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Cathay Dragon Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Hong Kong

Cathay Dragon flight KA-296 made an emergency landing in Hong Kong, China, on June 16th.

The Airbus A320-200 plane flying from Hanoi, Vietnam, was descending toward Hong Kong when the crew noticed smell of smoke in the cockpit and requested priority landing.

The plane landed safely. There were one hundred and fifty-nine people aboard at the time; all of them remained unharmed.

Air India Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Jaipur

Air India flight AI-436 had to divert and make an emergency landing in Jaipur, India, on February 6th.

The plane flying from Bhopal to Delhi, India, was diverted due to poor weather conditions in Delhi. However, as the plane approached Jaipur, the crew requested a priority landing reporting low fuel indications.

The plane landed safely. All 122 passengers and 7 crew members remained unharmed.

EasyJet Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Edinburgh

EasyjetEasyJet flight EZY811 had to make an emergency landing in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, on November 3rd.

The plane was flying from Gatwick Airport in England, United Kingdom, when the crew declared a medical emergency. According to the airline, the pilot “requested a priority landing in Edinburgh due to a passenger requiring medical assistance.”

The plane landed uneventfully and was met by paramedics.

British Airways Plane Declares Emergency over Scotland due to Passenger’s Illness

British airwaysBritish Airways flight BA-274 declared emergency before landing at Heathrow Airport, London, England, UK, on September 12th.

The Boeing 747, en-route from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, was over Scotland when the pilot requested a priority landing reporting that a passenger had fallen ill.

The plane landed safely.

The passenger was provided medical assistance at the airport.

British Airways Flight Lands Safely in Newark after Security Alert

British airwaysA British Airways flight made an emergency landing at Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, on June 1st.

Authorities said a security alert was issued about the British Airways plane that was flying from London, United Kingdom.

An airline spokesperson said, “The aircraft has landed normally. Security checks will carried out as a precaution…We do not discuss details of operational security. The safety and security of our customers and crew is our number one priority.”

The plane was carrying 206 passengers and 13 crew members at the time.

Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing at Aberdeen International Airport

An offshore helicopter made an emergency landing at Aberdeen International Airport in Scotland, United Kingdom, on May 16.

The helicopter, belonging to Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd., declared emergency while flying over North Sea.

According to a Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore spokesperson, “We can confirm that an s-92 helicopter requested priority landing at Aberdeen airport after crew reported a cockpit warning light illumination…The aircraft made an uneventful landing just after 2pm and the 18 passengers on board were given a de-brief by the crew…The aircraft is currently being examined by engineers and will be subject to a detailed series of checks and tests before it’s returned to service.”

TigerAir Flight Makes Priority Landing in Melbourne due to Unusual Odor

tigerairTigerAir flight 511 had to make an emergency landing in Melbourne, Australia, on March 1st.

The Airbus A320-200 was flying from Brisbane when the crew reported an unusual odor in the cabin and requested a priority landing.

The plane landed safely. Four crew members were examined by paramedics but did not need further treatment.

All 60 passengers aboard remained unharmed.

British Airways Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Heathrow Airport

British airwaysBritish Airways flight BA48 made an emergency landing at Heathrow Airport in London, United Kingdom, on February 22nd.

It is believed that the pilot requested priority landing after a passenger became unwell. The plane was flying from Seattle, Washington, at the time.

The medical teams were ready at the scene as the plane landed safely.

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