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Ryanair Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Madrid

Ryanair flight FF-655 made an emergency landing in Madrid, Spain, on February 14th.

The plane heading from Glasgow, Scotland, to Malaga, Spain, was diverted after a fight broke out between two passengers.

The plane landed safely. Police escorted out and detained one passenger.

United Airlines Flight Hits Turbulence Near Los Angeles; 1 Injured

United Airlines flight UA-1600 was hit by turbulence near Los Angeles, California, on April 25th.

The Boeing 757-200 plane flying from Newark, New Jersey, was descending toward Los Angeles when it encountered severe turbulence that injured one passenger.

The plane continued for a safe landing.

Bird-Hit Air India Flight Makes Safe Landing in Kolkata

Air India flight AI-401 made a safe landing after a bird strike near Kolkata, India, on April 24th.

The Boeing 787-800 plane flying from Delhi, India, was on approach to Kolkata when a bird hit it.

The plane continued for a safe landing. All 254 people aboard remained unharmed.

American Airlines Plane Returns to Nevada after Engine Shut-down

American Airlines flight AA-1871 had to return and make an emergency landing at McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada, on April 23rd.

The Airbus A321-200 flying to Charlotte, North Carolina, had to return when its right engine showed overtemp and the crew had to shut it down.

The plane landed safely.

All 197 people aboard remained safe.

Ethiopian Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Lahore

An Ethiopian Airlines flight had to divert and make an emergency landing at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore, Pakistan, on March 18th.

The plane heading from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to Beijing, China, was diverted after a mentally disabled patient attacked and injured his medical attendant.

The authorities said both passengers involved in the fight were Chinese nationals.

The plane landed safely.

Middle East Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Fight Breaks Out Between Passengers

A Middle East Airlines flight had to divert and make an emergency landing in Istanbul, Turkey, on January 11th.

The plane heading from Beirut, Lebanon, to London, United Kingdom, was diverted after a violent fight broke out between two passengers.

The crew were able to separate the two passengers before the plane landed safely.

Delta Airlines Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Seattle–Tacoma International Airport

250px-Delta_logo.svgDelta Airlines flight 17 had to make an emergency landing at Seattle–Tacoma International Airport, Washington, on October 26th.

The plane took off for Hong Kong, China, but had to turn back after an indicator light went off.

The plane landed safely at Sea-Tac Airport where the fire trucks hosed down the brakes with water.

Everyone aboard remained safe.

Ryanair Plane Diverts to France due to Disruptive Passengers

RyanairA Ryanair flight had to divert and make an emergency landing at Limoges – Bellegarde Airport, Limoges, France, on April 28th.

The Boeing 737, en-route from Liverpool, England, to Alicante, Spain, was mid-air when two drunk men onboard began fighting, prompting the captain to divert the plane.

The plane landed uneventfully. All 180 passengers onboard remained unharmed.

The two men were taken to a nearby police station.

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