service Flight Aquaplanes in Pardubice

A Travel Service Boeing 737-8Q8 (WL) en route from Bourgas to Pardubice in the Czech Republic landed in Pardubice in heavy ran.

Metars at 15:00 UTC / 17:00 LT:
LKPD 251500Z 08003KT 040V110 9999 -RA FEW040 OVC060 15/14 Q1013 NOSIG RMK BLU BLU

Translation: METAR LKPD 25th @ 1500Z, wind from 080 at 3 KT, winds varying from 040 to 110, visibility unlimited, Weather: light rain, Sky: few clouds at 4000, overcast at 6000, temperature 15, dewpoint 14, altimeter 1013 mb, nosig remarks: blu blu

The business travel flight from Bulgaria land on Sunday around 5:00 p.m.. None of the 191 passengers sustained injury when the plane aquaplaned on the runway.

Passengers exited via sstairs.

The plane is undamaged, but an investigation is ongoing.

Passengers scheduled on the plane’s next flight were provided bus transportation to Prague to a waiting plane.

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Dublin: Travel Service Hydraulic Leak

Click to view full size photo at Airliners.net
Contact photographer Michael Sender

What: Travel Service Boeing 737-800 en route from Narvik Norway to Dublin
Where: Dublin
When: May 24th 2010
Why: On approach, the crew reported a hydraulic problem. The plane landed safely with emergency services on standby, and was towed.

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False Alarm in Travel Service Boeing, Sharm el Sheikh

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Contact photographer Petr Volek

What: Travel Service Boeing 737-800 en route from Sharm el Sheikh Egypt to Prague
Where: Cairo
When: May 17th 2010
Who: 160 passengers
Why: While en route, the flight crew found indication of a wheel well fire and diverted to Prague. The flight landed safely, and the indication proved to be groundless, causing only a minor delay at the airport.

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