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VLM Slovenia Plane Returns to Belgium after Bird Strike

VLM Airlines Slovenia flight VO-147 had to return and make an emergency landing at Antwerp International Airport, Belgium, on May 1st.

The Fokker 50 was en-route to Zurich, Switzerland when a bird impacted its windshield.

The plane landed safely.

No injuries were reported.

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Insel Air Plane Rejects Take-off in Netherlands due to Computer Error

Insel Air flight 7I-304 rejected take-off at Flamingo/ Bonaire International Airport, Kralendijk, Bonaire, Netherlands, on April 22nd.

The Fokker 50 had to reject taking-off due to a computer error.

The plane returned to the apron safely.

No injuries were reported.

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KLM Plane Returns to Netherlands after Engine Failure Indication

KLM CityhopperKLM flight KL-1767 had to return and make a precautionary landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Amsterdam, Netherlands, on August 2nd.

The Cityhopper Fokker 70 en-route to Frankfurt, Germany, was mid-air when the crew reported a number of engine failure indications although everything was working fine.

The plane landed safely.

The passengers were accommodated in a replacement plane.

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Swiss International Air Lines Plane Returns to Switzerland due to Ground Spoilers Problem

swissairSwiss International Air Lines flight LX-2250 had to return and make an emergency landing at Zurich Airport, Kloten, Switzerland, on July 7th.

The Helvetic Fokker 100, en-route to Budapest, Hungary, was mid-air above Austria when the crew reported that ground spoilers were inoperative, prompting the plane to return.

The plane landed uneventfully. All people onboard remained unharmed.

The flight was cancelled.

KLM Cityhopper Returns to Netherlands after Hydraulic Failure

KLM CityhopperKLM Cityhopper flight KL-1861 had to return and make an emergency landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands, on June 8th.

The Fokker 70, en-route to Dusseldorf, Germany, had to return due to failure of its hydraulic system.

The plane landed safely.

No one was injured.

VLM Flight Diverts to Ireland due to Nose Gear Problem

VLMVLM airlines flight W2-6142 had to divert and make a safe emergency landing at Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland, on May 20th.

The Fokker 50, heading from London, England, was on approach to Waterford’s runway when the crew reported a problem with its nose gear.

The plane landed successfully.

All 14 passengers and 4 crew members onboard remained unharmed.

Carpatair Plane Overruns Runway in Sweden

CarpatairCarpatair flight 2N-4856 overran the runway after failing to stop before the end of the runway at Gallivare Airport, Gallivare, Sweden, on April 6th.

The Fokker 100, flying from Arvidsjaur, Sweden, had landed on Gallivare’s runway when it could not stop and ended up with its nose gear on soft ground.

The plane received minor damage.

All 55 passengers onboard remained unharmed.

Bek Air Plane Lands without Landing Gear in Kazakhstan

Bek AirBek Air flight Z9-2041 had to make an emergency landing at Astana International Airport, Astana, Kazakhstan, on March 27.

The Fokker 100, en-route from Kzyl-Orda to Astana, was on approach to the runway when the crew detected failure of the landing gear and went around for about 50 minutes before prompting the plane to land without the gear.

The plane received substantial damage.

All people onboard remained safe.

The incident is under investigation.

Fokker 100 Owned by Nigeria’s IRS Airline Crashed in Niger Republic

IRS Airlines
An IRS Airlines owned Fokker 100 crashed in the Niger Republic on the evening of May 10.

The aircraft (registration number 5NSIK) was flying back to Nigeria after going through C checks when it lost communication with the control tower near Ganla at about 7:30 p.m. and then crashed.

The plane was carrying two persons at the time of accident. Both of them survived.

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) had ceased the operations of IRS airlines last year after one of its aircrafts experienced hydraulic malfunctioning while landing at Kaduna airport. The airline, operating 3 Fokker 100 planes at the time then scheduled C checks for the aircrafts.

The crashed Fokker plane was the second one which underwent successful C checks. The airline, owned by a Nigerian business tycoon, Ishiaku Rabiu, was awaiting its return to resume their operations. An IRS official was quoted saying, “I have not heard about the crash before now but I know that we are waiting for this aircraft to arrive today (May 10) so that we could resume operation immediately. We already have one that had gone through C check; we are just waiting for this one. So if it has crashed it will be a great setback to us.”

According to the Acting Director-General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Benedict Adeyileka, Niger Republic officials are investigating the crash. He further said “The NCAA and the AIPB are offering assistance, so we have a team together and we are trying to contact them so that we can work together.”

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