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IrAero Flight Makes Emergency Landing due to Engine Fire Indication

IrAero flight IO-225 made an emergency landing in Barnaul, Russia, on June 18th.

The plane flying from Irkutsk, Russia, was descending toward Barnaul when the crew received an engine fire indication and declared an emergency.

The plane landed uneventfully. All eighty-five passengers and five crew members remained safe.

Antonov Overshoots Runway in Rough Weather

What: IrAero Antonov An-24RV en route from Chita to Blagoveshchensk
Where: Blagoveshchensk Airport, Russia
When: August 08, 2011
Who: 35 passengers, 5 crew, 10+ injuries
Why: On approach to Blagoveshchensk airport, the plane encountered rough weather and overshot the runway.

The plane encountered wind shear on approach, injuring ten passengers. The plane lost a wing in the landing, and the fuselage was damaged, coming to rest 200 meters from the runway. Three children were aboard.

A passenger said (loosely quoted) “We were sitting closer to the wing. As soon as the plane touched the ground, it started to shake. Panic among the passengers, nobody knew what was happening. I heard children crying. When the plane finally stopped, I breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God, still alive!”

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