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Royal Jordanian Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Doha

Royal Jordanian Airlines flight RJ-611 had to divert for an emergency landing in Doha, Qatar, on May 18th.

The Airbus A320-200 plane heading from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to Amman, Jordan, was diverted after the crew found an unidentified object on-board.

The plane landed uneventfully. All passengers and crew members remained safe.

Upon checking, the security forces did not find any hazardous material.

Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing at North Texas Regional Airport

A small plane made an emergency landing at North Texas Regional Airport, Grayson County, Texas, on December 1.

Authorities said the plane declared emergency after its landing gear failed to deploy.

The plane landed without incident after burning off excess fuel and both occupants, including the pilot and a U.S. Aviation Academy student, remained unhurt.

The aircraft sustained minimal damage.

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